Transistor Discrete Semiconductor

A semiconductor device is one made of silicon or any number of other specially prepared materials designed to exploit the unique properties of electrons in a crystal lattice, where electrons are not as free to move as in a conductor, but are far more mobile than in an insulator. A discrete device is one contained in its own package, not built on a common semiconductor substrate with other components, as is the case with ICs, or integrated circuits. Thus, "discrete semiconductor circuits" are circuits built out of individual semiconductor components, connected together on some kind of circuit board or terminal strip. These circuits employ all the components and concepts explored in the previous chapters, so a firm comprehension of DC and AC electricity is essential before embarking on these experiments
Part Number Description Category Manufacture
175BGQ045DIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 175A POWIRTABDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
MMUN2230LT1TRANS BRT NPN 50V SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
KSC1173YTUTRANSISTOR NPN 30V 3A TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
PBRP113ZS,126TRANS PNP W/RES 50V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
APT60D100BGDIODE ULT FAST 60A 1000V TO-247MOSFET SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
2N5951AMP RF N-CHAN 30V TO-92Dis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BZT52C12S-TPDIODE ZENER 200MW 12V SOD323Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
MMBZ5248BDIODE ZENER 18V 350MW SOT-23MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
KSC1173YTSTUTRANSISTOR NPN 30V 3A TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
STL73TRANS BIPO 400V 1.5A TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
BZX585-C39,115DIODE ZENER 39V 300MW SOD523Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
SL42HE3/9ATDIODE SCHOTTKY 4A 20V DO214ABDiscrete SemiVishay/General Semiconductor
STPS3030CG-TRDIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 15A D2PAKDiscrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics (VA)
BAT54CLT3GDIODE SWITCH DUAL CC 30V SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BAT 64-04 E6433DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 250MA SOT-23Discrete MOSFETInfineon Technologies
MURS240HE3/5BTDIODE 2A 400V 50NS UF DO214AADis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
STPS5H100HDIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 5A IPAKDiscrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
FDD13AN06A0_F085MOSFET N-CH 60V 50A DPAKMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
SBR10100CTDIODE SBR 10A 100V TO220-3Discrete MOSFETDiodes Inc
ZM4738A-13DIODE ZENER 8.2V 1W SMD MELFSMD ZENER SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
1N759A_T50ADIODE ZENER 12V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
NTGD3149CT1GMOSFET COMPL 20V DUAL 6-TSOPDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
1N4742A-TDIODE ZENER 12V 1W DO-41MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
CDBUR0145DIODE SCHOTTKY SS 100MA 45V 0603Discrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
IXTH182N055TMOSFET N-CH 55V 182A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
MS1645DIODE SCHOTTKY 16A 45V TO220ACDiscrete MOSFETMicrosemi Commercial Components Group
APT20M38SVFRGMOSFET N-CH 200V 67A D3PAKDiscrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
MMBZ5239BDIODE ZENER 9.1V 350MW SOT-23SMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
SK310B-TPDIODE SCHOTTKY 3A 100V SMBDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
SMAJ4750A-TPDIODE ZENER 1W 27V SMADiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
MJL21196GTRANS PWR COMP 16A 250V TO264MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BFQ591,115TRANS NPN 15V 7GHZ SOT89Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
SIR158DP-T1-GE3MOSFET N-CH D-S 30V 8-SOICMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
PZU7.5B1,115DIODE ZENER 7.5V 310MW SOD323FSMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
IRL620STRLMOSFET N-CH 200V 5.2A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
1N749ADIODE ZENER 4.3V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
MM5Z18VT1GDIODE ZENER 18V 200MW SOD-523MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SM4004PL-TPDIODE SIL 1A 400V POWERLITE123Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
STP3NK100ZMOSFET N-CH 1000V 2.5A TO-220Discrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
STPS2530CGDIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 12.5A D2PAKDiscrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics
BC490AZL1GTRANSISTOR PNP 80V 1A TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
TP0610KL-TR1-E3MOSFET P-CH 60V 270MA TO92-3MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
