Transistor Discrete Semiconductor

A semiconductor device is one made of silicon or any number of other specially prepared materials designed to exploit the unique properties of electrons in a crystal lattice, where electrons are not as free to move as in a conductor, but are far more mobile than in an insulator. A discrete device is one contained in its own package, not built on a common semiconductor substrate with other components, as is the case with ICs, or integrated circuits. Thus, "discrete semiconductor circuits" are circuits built out of individual semiconductor components, connected together on some kind of circuit board or terminal strip. These circuits employ all the components and concepts explored in the previous chapters, so a firm comprehension of DC and AC electricity is essential before embarking on these experiments
Part Number Description Category Manufacture
BTB08-600BW3GTRIAC 8A 50MA 600V TO-220ABDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SPI80N08S2-07RMOSFET N-CH 75V 80A I2PAKMOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
62CTQ030PBFDIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 30A TO220ABDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
APT8052BFLLGMOSFET N-CH 800V 15A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
MP5005WRECT BRIDGE 50A 50V WIRE LEADSMOSFET SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
2SB07100QLTRANS PNP GP AMP 25VCEO MINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
R7010405XXUARECTIFIER 400V 550ADiscrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
1SMA5938BT3DIODE ZENER 36V 1.5W SMALow-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor
1N5406-TPDIODE STD REC 3A 600V DO201ADDiscrete SemiMicro Commercial Co (VA)
NTLGF3402PT2GMOSFET P-CH 20V 2.3A 6-DFNDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
IRFL9014TRPBFMOSFET P-CH 60V 1.8A SOT223MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix (VA)
PZM12NB1,115DIODE ZENER 12V 300MW SOT346MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
SB5H100/4DIODE SCHOTTKY 5A 100V DO-201ADDiscrete SemiVishay/General Semiconductor
STB75NF75T4MOSFET N-CH 75V 80A D2PAKDiscrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
61CNQ035DIODE SCHOTTKY 35V 60A D61-6Discrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
MBRD340TRDIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 3A D-PAKDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
IXTA18P10TMOSFET P-CH 100V 18A TO-263Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
TIP141GTRANS DARL NPN 10A 80V TO-218Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
IPB80N06S2L-05MOSFET N-CH 55V 80A TO263-3ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
SS26-E3/51TDIODE SCHOTTKY 2A 60V SMBDiscrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
XP0339000LTRANS ARRAY NPN/PNP W/RES SMINI5Discrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
DSSS35-008ARDIODE SCHOTTKY 80V ISOPLUS247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
DTA113ZUAT106TRANS PNP 50V 100MA SOT-323MOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
CZRER52C16DIODE ZENER 16V 150MW 0503Discrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
1N5994B_T50ADIODE ZENER 5.6V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
FQU4N50TUMOSFET N-CH 500V 2.6A IPAKZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
20ETS08DIODE FAST REC 800V 20A TO-220ACDis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
NTGS3136PT1GMOSFET P-CH 20V 3.7A 6-TSOPDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BZT52C11-13DIODE ZENER 11V 500MW SOD-123MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc
PDU620-13DIODE UFAST 6A 200V POWERDI-5MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
BC818-40LT1TRANSISTOR NPN 25V 500MA SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
NP0G3A300ATRANS ARRAY NPN/PNP SSS MINI-6PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
BC557BBUTRANSISTOR PNP 45V 100MA TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BZX84C18ET1GDIODE ZENER 18V 225MW SOT-23MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BAS 21 E6433DIODE SW HS 200V 250MA SOD-23Discrete SemiInfineon Technologies
DSC9G02C0LTRANS RF NPN 20V 15MA SSMINI3MOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
BLD6G22LS-50,112TRANS DOHERTY W/CDMA SOT1130BMOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
SD101CW-TPDIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 400MW SOD123Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
NTMFS4841NHT1GMOSFET N-CH 30V 8.6A SO-8FLDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
APT50M85LVFRGMOSFET N-CH 500V 56A TO-264Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
