Transistor Discrete Semiconductor

A semiconductor device is one made of silicon or any number of other specially prepared materials designed to exploit the unique properties of electrons in a crystal lattice, where electrons are not as free to move as in a conductor, but are far more mobile than in an insulator. A discrete device is one contained in its own package, not built on a common semiconductor substrate with other components, as is the case with ICs, or integrated circuits. Thus, "discrete semiconductor circuits" are circuits built out of individual semiconductor components, connected together on some kind of circuit board or terminal strip. These circuits employ all the components and concepts explored in the previous chapters, so a firm comprehension of DC and AC electricity is essential before embarking on these experiments
Part Number Description Category Manufacture
1N4761A-TDIODE ZENER 75V 1W DO-41SMD ZENER SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
1N959B_T50RDIODE ZENER 8.2V 500MW DO-35SMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
TDZTR5.6DIODE ZENER 5.6V 500MW TUMD2Low-power SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
STPS30170CWDIODE SCHOTTKY 170V 15A TO247Discrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics
NE68039R-T1TRANS NPN 2GHZ SOT-143RMOSFET SemiconductorNEC (VA)
RJP020N06T100MOSFET N-CH 60V 2A SOT-89Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
SI4330DY-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH DUAL 30V 8-SOICMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
RB400D-TPDIODE SCHOTTKY 500MA 40V SOT23-3Discrete SemiMicro Commercial Co
BZX585-C62,115DIODE ZENER 62V 300MW SOD523Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
SMBJ5363B-TPDIODE ZENER 5W 30V SMBDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
IXTA90N055T2MOSFET N-CH 55V 90A TO-263Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
HSMP-3863-TR1GDIODE PIN GP 50V LOW COST SOT-23Dis SemiconductorAvago Technologies US Inc.
1N5366BGDIODE ZENER 39V 5W AXIALLow-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor
IXTA152N085TMOSFET N-CH 85V 152A TO-263Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
IRFS11N50AMOSFET N-CH 500V 11A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
EGP20BDIODE FAST GPP 2A 100V DO-15Dis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IXKP10N60C5MMOSFET N-CH 600V 5.4A TO220ABFPDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
MMSZ7V5ET1DIODE ZENER 7.5V 500MW SOD-123SMD ZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
1N750ADIODE ZENER 4.7V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
MMBT 3904 LT3TRANSISTOR NPN 40V 200MA SOT-23MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
MM3Z7V5ST1DIODE ZENER 7.5V 200MW SOD-323SMD ZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SIB412DK-T1-GE3MOSFET N-CH 20V 9A SC75-6ZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
BC817-25,215TRANS NPN GP 500 45V SOT23Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
MTP3055VMOSFET N-CH 60V 12A TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BUJD105AD,118TRANS NPN 700V 8A TO252MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
STTH208DIODE ULTRA FAST 800V 2A DO-15MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
RB450FT106DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 100MA SOT323Discrete MOSFETRohm Semiconductor
IXTT74N20PMOSFET N-CH 200V 74A TO-268Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
CPH3348-TL-EMOSFET P-CH 12V 3A CPH3MOSFET SemiconductorSANYO Semiconductor (U.S.A) Corporation (VA)
L0107NTRPTRIAC SENS 1A 800V SOT223 T/RMOSFET SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors (VA)
1N5265BDO35E3DIODE ZENER 62V 500MW DO-35Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group
MMUN2212LT1TRANS BRT NPN 100MA 50V SOT23MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
ES2C-E3/52TDIODE ULTRA FAST 2A 150V SMBMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
STPS20SM100SFPDIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 20A T0-220FPDiscrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics
BZT52C10T-TPDIODE ZENER 100MW 10V SOD-523Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
APT8020B2FLLGMOSFET N-CH 800V 38A T-MAXDiscrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
ES1CHE3/5ATDIODE 1A 150V 15NS DO-214ACDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
BC857,235TRANSISTOR PNP 45V 100MA SOT23MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BAT160A,115DIODE SCHOTTK DUAL 60V 1A SOT223Discrete MOSFETNXP Semiconductors
DSS5240V-7TRANS BIPOLAR PNP -40V SOT-563MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