BZX79C22_T50ADIODE ZENER 22V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
FQPF27N25MOSFET N-CH 250V 14A TO-220FZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
APT13GP120BGIGBT 1200V 41A 250W TO247Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
STTH112DIODE ULT FAST 1A 1200V DO-41MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
1N5371BDIODE ZENER 60V 5W T-18SMD ZENER SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
1N4149DIODE SGL JUNCT 100V 4.0NS DO-35Discrete SemiFairchild Semiconductor
US6K2TRMOSFET 2N-CH 30V 1.4A TUMT6Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
NTR3161NT1GMOSFET N-CH 20V 3.3A SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
1N5344B-TPDIODE ZENER 5W 8.2V DO-15SMD ZENER SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
IXTK120N25PMOSFET N-CH 250V 120A TO-264Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
STTH30R06PDIODE ULT FAST 600V 30A SOD-93MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
NTB5405NT4GMOSFET N-CH 40V 116A D2PAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
HSMS-282L-BLKGDIODE SCHOTTKY RF TRP 15V SOT363Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
SI9433BDY-T1-E3MOSFET P-CH 20V 4.5A 8-SOICMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
IRFR120ZTRMOSFET N-CH 100V 8.7A DPAKZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
IRG4BH20K-LIGBT UFAST 1200V 11A TO-262ZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
BSP171PE6327MOSFET P-CH 60V 1.9A SOT223MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies (VA)
DTA114TET1TRANS PNP 50V 100MA 10K SC75-3Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BZX284-C9V1,115DIODE ZENER 9.1V 400MW SOD110SMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
NTB5605PGMOSFET P-CH 60V 18.5A D2PAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
ST1200C14K0SCR PHASE CONT 1400V 1650A K-PUKMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
W10GRECT BRIDGE GPP 1000V 1.5A WOGMOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc
NTJD4401NT4MOSFET N-CH DUAL 20V SOT-363Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
VBO20-14AO2DIODE BRIDGE 31A 1200V AVAL FO-ADiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
T1635H-6ITRIAC 16A 600V HTEMP INS TO220ABDiscrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
DSS5160V-7TRANS BIPOLAR PNP -60V SOT-563MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
1N5254B-TPDIODE ZENER 500MW 27V DO35Low-power SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
LSM845JDIODE SCHOTTKY 8A 45V DO214ABDiscrete SemiMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
20TQ045DIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 20A TO-220ACDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
IRF7342D2PBFMOSFET P-CH 55V 3.4A 8-SOICMOSFET SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
1N5225A (DO-35)DIODE ZENER 3V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group
IRF7233TRMOSFET P-CH 12V 9.5A 8-SOICMOSFET SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
STWH13009TRANS PWR NPN FAST HV TO-247MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
MP4209(Q)MOSFET MOD N-CH 100V 3A 10-SIPZENER SemiconductorToshiba
1SMB5922BT3DIODE ZENER 7.5V 3W SMBSMD ZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
1N5243A (DO-35)DIODE ZENER 13V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
BAW 56S E6327DIODE ARRAY 80V 200MA SOT-363Dis SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
MAZ8027GHLDIODE ZENER 2.7V 150MW S-MINI 2PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
2SA2088T106QTRANS PNP 60V 0.5A SOT-323 TRMOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
STTH30L06PIDIODE TURBO2 600V 30A DOP-31MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
AO4818BMOSFET DUAL N-CH 30V 8.5A 8-SOICDiscrete SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc
IXFT30N40QMOSFET N-CH 400V 30A TO-268Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
BTA312X-800B,127TRIAC 800V 12A TO-220FDiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
IRL3103D2MOSFET N-CH 30V 54A TO-220ABZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
ES1CHE3/61TDIODE 1A 150V 15NS DO-214ACDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
PMBT5401,215TRANS PNP 150V 300MA SOT23MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
2N4124TARTRANSISTOR NPN 25V 200MA TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
2EZ5.1D5DO41E3DIODE ZENER 5.1V 2W DO-41Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group
BZT52H-C56,115DIODE ZENER 56V 375MW SOD123FSMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
1N3088RDIODE STD REC 400V 150A DO-30Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
APT18F60BMOSFET N-CH 600V 18A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
MURA110T3DIODE ULTRA FAST 2A 100V SMAMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