PBSS5350D,115TRANS PNP 50V 3A SOT457Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
UP0421300LTRANS ARRAY NPN/NPN SS MINI-6PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
STGB6NC60HD-1IGBT N-CH 15A 600V I2PAKZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
SI5856DC-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH 20V 4.4A 1206-8ZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
SSM6J212FE(TE85L,FMOSFET P-CH 20V 4A ES6MOSFET SemiconductorToshiba (VA)
APT50M75LFLLGMOSFET N-CH 500V 57A TO-264Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
BZV55-C16,135DIODE ZENER 16V 500MW SOD80CMOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
2EZ140D5DIODE ZENER 140V 2W DO-41MOSFET SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
DTC124XUAT106TRANS NPN 50V 50MA SOT-323MOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
MAZS039GHLDIODE ZENER 4V 150MW SSMINI-2Low-power SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
BZX79C43DIODE ZENER 43V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
SI5404BDC-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH 20V 5.4A 1206-8ZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
CZRF52C22DIODE ZENER 22V 200MW 1005Low-power SemiconductorComchip Technology (VA)
BD241CTUTRANSISTOR NPN 100V 3A TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
DZT591C-13TRANS PNP BIPO 60V SOT-223MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
SI6463BDQ-T1-E3MOSFET P-CH 20V 6.2A 8-TSSOPMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
IRLR120NTRLPBFMOSFET N-CH 100V 10A DPAKZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
1N4732A_T50ADIODE ZENER 4.7V 1W DO-41Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BZX84C4V7W-7DIODE ZENER 4.7V 200MW SC70-3Low-power SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
3SMBJ5930B-TPDIODE ZENER 3W 16V SMBLow-power SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
BC 847BF E6327TRANSISTOR NPN AF 45V TSFP-3MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
BZV55C9V1-TPDIODE ZENER 500MW 9.1V MINIMELFDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
BYT28-300-E3/45DIODE DUAL 10A 300V TO-220ABDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
RZR025P01TLMOSFET P-CH 12V 2.5A TSMT3Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
NP0G3D100ATRANS ARRAY PNP/PNP SSS MINI-6PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
BC857CDW1T1GTRANS PNP DUAL 45V 100MA SOT-363Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MMSZ5V6ET1DIODE ZENER 5.6V 500MW SOD-123Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor
IPA037N08N3 GMOSFET N-CH 80V 75A TO220-3MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
PTFA091201E V4 R250IC FET RF LDMOS 120W H-36248-2SMD ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
MM3Z15VT1GDIODE ZENER 15V 200MW SOD-323MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
1N973BTRDIODE ZENER 33V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
CSFB204-GDIODE SUPER FAST 2A 400V DO214AADiscrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
SIDC09D60E6 UNSAWNDIODE FAST SWITCHING SAWED WAFERDis SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
BAS40-05,235DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 120MA SOT-23Discrete MOSFETNXP Semiconductors
2STA1695TRANS PNP HP BIPO 140V TO-3PDiscrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
UGB5JTHE3/81DIODE 5A 600V 25NS SGL TO263ABDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
GBJ601RECT BRIDGE GPP 100V 6A GBJMOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc
MJD5731T4TRANS POWER PNP 1A 350V DPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MJE15033GTRANS PWR PNP 8A 250V TO220ABMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BC636TARTRANSISTOR PNP 45V 1A TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
APT30M75SLLGMOSFET N-CH 300V 44A D3PAKDiscrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
CDBFR40DIODE SCHOTTKY SS 200MA 40V 1005Discrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
GUR460-E3/54DIODE 4A 600V 45NS SMCDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
1N4596RECTIFIER STUD 1400V 150A DO-8Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
1N5255BDIODE ZENER 28V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
1N5996BDIODE ZENER 6.8V 500MW DO-35SMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
MMDF2C03HDR2MOSFET N/P-CH 30V 3A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
2SK3539G0LMOSFET N-CH 50V .1A S-MINI-3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
BZT52C43-13DIODE ZENER 43V 410MW SOD-123Low-power SemiconductorDiodes Inc
SI4894BDY-T1-GE3MOSFET N-CH 30V 8.9A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