MAC12HCMTHYRISTOR TRIAC 12A 600V TO220ABDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MMBTA55LT1TRANS DRIVER SS PNP 60V SOT23MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
2KBP08M-E4/51DIODE BRIDGE 2A 800V 1PH 4SIPDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
2N3904GTRANS SS NPN GP 40V 200MA TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
80CNQ040DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 40A D61-8Discrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
ESH1PC-E3/85ADIODE 1A 150V DO-220AA SMPDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
IXTP110N055T2MOSFET N-CH 55V 110A TO-220Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
HUF75343P3MOSFET N-CH 55V 75A TO-220ABZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BTA412Y-600C,127TRIAC 600V 12A TO220AB-3Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
IPP100N08N3 GMOSFET N-CH 80V 70A TO220-3MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
1N5222BDIODE ZENER 2.4V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
A25FR120DIODE AVALANCHE 1200V 25A DO-4Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
SI4386DY-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH 30V 11A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
UF1007-TDIODE ULTRA FST SW 1000V 1A DO41MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
IMB3AT110TRANS DUAL PNP 50V 100MA SOT-457MOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
PHP20NQ20T,127MOSFET N-CH 200V 20A SOT78ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BFR 193W H6327TRANS RF NPN 12V 80MA SOT323MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
AO4425MOSFET P-CH -38V -14A 8-SOICDiscrete SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc
STP40NS15MOSFET N-CH 150V 40A TO-220ZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
52CPQ030PBFDIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 25A TO247ACDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
MAZ31500MLDIODE ZENER 15V 200MW MINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
NTHS5441T1GMOSFET PWR P-CH 3.9A 20V CHIPFETMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
MP685-E3/54DIODE 1A 600V STD DO-41Dis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
ZM4759A-13DIODE ZENER 62V 1W SMD MELFSMD ZENER SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
UF4007-TPDIODE ULT FAST 1A 1000V DO-41Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
1N4728A-TPDIODE ZENER 1W 3.3V DO41MOSFET SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
NTD4906NAT4GMOSFET N-CH 30V 54A SGL DPAK-4ZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
IRF7807VD2MOSFET N-CH 30V 8.3A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
MUN5115DW1T1GTRANS BRT PNP DUAL 50V SOT-363Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BC857CLT1TRANS PNP LP 100MA 45V SOT23MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BAV21_T26ADIODE GEN PURP 250V 200MA DO-35Dis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
NYC0102BLT1GSCR REVERSE BLOCK THY SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MM5Z4V7T1GDIODE ZENER 4.7V 200MW SOD-523Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor
STTH8R06FPDIODE ULT FAST 8A 600V TO220FPACMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
STPS40H100CWDIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 20A TO-247Discrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics
BAT54TW-TPDIODE SCHOTTKY ARRAY 30V SOT-363Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
BB 833 E6433DIODE VAR CAP 30V 20MA SOD-323MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
SD101CW-13DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 400MW SMDDiscrete MOSFETDiodes Inc (VA)
HAT2165HMOSFET N-CH 30V 55A LFPAKZENER SemiconductorRenesas Electronics America
IXGR60N60C2IGBT 600V 75A ISOPLUS247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
MPS3646RLRATRANSISTOR SW NPN 15V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
2SK3758(Q,M)MOSFET N-CH 500V 5A TO-220ABZENER SemiconductorToshiba
TPCA8107-H(TE12LQMMOSFET P-CH 40V 7.5A SOP-8 ADVMOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
NTD4863N-35GMOSFET N-CH 25V 9.2A IPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
EDZTE616.2BDIODE ZENER 6.2V 100MW SOD523 TRSMD ZENER SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
CZRER52C5V6DIODE ZENER 5.6V 150MW 0503Discrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
BYQ28EB-200HE3/45DIODE UFAST DUAL 100V TO-263ABMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
SUM110N06-3M9H-E3MOSFET N-CH 60V 110A D2PAKMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
1N5343BRLGDIODE ZENER 7.5V 5W AXIALSMD ZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
