IC(Integrated Circuits) ALTERA Mercury

Mercury EP1M120 EP1M350 General Description Mercury devices integrate high-speed differential transceivers and support for CDR with a speed-optimized PLD architecture. These transceivers are implemented through the dedicated serializer, deserializer, and clock recovery circuitry in the HSDI and incorporate support for the LVDS, LVPECL, and 3.3-V PCML I/O standards..This circuitry, together with enhanced I/O elements (IOEs) and support for numerous I/O standards, allows Mercury devices to meet high-speed interface requirements. $Manufacture$ $Description$.Mercury devices are the first PLDs optimized for core performance.
Part Number Description Category Manufacture
EP1M350F780C5NIC Mercury FPGA 350K FBGA780MercuryAltera
EP1M120F484C6NIC Mercury FPGA 120K FBGA484MercuryAltera
EP1M350F780I6NIC Mercury FPGA 350K FBGA780MercuryAltera
EP1M120B484C8ANIC Mercury FPGA 120K BGA484MercuryAltera
EP1M120F484C7NIC Mercury FPGA 120K FBGA484MercuryAltera
EP1M120B484I6NIC Mercury FPGA 120K BGA484MercuryAltera
EP1M350B780I6NIC Mercury FPGA 350K B780I6NMercuryAltera
EP1M350B780C6NIC Mercury FPGA 350K B780C6NMercuryAltera
EP1M120B484C5NIC Mercury FPGA 120K BGA484MercuryAltera
EP1M350F780C6NIC Mercury FPGA 350K FBGA780MercuryAltera
EP1M120F484I6NIC Mercury FPGA 120K FBGA484MercuryAltera
EP1M350F780C7NIC Mercury FPGA 350K FBGA780MercuryAltera
EP1M120F484C8ANIC Mercury FPGA 120K FBGA484MercuryAltera
EP1M350B780C5NIC Mercury FPGA 350K B780C5NMercuryAltera
EP1M350B780C7NIC Mercury FPGA 350K B780C7NMercuryAltera
EP1M120B484C6NIC Mercury FPGA 120K BGA484MercuryAltera
EP1M120F484C7ANIC Mercury FPGA 120K FBGA484MercuryAltera
EP1M120B484C7ANIC Mercury FPGA 120K BGA484MercuryAltera
EP1M120F484C5NIC Mercury FPGA 120K FBGA484MercuryAltera
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