MM5Z9V1ST1DIODE ZENER 9.1V 200MW SOD-523SMD ZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
PZM5.1NB3,115DIODE ZENER 5.1V 300MW SOT346Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
ZXTDE4M832TATRANS NPN 80V PNP 70V 8MLPMOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
IXGK28N140B3H1IGBT 1400V 28A TO-264Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
STB40NS15T4MOSFET N-CH 150V 40A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
BCW 66H E6327TRANSISTOR NPN AF 45V SOT-23MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
BCR 22PN H6327TRANS NPN/PNP DGTL 50V SOT363MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
STD30NF06LT4MOSFET N-CH 60V 35A DPAKMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
1SMB5913BT3GDIODE ZENER 3.3V 3W SMBDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
HSMS-282K-TR2GDIODE SCHOTTKY RF DL 15V SOT-363Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
MIC94053YC6 TRMOSFET P-CH 6V 2A SC70-6Discrete SemiconductorMicrel Inc (VA)
BAT854SW,115DIODE SCHTK DUAL 40V 200MASOT323Discrete SemiNXP Semiconductors
1N978BDIODE ZENER 51V 500MW DO-35SMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BZX79C6V8DIODE ZENER 6.8V 500MW DO-35SMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
NSBC144EDP6T5GTRANS BRT DUAL COMPL SOT-963Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
UNR41160RATRANS PNP W/RES 210HFE NS-B1MOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
R7000205XXUARECTIFIER 200V 550ADiscrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
FEP16HTDIODE FAST 500V 8A TO220ABDis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IXTU01N80MOSFET N-CH 800V 0.1A TO-251Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
MUR220RLDIODE ULTRA FAST 2A 200V DO-41MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
HSMP-381C-TR1GDIODE PIN ATTENUATOR SER SOT-323Dis SemiconductorAvago Technologies US Inc.
T850H-6TTRIAC 8A 600V HI TEMP TO-220ABDiscrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
AO4614AMOSFET N/P-CH COMPL 40V 8-SOICDiscrete SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc
UNR9213J0LTRANS NPN W/RES 80 HFE SSMINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
NE85619-T1-ATRANSISTOR NPN 1GHZ SMDDiscrete SemiconductorNEC (VA)
Q6006NH4TPALTERNISTOR 600V 6A TO-263Dis SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
SD300N28PCDIODE FAST REC 2800V 380A DO-9Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
ES3CDIODE FAST 3A 150V SMCDis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
MMBD4448HSDW-TPDIODE SWITCHING 80V 250MA SOT363Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
MJB44H11T4GTRANS PWR NPN 10A 80V D2PAK-3Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MMUN2134LT1TRANS BRT PNP 50V SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
HSMS-286F-BLKGDIODE SCHOTTKY DETECT HF SOT-323Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
RS1D/1DIODE FAST 1A 200V SMADis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
SBR20100CTPDIODE SBR 100V 10A ITO220SDiscrete MOSFETDiodes Inc
BZX85C5V1DIODE ZENER 5.1V 1W DO-41Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BAS70XY,115DIODE SCHOTTKY 70V 6-UMTDiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
PSMN5R0-30YL,115MOSFET N-CH 30V 84A LFPAKDiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
S6040NRPSCR NON-ISOLATED 600V 40A D2 PAKMOSFET SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
BB152,115DIODE VHF VAR CAP 32V SOD323MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
AZ23C6V2-7DIODE ZENER DUAL 6.2V SOT23-3SMD ZENER SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
2SK33720RLJFET N-CH 20V 2MA SSS-MINI-3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
L4008V6TRIAC SENS 400V 8A TO-251MOSFET SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
STPS2L60RLDIODE SCHOTTKY 2A 60V DO-41Discrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics (VA)
BZT52C4V3T-TPDIODE ZENER 4.3V 100MW SOD-523Low-power SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
MMSZ5251B-7DIODE ZENER 22V 500MW SOD-123Low-power SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
2N4376THYRISTOR STUD 1000V 70A TO-94Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
MAC8SDGTHYRISTOR TRIAC 8A 400V T0220ABDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
IPI040N06N3 GMOSFET N-CH 60V 90A TO262-3MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
MMBZ5250ELT1GDIODE ZENER 20V 225MW SOT-23Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor
RSQ035N03TRMOSFET N-CH 30V 3.5A TSMT6Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