MBRF2045CTGDIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 10A TO-220FPDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
FMMTA14TATRANS DARL NPN 30V 300MA SOT23-3MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
BZX84-C22,215DIODE ZENER 22V 250MW SOT23Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
IRL1004LPBFMOSFET N-CH 40V 130A TO-262ZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
BZX585-C33,115DIODE ZENER 33V 300MW SOD523Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
ZVP2106ASTOBMOSFET P-CHAN 60V TO92-3MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes/Zetex
EGL41D/1DIODE FAST 1A 200V DO-213ABDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
BAS70-7DIODE SCHOTTKY 70V 200MW SOT23-3Discrete SemiDiodes Inc (VA)
1N4935RLGDIODE FAST REC 1A 200V DO41Dis SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
HSMS-286C-TR2GDIODE SCHOTTKY DETECT HF SOT-323Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
IXGT28N120BIGBT 1200V 40A TO-268(D3)Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
2SJ360(F)MOSFET P-CH 60V 1A SC-62MOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
UNR9212J0LTRANS NPN W/RES 60 HFE SSMINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
1N5236BTRDIODE ZENER 7.5V 500MW DO-35SMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
2N5485_D27ZIC AMP RF N-CHAN 25V 10MA TO-92SMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IRF3515SMOSFET N-CH 150V 41A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
SI2302-TPMOSFET N-CH 20V 3A SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
MURS360HE3/9ATDIODE 3A 600V 50NS UF DO214ABDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
MAZ40330MFDIODE ZENER 3.3V 370MW DO-34Low-power SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
MBR20200CTDIODE SCHOTTKY 200V 10A TO220ABDiscrete MOSFETON Semiconductor
BC237BGTRANSISTOR NPN 45V 100MA TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
2EZ10D5DIODE ZENER 10V 2W DO-41MOSFET SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
SPP20N60S5MOSFET N-CH 650V 20A TO-220ABMOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
FQPF10N50CFMOSFET N-CH 500V 10A TO-220FZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BAW56WT1DIODE SWITCH DUAL CA 70V SOT323Discrete SemiON Semiconductor (VA)
UNR5114G0LTRANS PNP W/RES 80 HFE S-MINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
SI7994DP-T1-GE3MOSFET N-CH DL 30V PWRPAK 8-SOICMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
UDZSTE-175.6BDIODE ZENER 5.6V 200MW SOD-323Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
MMSZ4711ET1DIODE ZENER 27V 500MW SOD-123Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MAZ80560MLDIODE ZENER 5.6V 150MW S-MINI 2PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
IRL3714SMOSFET N-CH 20V 36A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
UMD2NTRTRANS NPN/PNP 50V 30MA SOT-363MOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
MRF6VP2600HR5MOSFET RF N-CH 50V NI-1230MOSFET SemiconductorFreescale Semiconductor
R7012203XXUARECTIFIER 2200V 300ADiscrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
SI1051X-T1-GE3MOSFET P-CH 8V 1.2A SC89-6MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
SI6423DQ-T1-GE3MOSFET P-CH 12V 8.2A 8-TSSOPMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
UNR221N00LTRANS NPN W/RES 80 HFE MINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
BAV99W,135DIODE DUAL 100V 150MA H-S SC-70Dis SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
MMBZ5238BLT1GDIODE ZENER 8.7V 225MW SOT-23SMD ZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
150K60ADIODE STD REC 600V 150A DO-8Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
CZRFR52C2V4DIODE ZENER 2.4V 200MW 1005Discrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
TPC8111(TE12L,Q,M)MOSFET P-CH 30V 11A SOP8 2-6J1BMOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
MAC4DCM-001THYRISTOR TRIAC 4A 600V DPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
NZX6V8A,133DIODE ZENER 6.8V 500MW DO-35SMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
MA2C8400BFDIODE VARIABLE CAP 32V DO-34MOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
1N1189DIODE STD REC 500V 35A DO-5Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
1N4936RLDIODE FAST REC 1A 400V DO41Dis SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
40L15CTSDIODE SCHOTTKY 15V 20A D2PAKDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
IXTK180N15PMOSFET N-CH 150V 180A TO-264Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
BZX84C18DIODE ZENER 18V 350MW SOT-23MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
PZU18B2A,115DIODE ZENER 18V 320MW SOD-323MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
SM5819PL-TPDIODE SCHTKY 1A 40V POWERLITE123Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