CZRUR52C16DIODE ZENER 16V 150MW 0603Discrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
STTH3R06RLDIODE TURBO2 600V 3A DO201ADMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
MMUN2214LT1GTRANS BRT NPN 100MA 50V SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
KSD882YSTSTUTRANSISTOR NPN 30V 3A TO-126MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IXFR90N20QMOSFET N-CH 200V ISOPLUS247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
CGRM4004-GDIODE RECT GP 1A 400V MINI-SMADiscrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
NSS40200UW6T1GTRANSISTOR PNP 4A 40V 6-WDFNDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BZX84C7V5_D87ZDIODE ZENER 7.5V 350MW SOT-23SMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
KSC2982CTFTRANSISTOR NPN 10V 2A SOT-89MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IXTY08N100PMOSFET N-CH 1000V 800MA TO-252Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
NTD110N02R-001GMOSFET N-CH 24V 12.5A IPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MBRB20200CTT4DIODE SCHOTTKY DUAL 200V D2PAKDiscrete SemiON Semiconductor (VA)
UG1C-E3/54DIODE 1A 150V 15NS UFDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
BZX884-B13,315DIODE ZENER 13V 250MW SOD882MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
2SD12950RLTRANS NPN 40VCEO 1.5A U-G2Discrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
IRFP460LCMOSFET N-CH 500V 20A TO-247ACZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
KSC838CYBUTRANSISTOR NPN 30V 30MA TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
1N6015BDIODE ZENER 43V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
80EPF02DIODE FAST REC 200V 80A TO-247ACDis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
MBRB20H100CTT4GDIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 10A D2PAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
150K40AMDIODE STD REC 400V 150A DO8/M12Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
IRF7326D2TRMOSFET P-CH 30V 3.6A 8-SOICMOSFET SemiconductorInternational Rectifier (VA)
16FLR20S05DIODE FAST REC 200V 16A DO-4Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
FDH333_T50RDIODE 125V 200MA DO35Dis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IXTA1R4N100PMOSFET N-CH 1000V 1.4A TO-263Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
1N3297ARRECTIFIER STUD 1400V 100A DO-8Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
APT30M75BFLLGMOSFET N-CH 300V 44A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
ZMV834ATCDIODE VARACTOR 25V SOD323MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes/Zetex
RS1MDIODE GP FAST 1A 1000V SMADis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
Q6008DH3RPALTERNISTOR 600V 8A D-PAKDis SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors (VA)
1N4748A_T50RDIODE ZENER 22V 1W DO-41Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
PBSS304PZ,135TRANS PNP 60V 4.5A SOT-223Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
PSMN009-100B,118MOSFET N-CH 100V 75A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
HMPP-3865-TR1DIODE PIN GP 50V 1A MINIPAKDis SemiconductorAvago Technologies US Inc.
1N1201RADIODE STD REC 150V 12A DO-4Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
BYV34-500,127DIODE RECT DL UF 500V TO220ABDiscrete MOSFETNXP Semiconductors
KSC2316YTATRANSISTOR NPN 120V 800MA TO-92LMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
STP22NS25ZMOSFET N-CH 250V 22A TO-220ZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
STTH2R02ADIODE ULTRA FAST 200V 2A SMAMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
1N3070DIODE SGL JUNCT 200V SW DO-35Discrete SemiFairchild Semiconductor
MMBZ5239BLT3GDIODE ZENER 9.1V 225MW SOT-23SMD ZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BZV90-C15,115DIODE ZENER 15V 1.5W SOT223MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BZX84-C8V2,235DIODE ZENER 8.2V 250MW SOT23SMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
MPS2222AZL1GTRANSISTOR NPN GP SS 40V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
RN1101FS(TPL3)TRANS NPN W/RES 20V 50MA SOT923MOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
SF11-TDIODE FAST REC 50V 1.A DO-41Dis SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
DSP8-12SDIODE PHASE 1200V 11A TO-263ABDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
MMBD6050DIODE SWITCHING SOT-23MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BC550CTRANS LN NPN 45V 100MA TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BF1101,215MOSFET N-CH 7V 30MA SOT343RMOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BT138-800,127TRIAC 800V 12A SOT78MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
SI6433BDQ-T1-E3MOSFET P-CH 12V 4A 8-TSSOPMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
GBPC1510RECT BRIDGE GPP 1000V 15A GBPCMOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc
NTD65N03R-1GMOSFET N-CH 25V 9.5A IPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MMBZ5245ELT1GDIODE ZENER 15V 225MW SOT-23MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
L4006V8TRIAC SENS 400V 6A TO-251MOSFET SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
BAT74V,115DIODE SCHTK DUAL 30V 200MASOT666Discrete SemiNXP Semiconductors
MUN5134DW1T1GTRANS BRT PNP DUAL 50V SOT-363Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
NGP15N41CLGIGBT N-CHAN 15A 410V TO220ABZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
8TQ080SDIODE SCHOTTKY 80V 8A D2PAKDiscrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
2SK2231(TE16R1,NQ)MOSFET N-CH 60V 5A 2-7J1BMOSFET SemiconductorToshiba (VA)
2KBP10M-E4/45DIODE BRIDGE 2A 1000V 1PH 4SIPDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
PBSS301ND,115TRANS NPN 20V 4A LOW SAT SOT457Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
XP0121400LTRANS ARRAY NPN/NPN W/RES S MINIDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
BF1101WR,135MOSFET N-CH 7V DUAL SOT343MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
SI5947DU-T1-GE3MOSFET P-CH D-S 20V PPAK CHIPFETMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
BAY71DIODE HI COND 50V 200MA DO-35Dis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BB156,115DIODE VAR CAP 10V 20MA SOD323MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
MA3U74900LDIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 5A U-G2Discrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
IXGH15N120CD1IGBT HS W/DIODE 1200V 30A TO247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
TPC8026(TE12L,Q,M)MOSFET N-CH 30V 13A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorToshiba
XP0621400LTRANS ARRAY NPN/NPN W/RES S MINIDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
APT20GF120BRDQ1GIGBT 1200V 36A 200W TO247Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
2SB1189T100RTRANS PNP 80V 0.7A SOT-89MOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
QK012RH5ALTERNISTOR 1000V 12A TO-220Dis SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
1N3213DIODE STD REC 500V 15A DO-5Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
APT20M16B2FLLGMOSFET N-CH 200V 100A T-MAXDiscrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
ATF-55143-TR1GIC TRANS E-PHEMT 2GHZ SOT-343Discrete SemiconductorAvago Technologies US, Inc. (VA)
IDD05SG60CDIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 5A TO252-3Discrete SemiInfineon Technologies
V60100C-E3/45DIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 30A TO-220ABDiscrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
BZT52H-C68,115DIODE ZENER 68V 375MW SOD123FSMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
ES1ADIODE FAST 1A 50V SMADis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
UMB4NTNTRANS DUAL PNP 50V 100MA SOT-363MOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
MAZ20620AGDIODE ZENER 6.2V 1W DO-41SMD ZENER SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
30BQ060TRPBFDIODE SCHOTTKY 60V 3A SMCDiscrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors (VA)
ESH1PB-M3/84ADIODE ULTRA FAST 1A 100V SMPMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor (VA)
2N6401THYRISTOR SCR 16A 100V TO-220ABDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
20ETF08STRRDIODE FAST REC 800V 20A D2PAKDis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
SMBYT01-400DIODE FAST REC 400V 1A SMBDis SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
BZX284-C6V8,135DIODE ZENER 6.8V 400MW SOD110SMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
STD4NS25T4MOSFET N-CH 250V 4A DPAKZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
SI4420BDY-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH 30V 9.5A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
MMSZ4703ET1DIODE ZENER 16V 500MW SOD-123MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
UNR521M00LTRANS NPN W/RES 80 HFE S-MINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
AO3415AMOSFET P-CH 20V 4A SOT23-3MOSFET SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc (VA)
BZV85-C3V9,133DIODE VREG 3.9V 1.3W DO-41MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BSS123TCMOSFET N-CHAN 100V SOT23-3MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes/Zetex
TIP42CTRANSISTOR PNP 100V 6A TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
MUR115DIODE ULTRA FAST 1A 150V DO-41MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MJD5731T4GTRANS POWER PNP 1A 350V DPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
PD84008L-ETRANS RF POWER LDMOST N-CHMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
1N6004BDIODE ZENER 15V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BF909R,235MOSFET N-CH 7V 40MA SOT143MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
AO3406MOSFET N-CH 30V 3.6A SOT23Discrete SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc
BZV55C8V2-TPDIODE ZENER 500MW 8.2V MINIMELFDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