1N5263B_T50ADIODE ZENER 56V 500MW DO-35SMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
STX13005-APHTRANS NPN BIPO 400V 3A TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
A6F80DIODE STD REC 800V 6A DO-4Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
110CNQ045APBFDIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 55A D61-8Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
IRFR9014MOSFET P-CH 60V 5.1A DPAKMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
SMPZ3929B-E3/85ADIODE ZENER 1.5W 15V 5% SMPMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
MMBD101LT1DIODE SCHOTTKY 225MW 7V SOT23Discrete MOSFETON Semiconductor (VA)
SS34-E3/57TDIODE SCHOTTKY 3A 40V SMCDiscrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor (VA)
USB260HE3/52TDIODE 2A 600V 30NS UFSMBDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
MMBTA56WT1TRANS DRIVER SS PNP -80V SC70-3MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
ZC830ATADIODE VAR CAP 10PF 25V SOT23-3MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
IRFU9120PBFMOSFET P-CH 100V 5.6A I-PAKMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
STB100NF04T4MOSFET N-CH 40V 120A D2PAKDiscrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
G2SBA60L-E3/51DIODE GPP 1.5A 600V GBLDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
NTLJF3117PT1GMOSFET P-CH 20V 2.3A 6-WDFNDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BZX384-C62,115DIODE ZENER 62V 300MW SOD323SMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
IXFL32N120PMOSFET N-CH 1200V 24A I5-PAKDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
2SCR553PT100TRANSISTOR NPN 50V 2A SOT-89MOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
1SMB5932BT3DIODE ZENER 20V 3W SMBLow-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
MUR1620CTRDIODE ULT FAST 200V 8A TO220ABMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
1N5820-TPDIODE SCHOTTKY 3A 20V DO-201ADDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
MPSA06TRANSISTOR AMP NPN GP TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BAV99LT3GDIODE SWITCH DUAL 70V SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
DMN5L06VK-7MOSFET DUAL N-CHAN 50V SOT-563ZENER SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
BC 847BW E6327TRANSISTOR NPN AF 45V SOT-323MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
EGF1BDIODE FAST GPP 1A 100V SMADis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor (VA)
IXTA180N085T7MOSFET N-CH 85V 180A TO-263-7Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
PDTA115EU,115TRANS PNP W/RES 50V SOT-323Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
1N6004B_T50RDIODE ZENER 15V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
HSMP-3880-BLKGDIODE PIN SWITCH 100V SOT-23Dis SemiconductorAvago Technologies US Inc.
MUN2137T1GTRANS BRT PNP 100MA 50V SC59MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MCR708AT4GTHYRISTOR SCR 4A 600V DPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
30TPS12SCR PHASE CONT 1200V 30A TO247ACMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
MSRD620CTT4DIODE ULTRA FAST 200V 3A DPAKMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
MBR2060CTGDIODE SCHOTTKY 60V 10A TO220ABDiscrete SemiON Semiconductor
BC369TRANSISTOR PNP 20V 1A TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
FQD5P10TFMOSFET P-CH 100V 3.6A DPAKMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
HUFA76432S3STMOSFET N-CH 60V 59A D2PAKMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BAT54AWFILMDIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 0.3A SOT323-3Discrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics (VA)
1N4752A-TPDIODE ZENER 1W 33V DO41MOSFET SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
SMZJ3793B-E3/5BDIODE ZENER 1.5W 15V 5% SMBMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
HSMS-2823-BLKGDIODE SCHOTTKY RF CA 15V SOT-23Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
MMBZ5223BDIODE ZENER 2.7V 350MW SOT-23Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
SA2D-E3/61TDIODE GPP 2A 200V SMADis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
APT75GN60B2DQ3GIGBT 600V 155A 536W TO264Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
MBR2535CTGDIODE SCHOTTKY 35V 30A TO220ABDiscrete MOSFETON Semiconductor
MMSZ5265BT1DIODE ZENER 62V 500MW SOD-123SMD ZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
HSMS-280K-BLKGDIODE SCHOTTKY RF 70V 1A SOT-363Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
US6J2TRMOSFET 2P-CH 20V 1A TUMT6Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
Q8012NH5TPALTERNISTOR 800V 12A TO-263Dis SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
MM5Z15VT1DIODE ZENER 15V 200MW SOD-523MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