MJD122GTRANS DARL NPN 8A 100V DPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
STTA1206GDIODE TURBO 12A 600V D2PAKMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
3EZ10D5GDIODE ZENER 10V 3W DO-41MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
DZ23C7V5-7DIODE ZENER DUAL 7.5V SOT23-3SMD ZENER SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
CDBA260-GDIODE SCHOTTKY 2A 60V DO-214ACDiscrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
1SMA5927BT3GDIODE ZENER 12V 1.5W SMADiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
UMA7NTRTRANS DUAL PNP 50V 100MA SOT-353MOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
BD682STUTRANSISTOR PNP 100V 4A TO-126MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
Z0107MN,135TRIAC 600V 1A SOT-223Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
XP0653400LTRANS ARRAY NPN/NPN SMINI-6Discrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
2950048DIN RAIL 4 DIODE MODULEDis SemiconductorPhoenix Contact
PBSS4240DPN,115TRANS NPN/PNP 40V 1.35A SC-74Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
NZ9F12VT5GDIODE ZENER 12V 200MW SOT-923Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
ZMV830ATCDIODE VARACTOR 25V SOD323MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes/Zetex
BYR29-800,127DIODE RECT 800V 8A SOD59Discrete MOSFETNXP Semiconductors
CMZ33(TE12L,Q)DIODE ZENER 33V 2W M-FLATLow-power SemiconductorToshiba
IRF820ASMOSFET N-CH 500V 2.5A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
SSC53L-E3/57TDIODE SCHOTTKY 5A 30V SMCDiscrete SemiVishay/General Semiconductor (VA)
FQP7N20LMOSFET N-CH 200V 6.5A TO-220ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BAT 54-05 B5003DIODE SCHTKY CC 30V 200MA SOT-23Discrete SemiInfineon Technologies (VA)
IRF840ASTRRPBFMOSFET N-CH 500V 8A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
IRF644NSMOSFET N-CH 250V 14A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
MMSZ4706DIODE ZENER 19V 500MW SOD-123MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
TPC6101(TE85L)MOSFET P-CH 20V 4.5A VS-6MOSFET SemiconductorToshiba (VA)
HUF76445S3SMOSFET N-CH 60V 75A D2PAKMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
EMH6T2RTRANS DUAL NPN 50V 30MA EMT6MOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
PEMD12,315TRANS ARRAY NPN/PNP SOT-666MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
111CNQ045ADIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 55A D-61Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
HSMP-4810-BLKGDIODE PIN ATTENUATOR HF SOT-23Dis SemiconductorAvago Technologies US Inc.
2SD12800SLTRANS NPN 20VCEO 1A MINI PWRDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
APT10050B2VFRGMOSFET N-CH 1000V 21A T-MAXDiscrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
12FL20S02DIODE FAST REC 200V 12A DO-4Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
1N4747A,113DIODE ZENER 20V 1W DO-41Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
IRFI624GMOSFET N-CH 250V 3.4A TO220FPZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
1N3267RECTIFIER STUD 400V 160A DO-9Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
BC368GTRANSISTOR NPN 20V 1A TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BAT54CWT-TPDIODE SCHOTTKY 30V DL CC SOT-323Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
HSMS-2813-TR1GDIODE SCHOTTKY GP LN 20V SOT-23Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
FDZ375PMOSFET P-CH 20V WLCSP 1X1MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
2N3904_J61ZTRANSISTOR NPN 40V 200MA TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
PDTA144TE,115TRANS PNP W/RES 50V SOT-416Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
NJW21193GTRANS PNP 16A 250V 200W TO-3PDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
NTHD2102PT1MOSFET 2P-CH 8V 3.4A CHIPFETZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
FEP30HP-E3/45DIODE 30A 500V 50NS DUALDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
T835H-6GTRIAC 8A 600V HI TEMP D2PAKDiscrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
NTD5862NT4GNFET 60V 102A 6MOHM DPAK-3MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BLF6G38-10,112IC WIMAX 3.8GHZ 2-LDMOSTDiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
RSS040P03TBMOSFET P-CH 30V 4A 8-SOICDiscrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
NE68830-ATRANS NPN 2GHZ SOT-323MOSFET SemiconductorNEC
MCR72-6TTHYRISTOR SCR 8A 400V TO220ABDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
1N4731A-TPDIODE ZENER 1W 4.3V DO41MOSFET SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
PZU10B2,115DIODE ZENER 10V 310MW SOD323FMOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
SI4660DY-T1-GE3MOSFET N-CH 25V 23.1A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
NZ9F8V2T5GDIODE ZENER 8.2V 200MW SOT-923Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
W06GRECT BRIDGE 600V 1.5A GPP WOGMOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc
BCX 56-16 E6433TRANSISTOR NPN AF 80V SOT-89MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
DSEI8-06ASDIODE FRED 600V 8A TO-263ABDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
IRFH3702TR2PBFMOSFET N-CH 30V 16A PQFN33ZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier (VA)
APT4016SVFRGMOSFET N-CH 400V 27A D3PAKDiscrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
MBRS260T3DIODE SCHOTTKY 60V 2A SMBDiscrete SemiON Semiconductor
SMP1322-005LFDIODE RF PIN 50V 250MW SOT23Discrete MOSFETSkyworks Solutions Inc
HFA160MD40DDIODE HEXFRED 400V 142A TO-244ABDis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
BTB16H-600BW3GTRIAC 16A 600V TO-220ABDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
PDTA123TU,115TRANS PNP W/RES 50V SOT-323Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BZX84C27LT1GDIODE ZENER 27V 225MW SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
IXGC16N60B2IGBT FAST B2 600V 28A ISOPLUS220Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
BSC050N04LS GMOSFET N-CH 40V 85A TDSON-8ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
UP0421600LTRANS ARRAY NPN/NPN SS MINI-6PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
1SMB5926BT3GDIODE ZENER 11V 3W SMBDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
2SD1407A-O(F)TRANS NPN 100V 5A 2-10R1AMOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
MMSZ4680T1GDIODE ZENER 2.2V 500MW SOD-123Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
CSD10030ADIODE SCHOTTKY 300V 10A TO220-2Discrete MOSFETCree Inc
1N968B_T50RDIODE ZENER 20V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BZT52C20-7DIODE ZENER 20V 500MW SOD-123Low-power SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
IRF7739L2TR1PBFMOSFET N-CH 40V 375A DIRECTFETZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
APT6029SFLLGMOSFET N-CH 600V 21A D3PAKDiscrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
PDTB123EK,115TRANS PNP W/RES 50V SC-59ADiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
300HFR40PDIODE STD REC 400V 300A DO-9Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
FFPF05U120STTUDIODE ULT FAST 1200V 5A TO-220FMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BD436TRANS PNP EPITAX 4A 32V SOT-32MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
MMBZ5231BS-7DIODE ZENER DUAL 5.1V SOT-363SMD ZENER SemiconductorDiodes Inc
BS170RLRPMOSFET N-CH 60V 500MA TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
36MT60RECT BRIDGE 3-PHA 600V 35A D-63MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
BZX384-B5V1,115DIODE ZENER 5.1V 300MW SOD323Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
Q6008LH4ALTERNISTOR 600V 8AMP TO-220ABDis SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
HUF75339P3MOSFET N-CH 55V 75A TO-220ABZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BCP51-16,135TRANSISTOR PNP 45V 1A SOT223MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BAS16LT1DIODE SWITCH 200MA 75V SOT23Discrete SemiON Semiconductor (VA)
2N4401_D11ZTRANSISTOR NPN 40V 600MA TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
SMBT 3904PN E6327TRANSISTOR ARRAY NPN/PNP SOT-363MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
VBE17-12NO7DIODE BRIDGE FAST 1200V ECO-PAC1Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
IXGH20N100IGBT 1000V 40A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
STB50NF25MOSFET N-CH 250V 45A D2PAKDiscrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
1N4153TRDIODE 75V 200MA DO35Dis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
1N5398GPHE3/54DIODE GPP 1.5A 800V DO-204ACDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
2SB14630RLTRANS PNP 150VCEO 50MA SSMINI 3PMOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
SI1022R-T1-GE3MOSFET N-CH 60V 330MA SC-75AMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
ZMV931TADIODE VAR CAP 14.5PF 12V SOD-323MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
HSMS-281K-BLKGDIODE SCHOTTKY GP LN 20V SOT-363Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
BZX84C24-7DIODE ZENER 24V 350MW SOT23-3Low-power SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
1N4056RRECTIFIER STUD 1000V 275A DO-9Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
PMEG2005EH,115SCHOTTKY RECT 20V 0.5A SOD123FDiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
FQB70N08TMMOSFET N-CH 80V 70A D2PAKMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
ON5174,118MOSFET RF SOT426 D2PAKMOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
MUN5236T1TRANS BRT NPN 100MA 50V SOT323MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BF422RL1GTRANS NPN GP SS 250V 50MA TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
11DQ03DIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 1.1A DO-41Discrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
AOD456AMOSFET N-CH 25V 50A TO-252Discrete SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc
IXTY5N50PMOSFET N-CH 500V 4.8A TO-252AADiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
2SA216300ATRANS PNP 20VCEO 30MA ML3-N2Discrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
BTA208-600D,127TRIAC 600V 8A TO220ABMOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
HFA06TB120STRLDIODE HEXFRED 1200V 6A D2PAKDis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
BSP373 E6327MOSFET N-CH 100V 1.7A SOT-223ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
BAV23S-7DIODE SWITCH 200V 350MW SOT23-3Discrete SemiDiodes Inc (VA)
UPS540E3DIODE SCHOTTKY 5A 40V POWERMITE3Discrete SemiMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
MAZ80910MLDIODE ZENER 9.1V 150MW S-MINI 2PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
SR1606CDIODE SCHOTTKY BARRIER 60V 16ADiscrete SemiDiodes Inc
NTMFS4119NT1GMOSFET N-CHAN 18A 30V SO8 FLDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
2SC2705-O(TE6,F,M)TRANS NPN 150V 50MA TO-92MODMOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
PBSS302PZ,135TRANS PNP 20V 5.5A SOT-223Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
IXGT40N60B2IGBT 600V 75A TO-268Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
STX616-APTRANS POWER NPN 500V TO-92APDiscrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
BZX84-C6V2,215DIODE ZENER 6.2V 250MW SOT23Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
RDN100N20FU6MOSFET N-CH 200V 10A TO-220FNZENER SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
STPS40150CTDIODE SCHOTTKY 150V 20A TO220ABDiscrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics
BC847BV-TPTRANSISTOR NPN 45V 100MA SOT563Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
BAY73TRDIODE HI COND 125V 500MA DO-35Dis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BAV99-TPDIODE ARRAY 75V 200MA SOT23Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
STB20NM60DMOSFET N-CH 600V 20A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
HMPP-3892-TR1DIODE PIN SWITCH 100V 1A MINIPAKDis SemiconductorAvago Technologies US Inc.
VDZT2R6.2BDIODE ZENER 6.2V 100MW VMD2SMD ZENER SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
400UR160DDIODE STD RECVRY 1600V 400A DO-9Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
UNR9118J0LTRANS PNP W/RES 20 HFE SSMINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
DTA143TM3T5GTRANS PNP 50V 100MA 4.7K SOT-723Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BZX55C20_T26ADIODE ZENER 20V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
CS29-08IO1CTHYRISTOR PHASE 800V ISOPLUS220Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
CA3083ZTRANSISTOR ARRAY NPN 16-PDIPDiscrete SemiconductorIntersil
BAV70TT1GDIODE SWITCH DUAL 70V SC75-3Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
DMA202010RTRANS PNP/PNP 50V 100MA MINI5MOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
SD300R16PVDIODE STD REC 1600V 380A DO-9Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
MMXZ5246B-TPDIODE ZENER 200MW 16V SOD323Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
RSS125N03TBMOSFET N-CH 30V 12.5A 8-SOICDiscrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
BAR 64-04W H6327DIODE RF PIN 150V 100MA SOT323Discrete MOSFETInfineon Technologies
MMBT2222LT3TRANS NPN GP 30V 600MA SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SBR8215E3DIODE SCHOTTKY 80A 15V DO5Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group
112RKI80SCR PHASE CON 800V 110A TO-94MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
VF30150C-E3/4WDIODE SCHTKY DL 150V 15A TO220-3Discrete SemiVishay/General Semiconductor
1N4732AP/TR8DIODE ZENER 4.7V 1W DO-41Low-power SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group
SPW07N60CFDMOSFET N-CH 650V 6.6A TO-247MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
DTD123TKT146TRANS NPN 50V 500MA SOT-346MOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
APT15GT120BRGIGBT 1200V 36A 250W TO247Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
NTD4809N-1GMOSFET N-CH 30V 9A IPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BCX 56 E6327TRANSISTOR NPN AF 80V SOT-89MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
2SA1576AT106RTRANSISTOR PNP 50V 0.15A SOT-323Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
HSMP-3862-TR1GDIODE PIN GP 50V LOW COST SOT-23Dis SemiconductorAvago Technologies US Inc.
BYV32-200-E3/45DIODE UFAST 18A 200V TO-220ABMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
BAS31,215DIODE AVAL SW 90V 250MA SOT-23Dis SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
MAZR08200ADIODE ZENER 8.2V 100MW LEADLESSSMD ZENER SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
STPS10L60CFPDIODE SCHOTTKY 60V 2X5A TO220FPADiscrete SemiSTMicroelectronics
AT-32033-TR1GIC TRANS NPN BIPOLAR SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorAvago Technologies US, Inc. (VA)
MMSZ5230BT1DIODE ZENER 4.7V 500MW SOD-123Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
MBR745-E3/45DIODE SCHOT 7.5A 45V SGL TO220-2Discrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
BAR 65-02L E6327DIODE RF SGL 30V 100MA TSLP-2Discrete MOSFETInfineon Technologies
BUL3N7TRANSISTOR FAST NPN MV TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
MBRD360T4GDIODE SCHOTTKY 60V 3A DPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
MBR150DIODE SCHOTTKY 50V 1A DO-41Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
BYVB32-200-E3/45DIODE UFAST 18A 200V TO-263ABMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
30CPQ150PBFDIODE SCHOTTKY 150V 15A TO247ACDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
ATP404-TL-HMOSFET N-CH 60V 95A ATPAKMOSFET SemiconductorSANYO Semiconductor (U.S.A) Corporation (VA)
STPS2H100RLDIODE SCHOTTKY 2A 100V DO-41Discrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics
HUF76423D3SMOSFET N-CH 60V 20A DPAKMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BZX84C8V2-7DIODE ZENER 8.2V 350MW SOT23-3SMD ZENER SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
FDU8586MOSFET N-CH 20V 35A I-PAKZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IXTA160N075TMOSFET N-CH 75V 160A TO-263Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
1N5820DIODE SCHOTTKY 20V 3A DO201ADDiscrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics (VA)
IRL3502STRRMOSFET N-CH 20V 110A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
2N3390TRANSISTOR NPN 25V 500MA TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
GL41JHE3/96DIODE 1A 600V STD MELFDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
UNR311100LTRANS PNP W/RES 35 HFE SSSMINI-3MOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
2SK4069-ZK-E1-AYMOSFET N-CH 25V MP-3ZK/TO-252ZENER SemiconductorRenesas Electronics America/NEC
APT50M65LFLLGMOSFET N-CH 500V 67A TO-264Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
MMBZ5255ELT1DIODE ZENER 28V 225MW SOT-23Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SI4908DY-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH DUAL 40V 5A 8-SOICMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
ALD1105PBLMOSFET 2N+2P 13.2V 14PDIPZENER SemiconductorAdvanced Linear Devices Inc
BF1212R,215MOSFET N-CH DUAL GATE 6V SOT143RDiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
1N4749A-TPDIODE ZENER 1W 24V DO41MOSFET SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
2SC3937G0LTRANS NPN 10VCEO 80MA SMINI-3MOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
SS110-TPDIODE SCHOTTKY 1A 100V SMADiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
BZV55-C12,135DIODE ZENER 12V 500MW SOD80CMOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
IRF7750MOSFET 2P-CH 20V 4.7A 8-TSSOPZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
STP20NM60AMOSFET N-CH 650V 20A TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
FMMT558TATRANS PNP 400V 150MA HV SOT23-3MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
BF423ZL1GTRANS PNP GP SS 250V 50MA TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
CRNB15-1200PTDIODE RECT 15A 1200V TO-220ABDiscrete MOSFETCrydom Co.