MMDL914T1DIODE SWITCH FAST 100V SOD323Discrete SemiON Semiconductor (VA)
MMBZ5242BLT1GDIODE ZENER 12V 225MW SOT-23MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
MBRB1045TRLPBFDIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 10A D2PAKDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
US1B-E3/61TDIODE GPP ULTRA FAST 1A 100V SMADis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
MAC12HCNGTHYRISTOR TRIAC 12A 800V TO220ABDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
DSA17-18ADIODE AVAL 1800V 25A DO-203AADiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
MBR1545CTPBFDIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 7.5A TO220ABDiscrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
MM3Z12VST1GDIODE ZENER 12V 200MW SOD-323Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
STS4DNFS30LMOSFET N-CH 30V 4A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
BTA312X-600B,127TRIAC 600V 12A TO-220FDiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
FDMC7660DCMOSFET N-CH 30V 40A POWER33ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
FPN530TRANSISTOR NPN 30V 3A TO-226MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IRL2203NSPBFMOSFET N-CH 30V 116A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
BAT54ADW-TPDIODE SCHOTTKY 200MW 30V SOT363Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
10RIA80SCR 800V 10A TO-48MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
BF1211WR,115MOSFET N-CH DUAL GATE 6V SOT343RDiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
1N5241A (DO-35)DIODE ZENER 11V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
BZX84C11-7DIODE ZENER 11V 350MW SOT23-3MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
IRG4BC30U-SPBFIGBT UFAST 600V 23A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
STGP3NB60KMOSFET N-CHAN 6A 600V TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
GF1A/67ADIODE STD REC 50V 1A DO-214BADiscrete SemiVishay/General Semiconductor (VA)
2SD1820GRLTRANS NPN 50VCEO 500MA SMINI-3MOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
BZV55C27-TPDIODE ZENER 500MW 27V MINIMELFDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
IRFR48ZPBFMOSFET N-CH 55V 42A DPAKZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
BCP51TATRANS PNP BIPOL 45V 1A SOT-223MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
DSEK60-06ADIODE FRED 600V 2X30A TO-247ADDis SemiconductorIXYS
SI1410EDH-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH 20V 2.9A SC70-6ZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
NTMD6N04R2GMOSFET N-CH DUAL 40V 5.8A 8-SOICDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
STPS10L25DDIODE SCHOTTKY 25V 10A TO-220ACDiscrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics
SGL41-40-E3/96DIODE SCHOTTKY 1A 40V DO-213ABDiscrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
STPS30L60CWPBFDIODE SCHOTTKY 60V 15A TO247ACDiscrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
BAS521,115DIODE SW 300V 250MA H-S SOD523Discrete SemiNXP Semiconductors
STTH1302CTDIODE ULT FAST 200V 6.5A TO220ABMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
BZT52C9V1-13DIODE ZENER 9.1V 500MW SOD-123SMD ZENER SemiconductorDiodes Inc
41HFR80DIODE STD REC 800V 40A DO-5Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
1N5231B_T26ADIODE ZENER 5.1V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
J175,116JFET P-CHAN 30V SOT23-3Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BAV23,235DIODE G-P DUAL 200V 225MA SOT143Dis SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
STS4DPF30LMOSFET 2P-CH 30V 4A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
ZVN4306ASTOAMOSFET N-CHAN 60V TO92-3MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes/Zetex
BUK9GTHP-55PJTR,51MOSFET N-CH 55V 28SOICZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
MJE5852GTRANS PWR PNP 8A 400V TO220ABMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SD203R16S15PVDIODE FAST REC 1600V 200A DO-9Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
89CNQ135ASMDIODE SCHOTTKY 135V 40A D61-8-SMDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
DAN222TLDIODE SWITCH 80V 100MA SOT-416Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
BZX585-B8V2,115DIODE ZENER 8.2V 300MW SOD523SMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
DFL15005S-E3/45DIODE GPP 1.5A 50V LOPRO 4SMDDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
APT30M36B2LLGMOSFET N-CH 300V 84A T-MAXDiscrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
47CTQ020DIODE SCHOTTKY 20V 20A TO-220ABDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
MMSZ4703T1GDIODE ZENER 16V 500MW SOD-123Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
MMSZ10ET1DIODE ZENER 10V 500MW SOD-123MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
HSMP-481B-BLKGDIODE PIN ATTENUATOR HF SOT-323Dis SemiconductorAvago Technologies US Inc.