Q6008VH3ALTERNISTOR 600V 8A TO-251-VPAKDis SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
MMDT5551-7TRANSISTOR DUAL NPN 160V SOT363MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
BAT 62-07L4 E6433DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 20MA TSLP-4Discrete MOSFETInfineon Technologies
BC 846UPN E6327TRANSISTOR NPN AF 65V SC74MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
MM3Z10VBDIODE ZENER 10V 200MW SOD-323FMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor (VA)
2SK3546G0LMOSFET N-CH 50V .1A SS-MINI-3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
BTA216X-800B,127TRIAC 800V 16A SOT186AMOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BZT52C24S-7DIODE ZENER 24V 200MW SOD-323Low-power SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
IRF7468TRMOSFET N-CH 40V 9.4A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
STK820MOSFET N-CH 25V 21A POLARPAKZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
UNR321600LTRANS NPN W/RES 160 HFE SSS MINIMOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
SK34-TPRECT SCHOTTKY 3A 40V DO-214ABDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
EDZTE6115BDIODE ZENER 15V 150MW SOD523Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
SB580DIODE SCHOTTKY 5A 80V DO-201ADDiscrete SemiFairchild Semiconductor
SI1013X-T1-E3MOSFET P-CH 20V 350MA SC89-3MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
2SB1188T100RTRANSISTOR PNP 32V 2A SO-89Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
PTZTE2516ADIODE ZENER 16V 1W SOD-106MOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
DL5247B-TPDIODE ZENER 500MW 17V MINIMELFDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
BAV74_D87ZDIODE DUAL IN 50V 200MA SOT-23Dis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
1N4742A,113DIODE ZENER 12V 1W DO-41MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
CZRUR52C12DIODE ZENER 12V 150MW 0603Discrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
XN0411300LTRANS ARRAY PNP/PNP W/RES MINI6PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
Q8010LH568ALTERNISTOR 800V 10A ISO TO-220Dis SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
2SK2602(F,T)MOSFET N-CH 600V 6A 2-16C1BZENER SemiconductorToshiba
SMZG3793BHE3/52DIODE ZENER 1.5W 15V 5% SMBMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
1N4594RECTIFIER STUD 1000V 150A DO-8Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
MURS340T3DIODE ULTRA FAST 3A 400V SMCMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
UPS360E3DIODE SCHOTTKY 3A 60V POWERMITE3Discrete MOSFETMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
GI822-E3/545A 200PIV FAST REC DIODE P600Dis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor (VA)
DL4003-TPRECT PASSIVATED 1A 200V SMD MELFDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
IXBT42N170AIC TRANS BIPO 42A 1700V TO-268Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
MMSZ4694T1DIODE ZENER 8.2V 500MW SOD-123SMD ZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
RMB4S-E3/45DIODE FAST .5A 400V TO-269AADis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
FQD11P06TFMOSFET P-CH 60V 9.4A DPAKMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
NTQD6968NR2MOSFET 2N-CH 20V 6.2A 8TSSOPZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MPS751RLRPGTRANSISTOR PNP GP 2A 60V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
APT8DQ60KGDIODE ULT FAST 8A 600V TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
APT6030SVRGMOSFET N-CH 600V 21A D3PAKDiscrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
SI4124DY-T1-GE3MOSFET N-CH D-S 40V 8-SOICMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
UF5400-E3/73DIODE 3A 50V 50NS UFDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
M1MA152WAT1GDIODE SWITCH DUAL CA 80V SC59Discrete SemiON Semiconductor
MUR410DIODE ULTR FAST 4A 100V DO-201ADMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
ALD1105SBLMOSFET 2N+2P 13.2V 14-SOICZENER SemiconductorAdvanced Linear Devices Inc
PIMC31,115TRANS ARRAY NPN/PNP SC-74MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BC337-040GTRANS NPN GP 45V 800MA TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MMDFS6N303R2MOSFET N-CH 30V 6A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
UNR222100LTRANS NPN W/RES 40 HFE MINI-3Discrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
IPP05CN10L GMOSFET N-CH 100V 100A TO220-3ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
MMSD4148T3GDIODE SWITCHING 100V SOD-123Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
MURH860CTDIODE ULTRA FAST 600V 4A TO220ABMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