2SC46060STRANS NPN 80VCEO .5A M TYPEMOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
2EZ4.7D5DIODE ZENER 4.7V 2W DO-41Low-power SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
R6030435ESYARECTIFIER FST REC 400V 350A DO9Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
BUL44GTRANS NPN SW 400V 2A TO-220ABDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
UC3610NG4IC SCHOTTKY DIODE BRIDGE 8-DIPSMD ZENER SemiconductorTexas Instruments
NTD60N03-001MOSFET N-CH 28V 60A TO-251AZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SI5902BDC-T1-GE3MOSFET N-CH 30V 1206-8ZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
TPS1120DRMOSFET 2P-CH 15V 1.17A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorTexas Instruments (VA)
IRFB4110PBFMOSFET N-CH 100V 120A TO-220ABZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
FJH1102DIODE ULTRA LOW LEAK 250MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
3SMBJ5931B-TPDIODE ZENER 3W 18V SMBLow-power SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
RCX100N25MOSFET N-CH 250V 10A TO-220FMZENER SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
V20120SG-E3/4WDIODE SCHOTTKY 20A 120V TO-220ABDiscrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
BF861B,215JFET N-CHAN 25V SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
NTK3134NT5GMOSFET N-CH 20V 750MA SOT-723Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
1N5401-GDIODE RECTIFIER 3A 100V DO-201ADDiscrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
IRLR3714TRLPBFMOSFET N-CH 20V 36A DPAKZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
FFB05U120STMDIODE FAST 1200V 5A TO-263Dis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
XP0B30100LTRANS ARRAY PNP/NPN SMINI-5PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
IRF644SPBFMOSFET N-CH 250V 14A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
STF2NK60ZMOSFET N-CH 600V 1.4A TO-220FPZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
DPG60C300PCDIODE HFRED 300V 2X30A TO-263Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
SB550-E3/51DIODE SCHOTTKY 5A 50V DO-201ADDiscrete SemiVishay/General Semiconductor
30EPH06DIODE UFAST 600V 30A TO-247MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
MMDF3N02HDR2MOSFET P-CH 20V 3.8A 8-SOICDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
NTHD4401PT3GMOSFET 2P-CH 20V 2.1A CHIPFETDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
MJD2955T4TRANS PWR PNP 10A 60V DPAKMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
UNR211400LTRANS PNP W/RES 80 HFE MINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
APT20M18B2VFRGMOSFET N-CH 200V 100A T-MAXDiscrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
RHRP1560DIODE HYPER 600V 15A TO-220ACDis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
MMBZ5225BLT1DIODE ZENER 3V 225MW SOT-23Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
25F120DIODE STD REC 25A 1200V DO-4Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
CRNB25-1200DIODE RECT 25A 1200V TO-220ABDiscrete MOSFETCrydom Co.
2N5462GIC AMP JFET SS P-CH 40V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
STPS8H100GDIODE SCHOTTKY 8A 100V D2PAKDiscrete SemiSTMicroelectronics
FFA40U60DNTUDIODE ULTRA FAST 600V 40A TO-3PMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BAS16TW-7-FDIODE SW ARRAY 75V 200MW SC70-6Discrete SemiDiodes Inc (VA)
IPI50R399CPMOSFET N-CH 560V 9A TO-262ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
SIDC06D120F6DIODE FAST SWITCH 1200V 5A WAFERDis SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
MMBZ5256ELT1GDIODE ZENER 30V 225MW SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MPSA05RLRMGTRANS NPN GP BIPO LP 60V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SGSD200TRANSISTOR DARL PNP COMPL TO-247MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
NTD4854N-1GMOSFET N-CH 25V 15.7A IPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BZX79-B18,113DIODE ZENER 18V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
DMG2301U-7MOSFET P-CH 20V 2.5A SOT23MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
12FR20DIODE STD REC 200V 12A DO-4Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
CFRA107-GDIODE FAST REC 1A 1000V DO-214ACDiscrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
BZX284-C11,115DIODE ZENER 11V 400MW SOD110MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
ZC832BTADIODE VAR CAP 22PF 25V SOT23-3MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
FMA3AT148TRANS DUAL PNP 50V 100MA SMT5 TRMOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
APT50M50L2LLGMOSFET N-CH 500V 89A TO-264MAXDiscrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
IRFU9024MOSFET P-CH 60V 8.8A I-PAKMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
1N5364BRLGDIODE ZENER 33V 5W AXIALLow-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
AO6400MOSFET N-CH 30V 6.9A 6-TSOPDiscrete SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc
2SK3762(Q,M)MOSFET N-CH 900V 2.5A TO-220ABMOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
APT4014SVFRGMOSFET N-CH 400V 28A D3PAKDiscrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group