RTF025N03TLMOSFET N-CH 30V 2.5A TUMT3Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
1N4148-GDIODE FAST SW 150MA 75V DO-35Discrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
PBHV8118T,215TRANSISTOR NPN 1A SOT23MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
1N3291RDIODE STD REC 400V 100A DO-8Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
MBRF15H60CT-E3/45DIODE SCHOTTKY 15A 60V TO220-3Discrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
HSMP-3830-TR2GDIODE PIN GP 200V SOT-23Dis SemiconductorAvago Technologies US Inc.
IRFZ44VZMOSFET N-CH 60V 57A TO-220ABMOSFET SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
DSSK30-0045ADIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 15A TO-247ADDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
PMBS3906,215TRANS PNP 40V 100MA SOT23MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
10BQ040PBFDIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 1A SMBDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
MURS110T3DIODE ULTRA FAST 1A 100V SMBMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
TDZTR12BDIODE ZENER 12V 500MW TUMD2MOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
IKA15N60TIGBT 600V 14.7A 35.7W TO220-3SMD ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
PZU3.3B2,115DIODE ZENER 3.3V 310MW SOD323FLow-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
HSMS-2810-BLKGDIODE SCHOTTKY GP LN 20V SOT-23Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
A16F60DIODE STD REC 600V 16A DO-4Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
2SC584600LTRANS NPN 50VCEO 100MA SSSMINI3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
BAP64-05W,135DIODE PIN GP 100V 100MA SOT323Dis SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BAS40-06,235DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 120MA SOT-23Discrete MOSFETNXP Semiconductors
MBR30L45CTGDIODE SCHOTTKY 30A 45V TO-220ABDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
RS1KDIODE GPP FAST 1A 800V SMADis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IXGH120N30C3IGBT 300V 120A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
2N3904CBUTRANSISTOR NPN 40V 200MA TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BAS70W-06-7DIODE SCHTKY CA 70V 200MW SC70-3Discrete SemiDiodes Inc (VA)
MBRD340TRLDIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 3A D-PAKDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
20CTH03-1DIODE FAST REC 300V 10A TO-262Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
SD103AWS-TPDIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 350MA SOD323Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
IXFT20N60QMOSFET N-CH 600V 20A TO-268Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
1N5257B_T50RDIODE ZENER 33V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
NP0G3A000ATRANS ARRAY NPN/PNP WRES SSSMINIDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
BZX84C9V1-TPDIODE ZENER 350MW 9.1V SOT23Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
MPS6724RLRAGTRANS NPN DARL BIPO 1W 40V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
STP23NM60NDMOSFET N-CH 600V 19.5A TO-220Discrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
SMZG3793B-E3/52DIODE ZENER 1.5W 15V 5% SMBMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
DGSK20-025ASDIODE SCHOTTKY GAAS 250V TO263ABDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
BC857BLT3GTRANS PNP GP 45V 100MA SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
STW24NK55ZMOSFET N-CH 550V 23A TO-247ZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
1SMB5914BT3GDIODE ZENER 3.6V 3W SMBDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
CMS14(TE12L,Q)DIODE SCHOTTKY 60V 2A M-FLATDiscrete SemiToshiba
IXKC20N60CMOSFET N-CH 600V 15A ISOPLUS220Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
UNR911AJ0LTRANS PNP 50V 100MA W/RES SSMINIDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
L2004V8TPTRIAC SENS 200V 4A TO-251MOSFET SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
MMSZ4V7T1DIODE ZENER 4.7V 500MW SOD-123Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
PMEG2010AET,215SCHOTTKY RECT 20V 1A SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
IXTP44N15TMOSFET N-CH 150V 44A TO-220ZENER SemiconductorIXYS
BC807-16-TPTRANSISTOR PNP 500MA 45V SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
