Transistor Discrete Semiconductor

A semiconductor device is one made of silicon or any number of other specially prepared materials designed to exploit the unique properties of electrons in a crystal lattice, where electrons are not as free to move as in a conductor, but are far more mobile than in an insulator. A discrete device is one contained in its own package, not built on a common semiconductor substrate with other components, as is the case with ICs, or integrated circuits. Thus, "discrete semiconductor circuits" are circuits built out of individual semiconductor components, connected together on some kind of circuit board or terminal strip. These circuits employ all the components and concepts explored in the previous chapters, so a firm comprehension of DC and AC electricity is essential before embarking on these experiments
Part Number Description Category Manufacture
8EWS10SPBFDIODE STD REC 1000V 8A D-PAKDiscrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
MPS2907AZL1TRANSISTOR PNP GP SS 60V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
GBU810RECT BRIDGE GPP 1000V 8A GBUMOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc
MMBZ5233BDIODE ZENER 6V 350MW SOT-23SMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IXGR32N170AH1IGBT 1700V 26A FRD ISOPLUS247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
CS20-22MOF1THYRISTOR PHASE 2200V I4-PACDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
2N4364THYRISTOR STUD 600V 70A TO-94Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
MBT6429DW1T1TRANS DUAL NPN 200MA 40V SOT-363Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
L2N3TRIAC SENS 200V 1A ISO DO-214MOSFET SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
BAS70-04LT1GDIODE SCHOTTKY DUAL 70V SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
C3D10060ADIODE SCHOT 600V 10A ZREC TO220Discrete MOSFETCree Inc
TPC8211(TE12L,Q,M)MOSFET N-CH DUAL 30V 6A SOP8 2-6MOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
MB152WRECT BRIDGE 15A 200V WIRE LEADSMOSFET SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
IXFA7N80PMOSFET N-CH 800V 7A TO-263Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
81CNQ045SLDIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 40A D61-8-SLDiscrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
BC327-040GTRANSISTOR PNP 45V 800MA TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
20CTH03STRLDIODE FAST REC 300V 10A D2-PAKDis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
R5011415XXWARECTIFIER 1400V 150A DO-8Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
BZX79C22_T50RDIODE ZENER 22V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
80CPQ150PBFDIODE SCHOTTKY 150V 40A TO247ACDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
DTA114EUAT106TRAN DIGITL PNP 50V 50MA SOT-323Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
MJD31C1TRANS POWER NPN 3A 100V DPAK-3Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
12CTQ045STRLDIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 6A D2PAKDiscrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
RVQ040N05TRMOSFET N-CH 45V 4A TSMT6Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
MMSZ4702T1GDIODE ZENER 15V 500MW SOD-123MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
BZX84C36S-7DIODE ZENER DUAL 36V SOT-363SMD ZENER SemiconductorDiodes/Zetex (VA)
DRA2115E0LTRANS PNP W/RES 50V 100MA MINI3MOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
XP0121000LTRANS ARRAY NPN/NPN W/RES S MINIDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
MUR1620CTPBFDIODE ULT FAST 200V 8A TO220ABMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
STPS10150CTDIODE SCHOTTKY 2X5A 150V TO220ABDiscrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics
GF1KDIODE 800V 1A DO214ACDis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IRG4PH50UPBFIGBT UFAST 1200V 45A TO247ACZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
BAT42WS-TPDIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 200MA SOD323Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
PBSS5612PA,115TRANSISTOR PNP 12V 6A SOT1061MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BZT52C18S-TPDIODE ZENER 200MW 18V SOD323Low-power SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
BAS45AL,115DIODE LOW LEAK 125V 250MA SOD80CDis SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
PDTA113EK,115TRANS PNP W/RES 50V SC-59ADiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
APT8024LLLGMOSFET N-CH 800V 31A TO-264Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
RJU003N03T106MOSFET N-CH 30V 300MA SOT-323Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
FJC1386RTFTRANSISTOR PNP 20V 5A SOT-89MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
60CPF02DIODE FAST REC 200V 60A TO-247ACDis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
CSFB203-GDIODE SUPER FAST 2A 200V DO214AADiscrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
MURS480ET3GDIODE ULT FAST 4A 800V SMCDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
GBPC3506ARECT BRIDGE 1-PH 600V 35A GBPC-AMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
IRG4BC15UDPBFIGBT N-CH W/DIO 600V 14A TO220ABZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
BZX84C3V6_D87ZDIODE ZENER 3.6V 350MW SOT-23Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
2N3904_D28ZTRANSISTOR NPN 40V 200MA TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
SI7107DN-T1-GE3MOSFET P-CH 20V 9.8A 1212-8MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
BAV99,215DIODE SW DBL 75V 215MA HS SOT23Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
TN805-600HSCR 8A 5MA 600V IPAKMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
C3D06060GDIODE SCHOT 600V 6A ZREC TO263Discrete MOSFETCree Inc
2SK2749(F,T)MOSFET N-CH 900V 7A 2-16C1BMOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
SS3P6L-E3/86ADIODE SCHOTTKY 3A 60V SMPCDiscrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
NSBC124XDXV6T1GTRANS BRT NPN DUAL 50V SOT563MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
PZU5.6B2,115DIODE ZENER 5.6V 310MW SOD323FLow-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
PZU7.5B,115DIODE ZENER 7.5V 310MW SOD323FSMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
1N979BDIODE ZENER 56V 500MW DO-35SMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BAS16W,115DIODE SW 75V 175MA HS SOT323Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
NSS60601MZ4T1GTRANSISTOR NPN 6A 60V SOT-223Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MURS340SHE3/5BTDIODE 3A 400V 50NS UF DO214ABDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
IXUC160N075MOSFET N-CH 75V 160A ISOPLUS220Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
S1KA-E3/61TDIODE GPP 1A 800V SMA DO-214ACDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
FDB4020PMOSFET P-CH 20V 16A TO-263ABMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
NTMD2C02R2SGMOSFET N/P-CH COMPL 20V 8-SOICDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MAC9MGTHYRISTOR TRIAC 8A 600V T0220ABDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BAS16-V-GS08DIODE SS SWITCHING SOT23Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
1N4730AP/TR8DIODE ZENER 3.9V 1W DO-41Low-power SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group
SI1488DH-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH 20V 6.1A SC70-6ZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
BZX84C12LT1DIODE ZENER 12V 225MW SOT-23MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
1N5232BDIODE ZENER 5.6V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BZX55C3V6DIODE ZENER 3.6V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BD675TRANS DARL NPN 45V 4A BIPO TO225Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BCX53-16,146TRANS PNP MED-PWR 80V 1A SOT-89MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BZT52C18-TPDIODE ZENER 500MW 18V SOD123Low-power SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
BZV55-B47,115DIODE ZENER 47V 500MW SOD80CLow-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
VB30150C-E3/4WDIODE 30A 150V DUAL SCHOTTKYDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
BB156,135DIODE VAR CAP 10V 20MA SOD323MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
HSMS-2860-BLKGDIODE SCHOTTKY DETECT HF SOT-23Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
CZRU52C4V3DIODE ZENER 4.3V 150MW 0603Low-power SemiconductorComchip Technology (VA)
2SK4090-ZK-E1-AYMOSFET 30V N-CH MP-3ZK/TO-252ZENER SemiconductorRenesas Electronics America/NEC
PHK12NQ03LT,518MOSFET N-CH 30V 11.8A SOT96ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
MB154WRECT BRIDGE 15A 400V WIRE LEADSMOSFET SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
CTB06-1200TWPTTRIAC LOGIC 6A 1200V TO-220ABMOSFET SemiconductorCrydom Co.