RJK0349DPA-00#J0MOSFET N-CH 30V 45A WPAKDiscrete SemiconductorRenesas Electronics America
BAV70S,135DIODE ARRAY 100V 250MA SOT363Dis SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
20TQ035PBFDIODE SCHOTTKY 35V 20A TO220ACDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
MAZ42700MFDIODE ZENER 27V 370MW DO-34Low-power SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
R7000804XXUARECTIFIER 800V 450ADiscrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
40L15CWPBFDIODE SCHOTTKY 15V 20A TO247ACDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
UNR5113G0LTRANS PNP W/RES 80 HFE S-MINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
2EZ12D5/12DIODE ZENER 12V 2W DO-41MOSFET SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
30CTH03PBFDIODE FAST REC 300V 15A TO220ABDis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
IXTT36P10MOSFET P-CH 100V 36A TO-268Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
UGB8JCTHE3/45DIODE 8A 600V 25NS DUAL TO263ABDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
2N1916THYRISTOR STUD 400V 70A TO-94Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
8TQ080STRRDIODE SCHOTTKY 80V 8A D2PAKDiscrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
ES3AHE3/57TDIODE 3A 50V 20NS DO-214AB SMCDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
SF164DIODE FAST REC 200V 16A TO220-3Dis SemiconductorDiodes Inc
1N5386BDIODE ZENER 180V 5W T-18MOSFET SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
150LR80ADIODE STD REC 800V 150A DO-30Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
PN5134TRANSISTOR AMP NPN GP TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IXTQ240N055TMOSFET N-CH 55V 240A TO-3PDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
SI5858DU-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH 20V 6A PPAK CHIPFETZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
MRF6S27085HSR3MOSFET RF N-CHAN 28V 20W NI-780SMOSFET SemiconductorFreescale Semiconductor
V8P10HE3/87ADIODE SCHOTTKY 8A 100V SMPCDiscrete SemiVishay/General Semiconductor
BZX55C8V2_T50ADIODE ZENER 8.2V 500MW DO-35SMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
HMPP-389T-TR1DIODE PIN SWITCH 100V 1A MINIPAKDis SemiconductorAvago Technologies US Inc.
NZ9F20VT5GDIODE ZENER 20V 200MW SOT-923Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
NE3510M04-AHJ-FET N-CH 4GHZ M04Discrete SemiconductorNEC
FCX1051ATATRANSISTOR NPN 40VCE 3A SOT-89MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
HSMP-381E-TR2GDIODE PIN ATTENUATOR CA SOT-323Dis SemiconductorAvago Technologies US Inc.
8AF4RPPDIODE STD REC 400V 50A B-47Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
APT30M30LLLGMOSFET N-CH 300V 100A TO-264Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
ZC832ATADIODE VAR CAP 22PF 25V SOT23-3MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
1SMB5942BT3DIODE ZENER 51V 3W SMBSMD ZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
T700043504BYSCR PHASE CTRL MOD 400V 350ADiscrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
FQD13N10TFMOSFET N-CH 100V 10A DPAKZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
DTA124EUA-TPTRANS DGTL PNP 200MW SOT-323Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
BF904AWR,115MOSFET N-CH 7V 30MA SOT143RMOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
2N3391ATRANSISTOR NPN 25V 500MA TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
1N1184DIODE STD REC 100V 35A DO-5Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
PTFA191001E V4 R250IC FET RF LDMOS 100W H-36248-2SMD ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
MMBZ5240ELT1GDIODE ZENER 10V 225MW SOT-23MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
2SK4057-ZK-E1-AYMOSFET N-CH 25V MP-3ZK/TO-252ZENER SemiconductorRenesas Electronics America/NEC
1N963B_T50ADIODE ZENER 12V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
RB721Q-40T-77DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 30MA DO-34 TBDiscrete MOSFETRohm Semiconductor
MMSZ5235BT1GDIODE ZENER 6.8V 500MW SOD-123SMD ZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
IXGA8N100IGBT 1000V 16A TO-263Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
BZT52H-C18,115DIODE ZENER 18V 375MW SOD123FMOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
NTJD4401NT1GMOSFET 2N-CH 20V 630MA SOT-363Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
MMSZ5232BT1GDIODE ZENER 5.6V 500MW SOD-123Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
40EPF04DIODE FAST REC 400V 40A TO-247ACDis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
IXFX30N110PMOSFET N-CH 1100V 30A PLUS247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