STS25NH3LLMOSFET N-CH 30V 25A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
1N757ADIODE ZENER 9.1V 500MW DO-35SMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
MAZS3600MLDIODE ZENER 36V 150MW SS MINIDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
BZX284-C4V7,115DIODE ZENER 4.7V 400MW SOD110Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
DPG20C300PNDIODE HFRED 300V 2X10A TO220ABFPDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
STTH12R06DDIODE TURBO 12A 600V TO-220ACMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
BZX84C9V1W-7DIODE ZENER 9.1V 200MW SC70-3SMD ZENER SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
BC557BZL1GTRANS AMP PNP 45V 100MA TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BYV26DGP-E3/54DIODE UFAST 1A 800V DO-204ACMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
APT5028SVRGMOSFET N-CH 500V 20A D3PAKDiscrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
1N5818M-13DIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 1A SMD MELFDiscrete MOSFETDiodes Inc (VA)
NCR169DRLRAGSCR 0.8A 400V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
1N5353BRLGDIODE ZENER 16V 5W AXIALMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
BZX85C16_T50RDIODE ZENER 16V 1W DO-41MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
MMSZ5230BS-7DIODE ZENER 4.7V 200MW SOD-323Low-power SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
S5M-E3/57TDIODE GPP 5A 1000V SMCDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor (VA)
ES3BDIODE FAST 3A 100V SMCDis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
1N5404-GDIODE RECTIFIER 3A 400V DO-201ADDiscrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
MMSF3P02HDR2SGMOSFET P-CH 20V 5.6A 8-SOICDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
1N5243B_T50RDIODE ZENER 13V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
STPS30150CTDIODE SCHOTTKY 150V 15A TO-220ABDiscrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics
XN0121600LTRANS ARRAY NPN/NPN W/RES MINI5PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
2EZ62D5DIODE ZENER 62V 2W DO-41SMD ZENER SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
SB520DIODE SCHOTTKY 5A 20V DO-201ADDiscrete SemiFairchild Semiconductor
APT5024BVFRGMOSFET N-CH 500V 22A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
IRLR3705ZMOSFET N-CH 55V 42A DPAKZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
SI7415DN-T1-GE3MOSFET P-CH 60V 3.6A 1212-8MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
MAC997A6GTHYRISTOR TRIAC .8A 400V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
301UR160DIODE STD REC 1600V 300A DO-9Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
MJD112RLTRANS DARL NPN 2A 100V DPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
S3MHE3/57TDIODE GPP 3A 1000V SMC DO-214ABDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
STB25NM60NDMOSFET N-CH 600V 21A D2PAKDiscrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
B2100-13DIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 2A SMBDiscrete MOSFETDiodes Inc (VA)
1N5339BRLDIODE ZENER 5.6V 5W AXIALLow-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
AOB418LMOSFET N-CH 100V 105A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc (VA)
NTD4860N-1GMOSFET N-CH 25V 10.4A IPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
UMB11NTNTRANS DUAL PNP 50V 50MA SOT363Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
2SK2542MOSFET N-CH 500V 8A TO-220ABZENER SemiconductorToshiba
T1050H-6GTRIAC 10A 600V HI TEMP D2PAKDiscrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
S3D-TPRECTIFIER SIL 3A 200V DO-214ABDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
48CTQ060-1PBFDIODE SCHOTTKY 60V 20A TO262Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
PEMB30,115TRANS PNP/PNP W/RES 50V SS-MINIDiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
6F40DIODE STD REC 400V 6A DO-4Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
MCH3377-TL-EMOSFET P-CH 20V 3A MCPH3MOSFET SemiconductorSANYO Semiconductor (U.S.A) Corporation (VA)
PEMH13,315TRANS ARRAY NPN/NPN SOT-666MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
IPB90N06S4-04MOSFET N-CH 60V 90A TO263-3MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
1N4007RLDIODE STANDARD REC 1A 1000V DO41Discrete SemiON Semiconductor (VA)
MMSZ4700T1DIODE ZENER 13V 500MW SOD-123MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
AT-32032-TR1GIC TRANS NPN BIPOLAR SOT-323Discrete SemiconductorAvago Technologies US, Inc. (VA)
IXTY50N085TMOSFET N-CH 85V 50A TO-252Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
NGD8201NT4GIGBT IGNIT N-CHAN 20A 400V DPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
UP0450100LTRANS ARRAY NPN/NPN SS MINI-6PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
R7003603XXUARECTIFIER 3600V 300ADiscrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
BAV 199 E6433DIODE ARRAY 80V 200MA SOT-23Dis SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
IXFK160N30TMOSFET N-CH 160A 300V TO-264ZENER SemiconductorIXYS
IXKR25N80CMOSFET N-CH 800V 25A ISOPLUS247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
BFS17HTATRANS RF NPN 15V 25MA SOT23-3MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
HSMS-2702-TR1GDIODE SCHOTTKY 15V 350MA SOT-23Discrete MOSFETAvago Technologies US Inc.
MMBTA43LT1GTRANS NPN 200V 500MA SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
AOD452MOSFET N-CH 25V 55A TO-252Discrete SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc
NTMSD2P102R2SGMOSFET P-CH 20V 2.3A 8-SOICDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SI7802DN-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH 250V 1.24A 1212-8ZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
TS820-600TSCR 600V 8A TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
S2010DTPSCR NON-SENS 200V 10A TO-252MOSFET SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
MUR130DIODE ULTRA FAST 1A 300V DO-41MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
1N5228B (DO-35)ZENER DIODE 3.9V 5% 0.5W DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
DTA114YKAT146TRAN DIGIT PNP 40V 100MA SOT-346Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
TPC6901(TE85L,F)TRANS NPN/PNP 50V 1A VS6 2-3T1AMOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
1N6014B_T50RDIODE ZENER 39V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
MURD620CTTRRDIODE ULTRAFAST 200V 6A D-PAKMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
FMKA130DIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 1A SMADiscrete MOSFETFairchild Semiconductor
MPSA64RLRAGTRANS PNP DARL BIPO 30V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
1N5237B-TPDIODE ZENER 500MW 8.2V DO35SMD ZENER SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
BZX84-B11,215DIODE ZENER 11V 250MW SOT23MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
SI4420DYPBFMOSFET N-CH 30V 12.5A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
MBRD1045T4GDIODE SCHOTTKY 10A 45V DPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
PDZ15B,135DIODE VREG 11V 400MW SOD-323MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
SI3586DV-T1-GE3MOSFET N/P-CH 20V 6-TSOPZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
IRF840STRRMOSFET N-CH 500V 8A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
RDD050N20TLMOSFET N-CH 200V 5A CPT3Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
STGP10NB60SIGBT N-CHAN 10A 600V TO-220ZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
UP04501G0LTRANS ARRAY NPN/NPN SS MINI-6PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
BZX84C30S-7DIODE ZENER DUAL 30V SOT-363SMD ZENER SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
BZX384-C27,115DIODE ZENER 27V 300MW SOD323Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BCX71H,235TRANSISTOR PNP 45V 100MA SOT23MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BAS21AHT1GDIODE SWITCH LL 250V SOD-323Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
IXGH6N170AIGBT 1700V 6A TO-247ADDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
SIE802DF-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH 30V 60A 10-POLARPAKZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
BB639E7908DIODE VARACTOR 30V SOD-323MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies (VA)
MMBZ5246BLT1GDIODE ZENER 16V 225MW SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
J175_D74ZIC SWITCH P-CHAN 30V 50MA TO-92SMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
ACST1010-7FPIC AC SWITCH 700V 10A TO-220FPABSMD ZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
STS5PF30LMOSFET P-CH 30V 5A 8-SOICMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)