electronic components distributor----One River International trading LTD
One River is a professional electronic components distributor with over seven years experiences.we supply IC Capacitors resistors Diodes Transistors obsolete and hard to find parts.we have Efficient network purchasing team and Quality control system to supply you excellent parts
One River Organization
2012-03-09 14:09:21One River Organization
No matter what you are looking for is long lead time, obsolete or hard to find,our hard-working purchasing teams will reply you within 24hours.we build up long-term stable relation with a variety of manufacturers of electronic components and their authorised networks in Europe,United States,Japan,Korea,Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and other places.
One River history
2011-04-01 19:22:31One River history
Now day,One River has formed a certain scale,directly supplying electronic components One River we build up global networks in Europe,United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and other places.we directly supply electronic components to over 300 OEMs, CEMs and Contract manufacturers,servicing customers around 50 countries and areas.
2011-05-10 01:58:15warranty
Mininum order quantity from 1PCS ;Mininum order value from 1USD;Short lead time ;Fast quotation; Full quality warranty
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