BYV32-100HE3/45DIODE UFAST 18A 100V TO-220ABMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
CDZT2R7.5BDIODE ZENER 7.5V 100MW VMN2SMD ZENER SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
SIDC23D60E6YDIODE FAST SWITCHING SAWED WAFERDis SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
SS13HE3/61TDIODE SCHOTTKY 1A 30V SMADiscrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
BZT52C15-TPDIODE ZENER 500MW 15V SOD123Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
1N5232B_T50RDIODE ZENER 5.6V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
HFA06TB120SDIODE HEXFRED 1200V 6A D2PAKDis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
MJW0302AGTRANS PNP 150W 15A 260V TO-247Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SS24/1DIODE SCHOTTKY 2A 40V SMBDiscrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
STD4NK50ZT4MOSFET N-CH 500V 3A DPAKZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
BZX79-C4V3,143DIODE VREG 4.3V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
IRFIB5N65APBFMOSFET N-CH 650V 5.1A TO220FPMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
1N486B_T50ADIODE SS 250V 200MA DO-35Discrete SemiFairchild Semiconductor
SR502-TDIODE SCHOTTKY 20V 5A DO-201ADDiscrete MOSFETDiodes Inc
BZX79C20_T50ADIODE ZENER 20V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
DZ23C43-7DIODE ZENER DUAL 43V SOT23-3SMD ZENER SemiconductorDiodes/Zetex (VA)
MMSZ11T1GDIODE ZENER 11V 500MW SOD-123Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
SIDC56D170E6DIODE FAST SW 1700V 75A WAFERDis SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
SSM3K7002F(T5L,F,T)MOSFET N-CH 60V S-MINIMOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
50WQ04FNDIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 5.5A D-PAKDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
1N5345B-TPDIODE ZENER 5W 8.7V DO-15SMD ZENER SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
STPS20M100SG-TRDIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 20A D2PAKDiscrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics
NTZD3152PT1GMOSFET 2P-CH 20V 430MA SOT-563Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
DPG30C400HBDIODE HFRED 400V 2X15A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
NTB35N15T4GMOSFET N-CH 150V 37A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
FLLD263TADIODE CA PAIR 100V 250MA SOT23-3Dis SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
2KBP01MDIODE BRIDGE 100V 2A KBPMDis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IXFV74N20PMOSFET N-CH 200V 74A PLUS220Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
IRFH5010TRPBFMOSFET N-CH 100V 100A 8-PQFNZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
IRF620SMOSFET N-CH 200V 5.2A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
STPS2L25UFDIODE SCHOTTKY 25V 2A SMBDiscrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
BYD13JGPHE3/54DIODE 1A 600V DO-204ALDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
BAS7004TCDIODE SCHOTTKY DUAL SOT23-3Discrete SemiDiodes/Zetex
MMSZ5252BT1GDIODE ZENER 24V 500MW SOD-123Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
VDZT2R10BDIODE ZENER 10V 100MW VMD2MOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
IHD06N60RAIGBT 600V 12A 88.0W TO252-3SMD ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
SIR892DP-T1-GE3MOSFET N-CH 25V 50A PPAK 8SOICZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
STGB7NB60HDT4IGBT N-CHAN 14A 600V D2PAKZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
BCR 35PN H6327TRANS NPN/PNP DGTL 50V SOT363MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
IRF7316QTRPBFMOSFET DUAL P-CH 30V4.9A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier (VA)
DTC144VKAT146TRANS NPN 50V 30MA SOT-346MOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
L0109NTRPTRIAC SENS 1A 800V SOT223 T/RMOSFET SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors (VA)
PMBFJ175,215MOSFET P-CH 30V 30MA SOT23MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BUT12ATUTRANSISTOR NPN 450V 8A TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
NTB5405NGMOSFET N-CH 40V 116A D2PAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
2N4400TFTRANSISTOR NPN 40V 600MA TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BAS 116 E6327DIODE LOW LEAK 80V 250MA SOT-23Dis SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
US5U1TRMOSFET N-CH 30V 1.5A TUMT5Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
T700063004BYSCR PHASE CTRL MOD 600V 300ADiscrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
EMT1DXV6T5GTRANS PNP GP DUAL 60V SOT-563Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
HMPP-3892-TR2DIODE PIN 100V 1A MINIPAKDis SemiconductorAvago Technologies US Inc.