IRFU9014NMOSFET P-CH 60V 5.1A I-PAKMOSFET SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
BB 689 E7902DIODE VAR CAP 30V 20MA SCD-80MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
RGP20B-E3/73DIODE GPP 2A 100V 150NS GP20Dis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
60HFUR-600DIODE FAST REC 600V 60A DO-5Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
BAP70-02,115DIODE PIN 50V 100MA SOD-523Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
XP0421500LTRANS ARRAY NPN/NPN W/RES S MINIDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
NST3904DXV6T1GTRANSISTOR NPN 200MA 40V SOT-563Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
STB13NK60ZT4MOSFET N-CH 600V 13A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
STB60NF06T4MOSFET N-CH 60V 60A D2PAKMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
MMBZ5223BLT1DIODE ZENER 2.7V 225MW SOT-23Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
MP504W-BPRECT BRIDGE 50A 400V WIRE LEADSMOSFET SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
GPP20G-E3/73DIODE 2A 400V SMC DO-15Dis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
IXTX17N120LMOSFET N-CH 1200V 17A PLUS247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
MAC4DSMT4GTHYRISTOR TRIAC 4A 600V DPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
MUN5113T1GTRANS BRT PNP 100MA 50V SOT-323Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
IDH04S60CDIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 4A TO220-2Discrete SemiInfineon Technologies
FDPF680N10TMOSFET N-CH 100V 12A TO-220FZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
10ETS12SDIODE STD REC 1200V 10A D2PAKDiscrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
BCX18LT1GTRANS PNP GP 25V 500MA SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SFR9034TFMOSFET P-CH 60V 14A DPAKMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BAS21SLT1GDIODE SWITCH DUAL 250V SOT23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MM3Z2V4BDIODE ZENER 2.4V 200MW SOD-323FMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor (VA)
2EZ12D5/TR12DIODE ZENER 12V 2W DO-41MOSFET SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group
ALD1102PALMOSFET 2P-CH 13.2V 16MA 8PDIPZENER SemiconductorAdvanced Linear Devices Inc
30WQ04FNTRRDIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 3A D-PAKDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
BZV55-C30,115DIODE ZENER 30V 500MW SOD80CLow-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
2SB0942APTRANS PNP 80VCEO 4A TO-220FMOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
12FR40DIODE STD REC 400V 12A DO-4Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
PBSS4350D,115TRANS NPN 50V 3A SOT457Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
BF904A,215MOSFET N-CH 7V 30MA SOT143MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
IXTA90N055TMOSFET N-CH 55V 90A TO-263Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
IRF7805QTRPBFMOSFET N-CH 30V 13A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier (VA)
TIP34CTRANSISTOR PNP -140V 10A TO218MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
B240-13DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 2A SMBDiscrete MOSFETDiodes Inc (VA)
STB11NM60T4MOSFET N-CH 650V 11A D2PAKMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
BTB12-800CW3GTRIAC 12A 35MA 800V TO-220ABDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
ZXMP6A13FTAMOSFET P-CH 60V 900MA SOT23-3MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
RB085T-90DIODE SCHOTTKY 90V 5A TO220FNDiscrete SemiRohm Semiconductor
IRFR120MOSFET N-CH 100V 7.7A DPAKZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
US1J-E3/5ATDIODE 1A 600V 75NS UF SMDDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
PN4302JFET N-CHAN N-CH 30V TO-92ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
TIP111TUTRANS DARL NPN 80V 2A TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
MMBZ5239B-7DIODE ZENER 9.1V 350MW SOT23-3SMD ZENER SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
STC6NF30VMOSFET 2N-CH 30V 6A 8-TSSOPZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
SS8550CBUTRANSISTOR PNP 25V 1.5A TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
MBR41H100CTDIODE SCHOTTKY 20A 100V TO-220ABDiscrete MOSFETON Semiconductor
SS8P2CLHM3/86ADIODE SCHOTTKY 8A 20V SMPCDiscrete SemiVishay/General Semiconductor
MMSZ5257BT1GDIODE ZENER 33V 500MW SOD-123Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
DSDI60-16ADIODE 1600V 63A TO-247ADDis SemiconductorIXYS
NTD20N06LGMOSFET N-CH 60V 20A DPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
UNR9210J0LTRANS NPN W/RES 160HFE SSMINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
T835H-6TTRIAC 8A 600V HI TEMP TO-220ABDiscrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
S2010VS3TPSCR SENS 200V 10A TO-251MOSFET SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
R7014403XXUARECTIFIER 4400V 300ADiscrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
FDC638APZMOSFET P-CH 20V 4.5A SSOT-6MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor (VA)
SPU02N60S5MOSFET N-CH 600V 1.8A TO-251ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
GBJ610-FRECT BRIDGE GPP 1000V 6A GBJMOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc
1N4305DIODE SGL JUNCT 75V 4.0NS DO-35Discrete SemiFairchild Semiconductor
1N5280DO35DIODE ZENER 190V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
BAS21A-TPDIODE SWITCH 250V 200MA SOT23Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
NTMFS4845NT1GMOSFET N-CH 30V 13.7A SO-8FLDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
70TPS12SCR PH CONTR 1200V 70A SUPER-247MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
SB380DIODE SCHOTTKY 3A 80V DO-41Discrete MOSFETFairchild Semiconductor
1N916_T50RDIODE HI CONDUCTANCE 100V DO-35Dis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
1N5243B_T50ADIODE ZENER 13V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
HMPS-2822-BLKDIODE SCHOTTKY RF 15V 1A MINIPAKDiscrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
STTH302RLDIODE ULT FAST 3A 200V DO-201ADMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
IRL3705NSPBFMOSFET N-CH 55V 89A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
NZX2V4B,133DIODE ZENER 500MW 2.4V SOD27Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
MPSA28RLRPGTRANS NPN DARL BIPO 80V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
GBJ1010-FRECT BRIDGE GPP 1000V 10A GBJMOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc
12TQ035DIODE SCHOTTKY 35V 15A TO-220ACDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
SI3438DV-T1-GE3MOSFET N-CH D-S 40V 6-TSOPMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
FDZ206PMOSFET P-CH 20V 13A BGAMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
MMSZ27T1GDIODE ZENER 27V 500MW SOD-123Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
1N5259BDIODE ZENER 39V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
KSA539CYTATRANSISTOR PNP 45V 200MA TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
FDD8882MOSFET N-CH 30V 55A D-PAKZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
XN0438100LTRANS ARRAY PNP/NPN W/RES MINI6PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
1N3268RECTIFIER STUD 500V 160A DO-9Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
BZT52C15-13DIODE ZENER 15V 500MW SOD-123MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc
FMMT491ATATRANS HP NPN 40V 1000MA SOT-23-3MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
MBR1100RLGDIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 1A DO-41Discrete MOSFETON Semiconductor (VA)
HSMP-381F-TR1GDIODE PIN ATTENUATOR CC SOT-323Dis SemiconductorAvago Technologies US Inc.
BA 892-02L E6327DIODE RF SW 35V 100MA TSLP-2Discrete MOSFETInfineon Technologies
BC 857C B5003TRANSISTOR PNP 100MA 45V SOT-23MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies (VA)
PHP45N03LTA,127MOSFET N-CH 25V 40A TO220ABZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
PZTA29TRANSISTOR DARL NPN SOT-223MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BZX84C16-TPDIODE ZENER 350MW 16V SOT23Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
1N3266RECTIFIER STUD 350V 160A DO-9Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
DSS10-01ASDIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 10A TO-263ABDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
NTD95N02RMOSFET N-CH 24V 12A DPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SI7322DN-T1-GE3MOSFET N-CH 100V 18A 1212-8ZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
MBRX02530-TPDIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 250MA SOD323Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
BZT52H-C11,115DIODE ZENER 11V 375MW SOD123FMOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
MPSW55TRANS PNP GP BIPO 1W 60V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
1PMT5924BT1GDIODE ZENER 9.1V 3.2W POWERMITESMD ZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
KSC2335OTUTRANSISTOR NPN 400V 7A TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BZX585-B30,115DIODE ZENER 30V 300MW SOD523Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
STTH806DTIDIODE BOOST 600V 8A TO-220ACDis SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
IGD06N60TIGBT 600V 12A 88W TO252-3SMD ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
R7000803XXUARECTIFIER 800V 300ADiscrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
MRF8S26060HSR3DISCRETE RF TRANSISTORSMD ZENER SemiconductorFreescale Semiconductor
AO4427MOSFET P-CH -30V -12.5A 8-SOICDiscrete SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc
SI3983DV-T1-E3MOSFET P-CH DUAL 20V 2.1A 6-TSOPMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
STGY50NC60WDIGBT N-CH 110A 600V MAX247Discrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
Q6006DH4TPALTERNISTOR 600V 6A TO-252Dis SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
2SC3931GCLTRANS NPN 20VCEO 15MA S-MINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
BC 847PN E6433TRANSISTOR NPN AF 45V SOT-363MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
NZ9F6V2ST5GDIODE ZENER 6.2V 200MW SOT-923Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MJD2955T4GTRANS PWR PNP 10A 60V DPAKMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
UDZSTE-173.3BDIODE ZENER 3.3V 200MW SOD-323Low-power SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
1N3092DIODE STD REC 1000V 150A DO-30Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
QS5U23TRMOSFET P-CH 20V 1.5A TSMT5Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
L2X5TRIAC SENS 200V 0.8A ISO DO-214MOSFET SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
VBO78-08NO7DIODE BRIDGE 800V 76A ECO-PAC2Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
MA3X786D0LDIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 100MA MINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
BTA416Y-600C,127TRIAC 600V 16A TO220AB-3Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
TN1215-600GSCR 12A 15MA 600V D2PAKMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
STPS10150CG-TRDIODE SCHOTTKY 2X5A 150V D2PAKDiscrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics (VA)
1N4747AP/TR8DIODE ZENER 20V 1W DO-41Low-power SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group
BAP51LX,315DIODE SILICON PIN SOD-882TDiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
MJE15035GTRANS PWR PNP 4A 350V TO220ABMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
FFP06U40DNTUDIODE ULT FAST 400V 6A TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
MMSZ4692T1DIODE ZENER 6.8V 500MW SOD-123SMD ZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
GT80J101B(Q)IGBT 600V 80A TO-3P LHZENER SemiconductorToshiba
70HF120DIODE FAST REC 1200V 70A DO-5Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
A25FR10DIODE AVALANCHE 100V 25A DO-4Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
BZB984-C10,115DIODE ZENER DUAL 10V SOT663SMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
86HF160DIODE STD REC 1600V 85A DO-5Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
ISL9R460S3STDIODE STEALTH 600V 4A TO-263ABDiscrete SemiFairchild Semiconductor
UNR9118G0LTRANS PNP W/RES 20HFE SSMINIMOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
FES8JTHE3/45DIODE 8A 600V 50NS SGL TO220-2Dis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
BZX55C11_T50RDIODE ZENER 11V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
FDD8874MOSFET N-CH 30V 116A D-PAKZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
R6021022PSYARECTIFIER FST REC 1000V 220ADiscrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
NTMS4840NR2GMOSFET N-CH 30V 4.5A 8SOICZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
PZU4.3B2L,315DIODE ZENER 4.3V 250MW SOD-882Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
HSMS-270B-BLKGDIODE SCHOTTKY 15V 750MA SOT-323Discrete MOSFETAvago Technologies US Inc.
MUN5330DW1T1GTRANS BRT DUAL 100MA 50V SOT-363Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
1N5359BDIODE ZENER 24V 5W T-18Low-power SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
IRF7304TRMOSFET 2P-CH 20V 4.3A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
AOD484MOSFET N-CH 30V 25A TO-252Discrete SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc
2SC3311AQATRANS NPN LF 50VCEO NEW S TYPEMOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
XP0140100LTRANS ARRAY PNP/PNP SMINI-5PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
5082-3039#T25DIODE PIN GEN PURP SW 150V AXIALDis SemiconductorAvago Technologies US Inc.
PZM12NB2,115DIODE ZENER 12V 300MW SOT346MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
6FL80S05DIODE FAST REC 800V 6A DO-4Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
K2200EH70RP3SIDAC 205-230VBO 1A TO92MOSFET SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
200HFR120PVDIODE STD REC 1200V 200A DO-30Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
10BQ040TRDIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 1A SMBDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
MAC16HCMGTHYRISTOR TRIAC 16A 600V TO220ABDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BZT52C7V5-13DIODE ZENER 7.5V 500MW SOD-123SMD ZENER SemiconductorDiodes Inc
SI3451DV-T1-E3MOSFET P-CH 20V 2.8A 6-TSOPMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
MRF581ATRANS NPN 15V 200MA MACRO XMOSFET SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
DFB2060IC BRIDGE RECT 600V 20A 4-SIPSMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
MBR0540DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 0.5A SOD-123Discrete MOSFETFairchild Semiconductor
IRG4BH20K-LPBFIGBT UFAST 1200V 11A TO262ZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
HGTG30N60B3IGBT UFS N-CHAN 600V 60A TO-247ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
NDT452PMOSFET P-CH 30V 3A SOT-223-4MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor (VA)
STTH6012WDIODE ULT FAST 1200V 60A DO-247MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
C180BTHYRISTOR STUD 200V 150A TO-93Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
UH8JT-E3/45DIODE ULT FAST 8A 600V TO-220ACMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
AOT8N50MOSFET N-CH 500V 8A TO-220ZENER SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc
BZX79-B11,133DIODE ZENER 11V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
SI1972DH-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH DUAL 30V 1.3A SC70-6MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
PZM15NB1,115DIODE ZENER 15V 300MW SOT346MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
MPSA42ZL1GTRANS NPN GP LP 500MA 300V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
UPA1763G-E1-ATMOSFET N-CH DUAL 60V 8-SOICMOSFET SemiconductorRenesas Electronics America/NEC
SB040-E3/54DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 0.6A AXIALDiscrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
MMDT4401-TPTRANS SS NPN DL 40V SOT-363Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
BZT52C2V7-TPDIODE ZENER 500MW 2.7V SOD123Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
BAT54-TPDIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 300MA SOT23Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
NDS9943MOSFET N+P 20V 2.8A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor (VA)
BYV29-400,127DIODE RECT UFAST 400V TO-220ACDiscrete MOSFETNXP Semiconductors
ZXMP6A18DN8TAMOSFET 2P-CH 60V 4.6A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
MBR1645/45DIODE SCHOTTKY 16A 45V TO-220ACDiscrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
ZM4732A-13DIODE ZENER 4.7V 1W SMD MELFLow-power SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
DSS2-100ABDIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 2A SMBDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
175BGQ030DIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 175A POWIRTABDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
BBY31TADIODE VARI CAP 28V 330MW SOT23-3MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
MTZJT-777.5CDIODE ZENER 7.5V 500MW DO-34SMD ZENER SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
C440DTHYRISTOR DSC 400V 900A TO200ACDiscrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
STTH1506DPIDIODE HYPERFAST 600V 15A DOP31Dis SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
2SA216400LTRANS PNP 20VCEO 30MA SSSMINI3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
PMEM4020PD,115TRANS PNP 40V 1A SOT457MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
PLVA656A,215DIODE ZENER 5.6V 250MW SOT-23Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
DL4758A-TPDIODE ZENER 1W 56V GLASS MELFDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
BZX284-B9V1,115DIODE ZENER 9.1V 400MW SOD110SMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
NSS12100XV6T1GTRANSISTOR PNP 1A 12V SOT-563Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SS5P3-M3/86ADIODE SCHOTTKY 5A 30V SMPCDiscrete SemiVishay/General Semiconductor (VA)
1N5989B_T50ADIODE ZENER 3.6V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
16FL60S02DIODE FAST REC 600V 16A DO-4Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
MR750RLGDIODE STD REC 6A 50V AXIALDiscrete SemiON Semiconductor (VA)
DSA70C150HBDIODE SCHOTTKY 150V 2X35A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
IRLR3303TRMOSFET N-CH 30V 35A DPAKZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
GI854-E3/54DIODE 3A 400V 200NS SMCDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
MBR10100DIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 10A TO220ACDiscrete MOSFETON Semiconductor
SIB419DK-T1-GE3MOSFET P-CH 12V 9A SC75-6MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
IRFZ44LMOSFET N-CH 60V 50A TO-262MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
MP5010-BPRECT BRIDGE 50A 1000V TABDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
2N3904PHTRANS NPN GP 40V 200MA TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
DL5236B-TPDIODE ZENER 500MW 7.5V MINIMELFDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
NZX9V1E,133DIODE ZENER 9.1V 500MW DO-35SMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
STGP7NC60HDIGBT N-CHAN 14A 600V TO-220ZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
IXTX110N20L2MOSFET N-CH 200V 110A PLUS247ZENER SemiconductorIXYS
MM5Z18VT1DIODE ZENER 18V 200MW SOD-523MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
PZU5.1B3A,115DIODE ZENER 5.1V 320MW SOD-323Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
RSR030N06TLMOSFET N-CH 60V 3A TSMT3Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
IRFR5505TRRMOSFET P-CH 55V 18A DPAKMOSFET SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
STD65NF06MOSFET N-CH 60V 60A DPAKMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
D45H11FPTRANS PNP 80V 10A TO-220FPMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
MM3Z5V1ST1GDIODE ZENER 5.1V 200MW SOD-323Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
MAC12HCMGTHYRISTOR TRIAC 12A 600V TO220ABDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MMBD4448HT-7DIODE SWITCH 80V 150MW SOT-523Discrete SemiDiodes/Zetex (VA)
MBR0520-TPDIODE SCHOTTKY 20V 500MA SOD123Discrete MOSFETMicro Commercial Co (VA)
1N3270RECTIFIER STUD 700V 160A DO-9Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
BZX79-C30,143DIODE VREG 30V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
CS19-08HO1CTHYRISTOR PHASE 800V ISOPLUS220Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
IRF820SPBFMOSFET N-CH 500V 2.5A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
IRF5806MOSFET P-CH 20V 4A 6-TSOPMOSFET SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
BZX85C3V6_T50RDIODE ZENER 3.6V 1W DO-41Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
SIR840DP-T1-GE3MOSFET N-CH 30V POWERPAK 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
IRF2807SPBFMOSFET N-CH 75V 82A D2PAKMOSFET SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
MRFG35010MT1MOSFET RF 3.5GHZ 9W 12V 1.5-PLDMOSFET SemiconductorFreescale Semiconductor
MA2C19600EDIODE SWITCHING 50V 100MA DO-34MOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
GP30JHE3/73DIODE 3A 600V STD SMCDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
MMBT6520LT3GTRANS PNP 350V 500MA SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BCM 846S E6327TRANSISTOR ARRAY NPN AF SOT-363MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
BSV52,215TRANSISTOR NPN 12V 100MA SOT-23MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
CDBU0240DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 200MA 0603Discrete MOSFETComchip Technology (VA)
1SMB5941BT3DIODE ZENER 47V 3W SMBLow-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
BC547AZL1GTRANS NPN GP 45V 100MA TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MAT02EHIC TX MATCHED MONO DUAL LN TO-78SMD ZENER SemiconductorAnalog Devices Inc
STPS2H100ADIODE SCHOTTKY PWR 100V 2A SMADiscrete SemiSTMicroelectronics (VA)
2N2647UNI-JUNCTION TRANSISTOR TO-18MOSFET SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group
ZMV831ATADIODE VAR CAP 15PF 25V SOD-323MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
FDS8670MOSFET N-CH 30V 21A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor (VA)
GP20GHE3/54DIODE 2A 400V STD GP20 AXIALDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
CDSER4148DIODE SWITCHING 150MA 75V 0503Discrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
BSS84LT1GMOSFET P-CH 50V 130MA SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
BZV85-C30,133DIODE VREG 30V 1.3W DO-41MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
IXTP90N15TMOSFET N-CH 150V 90A TO-220Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
NTD5865NL-1GMOSFET N-CH 60V 34A 18MOHM IPAKMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
40HFL100S05DIODE FAST REC 1000V 40A DO-5Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
R5100210XXWARECTIFIER 200V 100A DO-8Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
APT5024SFLLGMOSFET N-CH 500V 22A D3PAKDiscrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
MA4SD1000LDIODE SCHOTTKY 20V 200MA SSMINI4Discrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
1N5223BDIODE ZENER 2.7V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IXFH160N15TMOSFET N-CH 150V 160A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
MSS1P3U-M3/89ADIODE SCHOTTKY 1A 30V SMDDiscrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
HSMS-282C-TR2GDIODE SCHOTTKY RF SER 15V SOT323Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
IRF1010EZSMOSFET N-CH 60V 75A D2PAKMOSFET SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
BCW66GLT1TRANS NPN GP 45V 800MA SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
EGP10F-TPDIODE GPP 1A 300V HI EFF DO41Dis SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
NTHD3102CT1GMOSFET N/P-CH COMPL 20V CHIPFETDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BFG410W,135TRANS RF NPN 22GHZ 4.5V SOT343MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
6TQ045DIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 6A TO-220ACDiscrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
IXGH40N120A2IGBT 1200V 75A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
R7011804XXUARECTIFIER 1800V 450ADiscrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
APT22F120LMOSFET N-CH 1200V 22A TO-264Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
IRLR4343MOSFET N-CH 55V 26A DPAKZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
MPS5172RLRMTRANSISTOR NPN SS GP 25V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
1N4004-E3/54DIODE GP 1A 400V DO41Dis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor (VA)
STW21NM60NDMOSFET N-CH 600V 17A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
PBSS5330X,135TRANS PNP 30V 3A SOT89MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
GBPC1502W-E4/51DIODE 1PH 15A 200V GBPC-WDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
DL5243B-TPDIODE ZENER 500MW 13V MINIMELFDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
IRF7832TRMOSFET N-CH 30V 20A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier (VA)
MMBF2202PT1MOSFET P-CH 20V 300MA SOT-323MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
ES1D-E3/61TDIODE ULTRA FAST 1A 200V SMAMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor (VA)
XP0221100LTRANS ARRAY NPN/NPN W/RES SMINI5Discrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
VDZT2R5.6BDIODE ZENER 5.6V 100MW VMD2Low-power SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
BZX84C10-7DIODE ZENER 10V 350MW SOT23-3MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
IXTP02N50DMOSFET N-CH 500V 200MA TO-220Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
MBRF30H60CT-E3/45DIODE SCHOTTKY 30A 60V TO223-3Discrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
FQB13N06LTMMOSFET N-CH 60V 13.6A D2PAKMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
ZVP2106ASTZMOSFET P-CHAN 60V TO92-3MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes/Zetex
APT8075BVFRGMOSFET N-CH 800V 12A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
RF601B2DTLDIODE FAST REC 200V 3A DPAKDis SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
2SJ650MOSFET P-CH 60V 12A TO-220MLMOSFET SemiconductorSANYO Semiconductor (U.S.A) Corporation
S2A-E3/5BTDIODE GPP 1.5A 50V DO-214AADis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
MPSA92GTRANS PNP GP BIPO LP 300V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
IPD06N03LB GMOSFET N-CH 30V 50A TO-252ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies (VA)
MMSZ43T1GDIODE ZENER 43V 500MW SOD-123Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MA2Z78500LDIODE SCHOTT 50V 100MA S-MINI 2PDiscrete MOSFETPanasonic - SSG (VA)
K2201GSIDAC 200-230VBO 1A MULT-P DO15MOSFET SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
MA27V1600LDIODE VARIABLE CAP 6V SSSMINI-2PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
IPB70N10SL-16MOSFET N-CH 100V 70A TO263-3ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
DAP222T1DIODE SWITCH DUAL CA 80V SOT416Discrete SemiON Semiconductor
1N1189RADIODE STD REC 500V 40A DO-5Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
1N5257B-TDIODE ZENER 33V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorDiodes/Zetex (VA)
MPS2907AZL1GTRANSISTOR PNP GP SS 60V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
HFA70NC60CDIODE HEXFRED 600V 56A D61-8Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
RLS4448TE-11DIODE 75V 150MA LL-34Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
SMAJ4747A-TPDIODE ZENER 1W 20V SMADiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
2SK3017(F)MOSFET N-CH 900V 8.5A 2-16F1BMOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
T1250H-6TTRIAC 12A 600V HI TEMP TO-220ABDiscrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
25CTQ045SPBFDIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 15A D2PAKDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
IRFB41N15DMOSFET N-CH 150V 41A TO-220ABZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
MTP23P06VMOSFET P-CH 60V 23A TO-220ABMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SPP24N60CFDMOSFET N-CH 650V 21.7A TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
NTD3055-094-1MOSFET N-CH 60V 12A IPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
1N5239B_T50ADIODE ZENER 9.1V 500MW DO-35SMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
NTLJD2104PTBGMOSFET P-CH DUAL 12V 4.3A 6WDFNDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
DZ2S068M0LDIODE ZENER 6.8V 150MW SSMINI2SMD ZENER SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
PDZ3.3B,115DIODE ZENER 3.3V 400MW SOD323Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
SS35-E3/57TDIODE SCHOTTKY 3A 50V SMCDiscrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
2SC2412KT146RTRANSISTOR NPN 50V 0.15A SOT-346Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
60HFU-100DIODE FAST REC 100V 60A DO-5Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
1N971B_T50ADIODE ZENER 27V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
FMMTH10TATRANS RF NPN 25V 25MA SOT23-3MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
HSMP-4820-TR2GDIODE PIN RF PWR LIMITER SOT-23Dis SemiconductorAvago Technologies US Inc.