DPG20C200PBDIODE HFRED 200V 2X10A TO220ABDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
STB200NF04T4MOSFET N-CH 40V 120A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
1PS70SB20,115DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 500MA SC70Discrete MOSFETNXP Semiconductors
BBY 53-03W E6327DIODE TUNING 6V 20MA SOD-323MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
CMH04(TE12L,Q)DIODE HI EFF 200V 1A M-FLATDis SemiconductorToshiba
IRLU9343MOSFET P-CH 55V 20A I-PAKMOSFET SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
DL4734A-TPDIODE ZENER 5.6V 1W GLASS MELFDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
2SA1791JRLTRANS PNP 50VCEO 50MA SSMINI-3Discrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
MAZ43600MFDIODE ZENER 36V 370MW DO-34Low-power SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
NSR0340HT1GDIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 250MA SOD323Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SI7138DP-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH 60V 30A PPAK 8SOICMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
1N5241B_T50RDIODE ZENER 11V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IRF7811ATRMOSFET N-CH 28V 11.4A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
SI3850ADV-T1-E3MOSFET N/P-CH 20V 1.4/.96A 6TSOPZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
1N3212RDIODE STD REC 400V 15A DO-5Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
CDBFR0330DIODE SCHOTTKY SS 350MA 20V 1005Discrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
2SB1209TRANS PNP 400VCEO .1A M TYPEMOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
NZX10D,133DIODE ZENER 500MW 10V SOD27Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
20L15TDIODE SCHOTTKY 15V 20A TO-220ACDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
BC337-APTRANSISTOR NPN 800MA 45V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
SI1912EDH-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH DUAL 20V SC70-6MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
IRF7807D1MOSFET N-CH 30V 8.3A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
IXGX50N60C2D1IGBT 600V 75A FRD TO-247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
IRG4BC40KIGBT UFAST 600V 42A TO-220ABZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
16F80DIODE STD REC 800V 16A DO-4Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
NSVUMC2NT1GTRANSISTOR BRT NPN/PNP SC88ADiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
CDBB320-GDIODE SCHOTTKY 3A 20V DO-214AADiscrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
MA27V1100LDIODE VARIABLE CAP 8V SSS-MINIDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
2SK2376(TE24L,Q)MOSFET N-CH 60V 45A TO-220FLMOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
S10J-TPRECTIFIER SIL 10A 600V DO-214ABDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
IRLU2705PBFMOSFET N-CH 55V 28A I-PAKZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
MBR150RLDIODE SCHOTTKY 50V 1A DO-41Discrete SemiON Semiconductor (VA)
BUB323ZGTRANS DARL NPN 10A 350V D2PAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
IXFV12N80PSMOSFET N-CH 800V 12A PLUS220-SDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
R5101015XXWARECTIFIER 1000V 150A DO-8Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
16FL20S05DIODE FAST REC 200V 16A DO-4Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
BAP51-05W,115DIODE PIN GP 50V 50MA SOT-323Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
BZX84J-C3V9,115DIODE ZENER 3.9V 550MW SC-90Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BDW93CFPTRANSISTOR DARL NPN TO-220FPMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
IPP530N15N3 GMOSFET N-CH 150V 21A TO220-3ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
BAV170DIODE SWITCH 250MW 85V SOT23-3Discrete SemiDiodes Inc (VA)
SI7850DP-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH 60V 6.2A PPAK 8SOICMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
BT138X-800F,127TRIAC 800V 12A SOT186AMOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
HSMP-3895-BLKGDIODE PIN SWITCH 100V SOT-143Dis SemiconductorAvago Technologies US Inc.
RF501PS2STBDIODE FAST REC 200V 5A TSOP8Dis SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
SI4944DY-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH DUAL 30V 9.3A 8-SOICMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
BC184LTRANSISTOR NPN 30V 500MA TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
VBO54-16NO7DIODE BRIDGE 1600V 54A ECO-PAC1Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
TJ120F06J3(TE24L,QMOSFET P-CH 60V 120A TO-220SMMOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
BSS83,235MOSFET N-CH 10V 50MA SOT143ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors