Transistor Discrete Semiconductor

A semiconductor device is one made of silicon or any number of other specially prepared materials designed to exploit the unique properties of electrons in a crystal lattice, where electrons are not as free to move as in a conductor, but are far more mobile than in an insulator. A discrete device is one contained in its own package, not built on a common semiconductor substrate with other components, as is the case with ICs, or integrated circuits. Thus, "discrete semiconductor circuits" are circuits built out of individual semiconductor components, connected together on some kind of circuit board or terminal strip. These circuits employ all the components and concepts explored in the previous chapters, so a firm comprehension of DC and AC electricity is essential before embarking on these experiments
Part Number Description Category Manufacture
STPS30H60CRDIODE SCHOTTKY 60V 2X15A I2PAKDiscrete SemiSTMicroelectronics
APT5016BFLLGMOSFET N-CH 500V 30A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
1N6007BDIODE ZENER 20V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
CZRF52C16DIODE ZENER 16V 200MW 1005MOSFET SemiconductorComchip Technology (VA)
SI5403DC-T1-GE3MOSFET P-CH 30V 6A 1206-8MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
BCR 48PN E6327TRANSISTOR ARRAY NPN/PNP SOT-363MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
PDTC144VT,215TRANS NPN W/RES 50V SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
ZM4737A-13DIODE ZENER 7.5V 1W SMD MELFSMD ZENER SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
2N5953AMP RF N-CHAN 30V TO-92Dis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
Q2012LH2ALTERNISTOR 200V 12A ISO TO220Dis SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
1N5279BDO35DIODE ZENER 180V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
BZX84C2V7TADIODE ZENER 2.7V 350MW SOT23-3Low-power SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
SI5445BDC-T1-E3MOSFET P-CH 8V 5.2A 1206-8MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
MJD6039T4GTRANS DARL NPN 4A 80V DPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BFT25A,215TRANS NPN 5V 5GHZ SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
BZX884-C33,315DIODE ZENER 33V 250MW SOD882Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
L4008D6TPTRIAC SENS 400V 8A TO-252MOSFET SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
16TTS12STRRSCR PHASE CONT 1200V 16A D2PAKMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
BSS139 L6327MOSFET N-CH 250V 100MA SOT-23ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
BZX79-B36,133DIODE VREG 36V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BAY73_T50RDIODE HI COND 125V 500MA DO-35Dis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
PBSS305NX,115TRANS NPN 80V 4.6A SOT-89Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
SM5818PL-TPDIODE SCHTKY 1A 30V POWERLITE123Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
STU60N3LH5MOSFET N-CH 30V 48A IPAKDiscrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
IKP04N60TIGBT 600V 8A 42W TO220-3ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
40L15CTDIODE SCHOTTKY 15V 20A TO-220ABDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
BCX51,115TRANSISTOR PNP 45V 1A SOT89MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
MMBZ5231BDIODE ZENER 5.1V 350MW SOT-23Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
MRF8P20160HSR5DISCRETE RF FETSMD ZENER SemiconductorFreescale Semiconductor
APT10086BVRGMOSFET N-CH 1000V 13A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
UG06D/54DIODE MINI FAST .6A 200V MPG06Dis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
MAZS047GMLDIODE ZENER 4.7V 150MW SS MINIDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
MBRA120LT3DIODE SCHOTTKY 20V 1A SMADiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MBRS240LT3GDIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 2A SMBDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
FQB1N60TMMOSFET N-CH 600V 1.2A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
R6002030XXYARECTIFIER 2000V 300A DO-9Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
GPP20K-E3/73DIODE 2A 800V SMC DO-15Dis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
SI7818DN-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH 150V 2.2A 1212-8ZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
STPS3150DIODE SCHOTTKY 3A 150V DO-201ADDiscrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics
BZT52C13T-TPDIODE ZENER 13V 100MW SOD-523MOSFET SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
PUMB11,115TRANS PNP/PNP 50V 100MA SOT363MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
AO4456MOSFET N-CH 30V 20A 8-SOICDiscrete SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc
1N4736A PDIODE ZENER 6.8V 1W DO-41SMD ZENER SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
AO4480MOSFET N-CH 40V 14A 8-SOICDiscrete SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc
NTD32N06GMOSFET N-CH 60V 32A DPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SD253R16S20PVDIODE FAST REC 1600V 250A DO-9Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
DCP53-13TRANS PNP BIPO DC GAIN SOT-223MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes/Zetex (VA)
PBSS3515E,115TRANSISTOR PNP 15V SOT416MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BZX884-B9V1,315DIODE ZENER 9.1V 250MW SOD882SMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
NGP15N41CLIGBT N-CHAN 15A 410V TO220ABZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
STTH3R02QDIODE ULT FAST 200V 3A DO-15MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
IXTQ82N25PMOSFET N-CH 250V 82A TO-3PDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
BZT52H-C24,115DIODE ZENER 24V 375MW SOD123FLow-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
RB411VA-50TRDIODE SCHOTTKY 50V 500MA TUMD2Discrete SemiRohm Semiconductor
HSMS-2805-TR1GDIODE SCHOTTKY RF 70V 1A SOT-143Discrete SemiconductorAvago Technologies US, Inc. (VA)
15CTQ035STRRDIODE SCHOTTKY 35V 7.5A D2PAKDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
MMBF5460LT1JFET P-CHAN 40V SOT23ZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
ST36BRPDIAC 34-38 VOLTS SMT DO-214AADis SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors (VA)
MAC9DTHYRISTOR TRIAC 8A 400V TO220ABMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BYM10-400/1DIODE FAST 1A 400V DO-213ABDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
FMMT618TATRANS HP NPN 20V 2500MA SOT23-3MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
BAT17,235DIODE SCHOTTKY 4V 30MA SOT-23Discrete SemiNXP Semiconductors
MUR450PFGDIODE ULTR FAST 4A 520V DO-201ADMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
IRFS3607TRLPBFMOSFET N-CH 75V 80A D2PAKMOSFET SemiconductorInternational Rectifier (VA)
1N3290RADIODE STD REC 300V 100A DO-8Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
CRZ43(TE85L)DIODE ZENER 43V 700MW 3-2A1ALow-power SemiconductorToshiba (VA)
PN2907BUTRANSISTOR AMP PNP SS GP TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IXFT16N120PMOSFET N-CH 1200V 16A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
IRF7331MOSFET 2N-CH 20V 7A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
2N5550_D26ZTRANSISTOR NPN 140V 600MA TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IXTY1N100PMOSFET N-CH 1000V 1A TO-252Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
1N748ADIODE ZENER 3.9V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
SI7106DN-T1-GE3MOSFET N-CH 20V 12.5A 1212-8ZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
BCR 10PN B6327TRANSISTOR ARRAY DGTL AF SOT-363MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
SMAZ5930B-E3/5ADIODE ZENER 1.5W 16V 5% SMAMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
BZX284-B3V6,115DIODE ZENER 3.6V 400MW SOD110Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BC847BPDW1T1GTRANS NPN/PNP DUAL 45V SOT-363Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BZX55C20_T50ADIODE ZENER 20V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
STTH3006PIDIODE ULTRA FAST 600V 30A DOP3IMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
SI1050X-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH 8V 1.34A SOT563FMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
MM3Z5V1T1DIODE ZENER 5.1V 200MW SOD-323Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
MMBT4403T-7TRANSISTOR PNP -40V SOT-523MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
MUN5111T1GTRANS BRT PNP 100MA 50V SOT-323Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MMSZ5260BT1DIODE ZENER 43V 500MW SOD-123Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
30CPQ150DIODE SCHOTTKY 150V 15A TO-247ACDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
AOL1424MOSFET N-CH 30V 70A ULTRA SO-8Discrete SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc
APT5518BFLLGMOSFET N-CH 550V 31A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
DSEC60-03ADIODE HFRED 300V 30A TO-247ADDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
12F40B BN R RDIODE 400V 12A COM CATHODE DO-4Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors (VA)
S2010LSCR NON-SENS 200V 10A ISO TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
MBR60L45WTGDIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 30A TO-247Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SI5463EDC-T1-E3MOSFET P-CH 20V 3.8A 1206-8MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
IRFR010TRLMOSFET N-CH 50V 8.2A DPAKZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
MMBZ5230BLT1DIODE ZENER 4.7V 225MW SOT-23Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
AO3401AMOSFET P-CH -30V -4.3A SOT23Discrete SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc
HSMS-2863-TR1GDIODE SCHOTTKY DETECT HF SOT-23Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
SI7636DP-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH 30V 17A PPAK 8SOICZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
BDP 949 E6327TRANSISTOR NPN AF 60V SOT-223MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
BC847BT-TPTRANS SS NPN 45V 100MA SOT-523Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
1N5711#T25DIODE SCHOTTKY SINGLE 70V AXIALDiscrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
MB158W-BPRECT BRIDGE 15A 800V WIRE LEADSMOSFET SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
CGH40045FTRANS 45W RF GAN HEMT 440193 PKGDiscrete SemiconductorCree Inc
MMBZ5254BW-7DIODE ZENER 27V 200MW SC70-3Low-power SemiconductorDiodes/Zetex (VA)
GBJ1001RECT BRIDGE GPP 100V 10A GBJMOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc
MBR120LSFT1GDIODE SCHOTTKY 20V 1A SOD-123FLDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
IXTA1N100MOSFET N-CH 1000V 1.5A TO-263Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
IRF840LCPBFMOSFET N-CH 500V 8A TO-220ABZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
UB30BCT-E3/4WDIODE 30A 100V 25NS DUALDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
C702CBTHYRISTOR DC 3200V 1000A TO200ABDiscrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
MCR8DCMT4THYRISTOR SCR 8A 600V DPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
STPS340UDIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 3A SMBDiscrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics (VA)
30CTQ045-1DIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 15A TO262Discrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
IXTH88N15MOSFET P-CH 150V 88A TO-247ADDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
BST52TATRANS DARL NPN 80V 500MA SOT-89MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
APT8056SVFRGMOSFET N-CH 800V 16A D3PAKDiscrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
2SA207700LTRANS PNP 45VCEO 100MA MINI-3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
PDTA114ET,215TRANS PNP W/RES 50V SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
DSEI12-10ADIODE FRED 1000V 12A TO-220ACDis SemiconductorIXYS
GP30A-E3/54DIODE 3A 50V STD SMCDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
MBR750HE3/45DIODE SCHOT 7.5A 50V SGL TO220-2Discrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
BZX884-C68,315DIODE ZENER 68V 250MW SOD882Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
PMBTA56,235TRANS PNP 80V 500MA SOT23MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BC848ALT1GTRANS NPN LP 100MA 30V SOT23Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
PZU8.2B,115DIODE ZENER 8.2V 310MW SOD323FSMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
SMAJ5922B-TPDIODE ZENER 1.5W 7.5V SMAMOSFET SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
MJE340GTRANS PWR NPN .5A 300V TO225AAMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
PMEG6010CEJ,115SCHOTTKY RECT 60V 1A SOD323FDiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
XN0121400LTRANS ARRAY NPN/NPN W/RES MINI5PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
HSMS-282N-BLKGDIODE SCHOTTKY RF QD 15V SOT-363Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
50SQ080DIODE SCHOTTKY 80V 5A DO-204ARDiscrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
BZT52C20S-TPDIODE ZENER 200MW 20V SOD323Low-power SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
STB200NF03T4MOSFET N-CH 30V 120A D2PAKZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
MMBZ5243BW-7DIODE ZENER 13V 200MW SC70-3MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
PMR780SN,115MOSFET N-CH 60V 0.55A SOT416MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
PZM2.7NB2A,115DIODE ZENER 2.7V 300MW SOT346Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BT136X-600D,127TRIAC 600V 4A SOT186AMOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
MUN5113DW1T1GTRANS BRT PNP DUAL 50V SOT-363Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
TPCF8B01(TE85L,F,MMOSFET P-CH SBD 20V 2.7A 2-3U1CMOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
BTA312X-600C,127TRIAC 600V 12A TO-220FDiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BC856A-TPTRANSISTOR PNP 100MA 65V SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
BCP56-16,135TRANSISTOR NPN 80V 1A SOT223MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
STGD3NB60SDT4IGBT N-CHAN 6A 600V DPAKZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
SI5943DU-T1-E3MOSFET DUAL P-CH 12V 6A 8PWRPAKZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
SI7224DN-T1-GE3MOSFET N-CH DL 30V PWRPAK 1212-8MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
80-6063DIODE 200V 40A COM ANODE DO-5Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
IRF8915PBFMOSFET 2N-CH 20V 8.9A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
STTH5L06DDIODE ULT FAST 5A 600V TO-220ACMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
IXFV96N15PSMOSFET N-CH 150V 96A PLUS220-SDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
APT26F120LMOSFET N-CH 1200V 26A TO-264Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
L0109MTRP4TRIAC SEN 1A 600V 10MA SOT223 TRDiscrete SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
TK80A08K3(Q)MOSFET N-CH 75V 80A TO-220FMOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
FQP32N20C_F080MOSFET N-CH 200V 28A TO-220ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
VF20100SG-E3/45DIODE SCHOTTKY 20A 100V ITO220ABDiscrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
DMN2040LTS-13MOSFET 2N-CH 20V 6.7A 8TSSOPZENER SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
BZX79-B5V1,113DIODE ZENER 5.1V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
CLH05(TE16L,Q)DIODE HI EFF 200V 5A L-FLATDis SemiconductorToshiba
MURB1520DIODE ULTRAFAST 200V 15A D2PAKMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
BLF6G27-135,112IC WIMAX 2.7GHZ SOT502ADiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BAS 70-02L E6327DIODE SCHOTTKY 70V 70MA TSLP-2Discrete SemiInfineon Technologies
MBRS130T3GDIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 1A SMBDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
8EWF04STRLDIODE FAST REC 400V 8A D-PAKDis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
DSEP29-06ADIODE 600V 30A TO220ACDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
ZXTP2008ZTATRANS PNP LO SAT 30V 5.5A SOT89MOSFET SemiconductorZetex Inc (VA)
IRF7805ATRMOSFET N-CH 30V 13A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
BUJ100,412TRANS NPN 700V 1A TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
IRF7304MOSFET 2P-CH 20V 4.3A 8-SOICZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
BAR43AFILMDIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 100MA SOT-23Discrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics (VA)
BZX84C15W-7DIODE ZENER 15V 200MW SC70-3MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
MJ11030GTRANS DARL NPN 50A 90V TO-3Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BZT52C39-13DIODE ZENER 39V 500MW SOD-123Low-power SemiconductorDiodes Inc
SI4943CDY-T1-GE3MOSFET P-CH DUAL 20V 8A 8-SOICMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
BUK9610-55A,118MOSFET N-CH 55V 75A SOT404ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
KSA916YTATRANSISTOR PNP 120V 800MA TO-92LMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
STTH3010PIDIODE ULT FAST 1000V 30A DOP3IMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
SMAJ4753A-TPDIODE ZENER 1W 36V SMADiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
BZX55C18DIODE ZENER 18V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
1N5392DIODE GEN PURP 100V 1.5A DO-15Dis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IDV05S60CDIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 5A TO220Discrete SemiInfineon Technologies
STGP3NC120HDIGBT N-CH 1200V 7A TO-220ZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
EC4406C-TL-HMOSFET N-CH 60V 0.2A ESCP1008-4MOSFET SemiconductorSANYO Semiconductor (U.S.A) Corporation (VA)
90SQ030DIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 9A DO-204ARDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
6TQ045PBFDIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 6A TO220ACDiscrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
MBRF10L60CTGDIODE SCHOTTKY 60V 5A TO220-3Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
EGP30CDIODE FAST GPP 3A 150V DO-201ADDis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
25CTQ045DIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 15A TO-220ABDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
KSA1174PTATRANSISTOR PNP 120V 50MA TO-92SMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
1N4755A PDIODE ZENER 43V 1W DO-41Low-power SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
FES16DTRDIODE FAST 16A 200V NEG TO220ACDis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
UP0331200LTRANS ARRAY NPN/PNP SSMINI-5PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
6FLR40S02DIODE FAST REC 400V 6A DO-4Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
OT374,118THYRISTOR GP SOT428DPAKMOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
UNR521100LTRANS NPN W/RES 35 HFE S-MINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
BZX55C39DIODE ZENER 39V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
PZU22B3,115DIODE ZENER 22V 310MW SOD323FLow-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
SPP80P06P GMOSFET P-CH 60V 80A TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
PMEG6002TV,115SCHOTTKY RECT 60V .2A SS-MINIDiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
SK35B-TPDIODE SCHOTTKY 3A 50V SMBDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
APT30M36LFLLGMOSFET N-CH 300V 84A TO-264Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
NS2029M3T5GIC TRANS PNP GP 50V SOT-723Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
GF501DIODE GEN PUR PL 3A 100V DO201ADDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
BZX79-C8V2,113DIODE ZENER 8.2V 500MW DO-35SMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
BZX79-C33,113DIODE ZENER 33V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
TPC6104(TE85L,F,M)MOSFET P-CH 20V 4.5A VS6 2-3T1AMOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
UP0339400LTRANS ARRAY NPN/PNP SS MINI-5PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
BZX585-B10,115DIODE ZENER 10V 300MW SOD523MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BAT54S-7DIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 200MW SOT23-3Discrete MOSFETDiodes Inc (VA)
NTD4809NAT4GMOSFET N-CH 30V 9A DPAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MMBFJ310LT1JFET SS N-CHAN 25V SOT23ZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
UNR42160RATRANS NPN W/RES 210 HFE NS-B1MOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
US6M1TRMOSFET N+P 30,20V 1A TUMT6Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
GBO25-12NO1RECT BRIDGE 1PH 1200V SIPDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
HFA08TA60CPBFDIODE HEXFRED 600V 4A TO220ABDis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
TPC8213-H(TE12LQ,MMOSFET N-CH DUAL 60V 5A SOP8 2-6MOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
30BQ015TRPBFDIODE SCHOTTKY 15V 3A SMCDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors (VA)
BZV85-C18,113DIODE ZENER 18V 1.3W DO-41MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
US1D-E3/61TDIODE ULTRA FAST 1A 200V SMAMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor (VA)
IRF644NPBFMOSFET N-CH 250V 14A TO-220ABZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
MM3Z5V6ST1DIODE ZENER 5.6V 200MW SOD-323Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
STTH1210DIDIODE ULT FAST 1000V 12A TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
DTC144TUA-TPTRANS DGTL NPN 200MW SOT-323Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
IXGR120N60BIGBT FAST 600V 156A ISOPLUS247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
MRFG35003M6T1MOSFET RF 3.5GHZ 3W 6V 1.5-PLDMOSFET SemiconductorFreescale Semiconductor
BD681STRANSISTOR NPN 100V 4A TO-126MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
MURB1660CTT4GDIODE ULTRA FAST 8A 600V D2PAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
VF30100S-E3/45DIODE SCHOTTKY 30A 100V ITO220ABDiscrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
SS14T3GDIODE SCHOTTKY POWER 1A 40V SMADiscrete SemiON Semiconductor (VA)
1N5360BGDIODE ZENER 25V 5W AXIALLow-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BZX79-C8V2,133DIODE ZENER 8.2V 500MW DO-35SMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
FYPF2045DNTUDIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 20A TO-220FDiscrete MOSFETFairchild Semiconductor
RGP15KHE3/73DIODE GPP 1.5A 800V 500NS DO-15Dis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
1N5256A (DO-35)DIODE ZENER 30V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
ST303C10CFK0SCR PHASE CONT 1000V 620A E-PUKMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
IXTU55N075TMOSFET N-CH 75V 55A TO-251Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
1N4004GPDIODE GPP GEN PURP 400V 1A DO41Dis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
MUN5215T1GTRANS BRT NPN 100MA 50V SOT-323Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SI7374DP-T1-E3MOSFET N-CH 30V 24A PPAK 8SOICZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
DZ2J033M0LDIODE ZENER 3.3V 200MW SMINI2Low-power SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
MAZ8390GMLDIODE ZENER 39V 150MW SMINI-2Discrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
CMZ12(TE12L,Q)DIODE ZENER 12V 2W M-FLATMOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
FR1M-13-FDIODE FAST REC 1A 1000V SMBDis SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
PDTD123YS,126TRANS NPN 50V 500MA SOT54MOSFET SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
MJ15002TRANS PWR PNP 15A 140V TO-3Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SDMG0340LS-7DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 200MW SC70-3Discrete MOSFETDiodes Inc (VA)
NTTFS4840NTAGMOSFET N-CH 30V 4.6A 8WDFNZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SP8M6FU6TBMOSFET N/P-CH 30V 5A/3.5A 8SOICZENER SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
1N914A_T50RDIODE HI CONDUCTANCE 100V DO-35Dis SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
HFA08TB60SDIODE HEXFRED 600V 8A D2PAKDis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
IXTL2X200N085TMOSFET N-CH 85V ISOPLUS I5-PAKDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
1N5230BDIODE ZENER 4.7V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
BZX585-B7V5,115DIODE ZENER 7.5V 300MW SOD523SMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
NTB60N06LGMOSFET N-CH 60V 60A D2PAKDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
2N5401TRANS SS PNP 150V 600MA TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
1N3262RRECTIFIER STUD 150V 160A DO-9Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
PMWD26UN,518MOSFET N-CH TRENCH DL 20V 8TSSOPDiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
1N4755ADIODE ZENER 43V 1W DO-41Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
1N3210DIODE STD REC 200V 15A DO-5Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
MAZ20560A0GDIODE ZENER 5.6V 1W DO-41Low-power SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
FQPF13N50TMOSFET N-CH 500V 12.5A TO-220FZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IXGH30N120BD1IGBT 1200V 50A FRD TO-247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
RB480KTLDIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 0.1A SOT-343Discrete SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
2SK2614(TE16L1,Q)MOSFET N-CH 50V 20A SC-64ZENER SemiconductorToshiba
TPCS8008-H(TE12L,QMOSFET N-CH 250V 1.7A 8-TSSOPZENER SemiconductorToshiba
BF959RL1TRANS RF NPN 20V 100MA TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
VI10150S-E3/4WDIODE SCHOTTKY 10A 150V TO-262AADiscrete MOSFETVishay/General Semiconductor
SR1602CDIODE SCHOTTKY BARRIER 20V 16ADiscrete SemiDiodes Inc
HSMS-280M-BLKGDIODE SCHOTTKY RF QUAD 70V SOT23Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
BSC054N04NS GMOSFET N-CH 40V 81A TDSON-8ZENER SemiconductorInfineon Technologies (VA)
BAT 54-04 E6327DIODE SCHTKY SER 30V 200MA SOT23Discrete SemiInfineon Technologies (VA)
MA4X160A0LDIODE SWITCH 80V 100MA MINI-4Discrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
P300G-E3/54DIODE GEN PURP 3A 400V TO-201ADDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
IDV03S60CDIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 3A TO220-2Discrete SemiInfineon Technologies
IXGH24N170IGBT 1700V 50V TO-247ADDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
UNR221200LTRANS NPN W/RES 60 HFE MINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
SI7116DN-T1-GE3MOSFET N-CH 40V 10.5A 1212-8ZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
1N5367BRLGDIODE ZENER 43V 5W AXIALLow-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SI4500BDY-T1-E3MOSFET N/P-CH HALF BRG 20V 8SOICZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
UPS3100E3DIODE SCHOTTKY 3A 100V PWRMITE3Discrete MOSFETMicrosemi Commercial Components Group (VA)
HSMS-2812-TR1DIODE SCHOTTKY GP 20V 1A SOT-23Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
IRF5810MOSFET 2P-CH 20V 2.9A 6TSOPZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
BAS 140W E6327DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 120MA SOT-323Discrete MOSFETInfineon Technologies
IXSX80N60BIGBT 600V 80A SCSOA PLUS 247Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
T810-600B-TRTRIAC 8A 10MA 600V DPAKMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics (VA)
XP0111900LTRANS ARRAY PNP/PNP W/RES S MINIDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
NTA7002NT1GMOSFET N-CH 30V 154MA SOT-416Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
Q6004D3RPTRIAC 600V 4A SMT GATE TO-252AAMOSFET SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors (VA)
MAZ251000GDIODE ZENER 51V 1W DO-41SMD ZENER SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
C180MTHYRISTOR STUD 600V 150A TO-93Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
SMBJ5345B-TPDIODE ZENER 5W 8.7V SMBDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
DRA2114E0LTRANS PNP W/RES 50V 100MA MINI3MOSFET SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
SS9012HBUTRANSISTOR PNP 20V 500MA TO-92MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
SS5P3-E3/87ADIODE SCHOTTKY 5A 30V SMPCDiscrete SemiVishay/General Semiconductor
PZM3.6NB2A,115DIODE ZENER 3.6V 300MW SOT346Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
NTHD5904NT1GMOSFET N-CH 20V 2.5A CHIPFETDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BZT52C13S-TPDIODE ZENER 200MW 13V SOD323Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
BAS16TT1GDIODE SS SW 75V 200MA SC75-3Discrete SemiON Semiconductor
BAS16XV2T1DIODE SWITCH 200MA 75V SOD523Discrete SemiON Semiconductor (VA)
KSC2073H1TUTRANSISTOR NPN 150V 1.5A TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
HSMS-280K-TR1GDIODE SCHOTTKY RF 70V 1A SOT-363Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
DTC124EUAT106TRANS NPN 50V 30MA SOT-323MOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor(VA)
HFA3102BZ96IC TRANS ARRAY DUAL NPN 14-SOICDiscrete SemiconductorIntersil (VA)
MMSZ3V0T1GDIODE ZENER 3V 500MW SOD-123Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor
UNR511L00LTRANS PNP W/RES 20 HFE S-MINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
MMBT3906-7-FTRANS PNP 40V 300MW SMD SOT23-3MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
1N3274RECTIFIER STUD 1200V 160A DO-9Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
MMBZ5245ELT1DIODE ZENER 15V 225MW SOT-23MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
NSS40600CF8T1GTRANSISTOR PNP 6A 40V 8CHIPFETDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
CMH02(TE12L,Q)DIODE HI EFF 400V 3A M-FLATDis SemiconductorToshiba
DSEI60-10ADIODE FRED 1000V 60A TO-247ADDis SemiconductorIXYS
1N5227B-TDIODE ZENER 3.6V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorDiodes Inc (VA)
BUL1203EFPTRANS NPN HV FAST 550V TO-220FPMOSFET SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
MURHS160T3GDIODE ULT FAST 1A 600V SMBDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BYD77D,115DIODE AVAL GPP 2A 200V SOD87Dis SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
AO4468MOSFET N-CH 30V 11.6A 8-SOICDiscrete SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc
1N5333BRLGDIODE ZENER 3.3V 5W AXIALLow-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
UNR5210G0LTRANS NPN W/RES 160HFE S-MINI 3PDiscrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG
LX807METRIAC SENS 600V 0.8A TO92MOSFET SemiconductorLittelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors
CURC307-GDIODE ULT FAST 3A 1000V DO-214ABDiscrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
PTZTE256.2BDIODE ZENER 6.2V 1W SOD-106SMD ZENER SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
2N6045TRANS DARL NPN 8A 100V TO220ABMOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor
SI5435BDC-T1-GE3MOSFET P-CH 30V 4.3A 1206-8MOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
PZM30NB,115DIODE ZENER 30V 300MW SOT346Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
STPS1545CGDIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 7.5A D2PAKDiscrete SemiSTMicroelectronics
1N5993B_T50RDIODE ZENER 5.1V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
10TQ045STRRDIODE SCHOTTKY 45V 10A D2PAKDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
MURS360S-E3/5BTDIODE 3A 600V 50NS UF DO214ABDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
GI916-E3/54DIODE 3A 600V 750NS SMCDis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
IRFR9120TRRMOSFET P-CH 100V 5.6A DPAKMOSFET SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
AO4404BMOSFET N-CH 30V 8.5A 8-SOICDiscrete SemiconductorAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc
DDTA143ZCA-7TRANS PREBIAS PNP 200MW SOT23-3MOSFET SemiconductorDiodes Inc
FQD7N20TFMOSFET N-CH 200V 5.3A DPAKZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
FDW2502PMOSFET P-CH DUAL 20V 4.4A 8-TSSOMOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
1N5998BDIODE ZENER 8.2V 500MW DO-35SMD ZENER SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
T510025004AQSCR PHASE CTRL MOD 200V 50ADiscrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
MB1510W-BPRECT BRIDGE 15A 1000V WIRE LEADSMOSFET SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
IXTP100N04T2MOSFET N-CH 40V 100A TO-220Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
BAP50LX,315DIODE SILICON PIN SOD-882TDiscrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
IRLIZ34NPBFMOSFET N-CH 55V 22A TO220FPZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
1N4732A-TPDIODE ZENER 1W 4.7V DO41MOSFET SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
BZX284-C6V8,115DIODE ZENER 6.8V 400MW SOD110SMD ZENER SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
NTD60N03T4MOSFET N-CH 28V 60A DPAKZENER SemiconductorON Semiconductor
1N6014BDIODE ZENER 39V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
NSBC114EDXV6T1TRANS BRT NPN DUAL 50V SOT563MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
CDBB180-GDIODE SCHOTTKY 1A 80V DO-214AADiscrete SemiconductorComchip Technology
DL5246B-TPDIODE ZENER 500MW 16V MINIMELFDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
APT15GP90BGIGBT 900V 43A 250W TO247Discrete SemiconductorMicrosemi Power Products Group
AZ23C5V1-TPDIODE ZENER DUAL 5.1V SOT-23SMD ZENER SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
BZX55C16_T26ADIODE ZENER 16V 500MW DO-35MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
GPP20A-E3/54DIODE 2A 50V SMC DO-15Dis SemiconductorVishay/General Semiconductor
STPS41H100CRDIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 2X20A I2PAKDiscrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics
BZX79-B2V4,113DIODE ZENER 2.4V 500MW DO-35Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
IXTQ110N055PMOSFET N-CH 55V 110A TO-3PDiscrete SemiconductorIXYS
PZM4.3NB,115DIODE ZENER 4.3V 300MW SOT346Low-power SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
70HFR160DIODE STD REC 1600V 70A DO-5Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
IRGB30B60KPBFIGBT 600V 78A TO220ABZENER SemiconductorInternational Rectifier
2N7002DW-TPMOSFET 2N-CH 60V 115MA SOT-363Discrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co (VA)
SP8M7FU6TBMOSFET N/P-CH 30V 5A/7A 8SOICZENER SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
STV200N55F3MOSFET N-CH 55V 200A POWERSO-10ZENER SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
MMUN2216LT1TRANS BRT NPN 100MA 50V SOT23MOSFET SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
R7011803XXUARECTIFIER 1800V 300ADiscrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
KBP206G-BPIC BRIDGE RECT 2A 600V GBPDiscrete SemiconductorMicro Commercial Co
1PS181,115DIODE 80V 215MA HI-SPEED SC-59Dis SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors
BC307BTRANSISTOR PNP 45V 100MA TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MUN2114T1GTRANS BRT PNP 100MA 50V SC-59Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BC487BRL1TRANSISTOR NPN 60V 0.5A TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
KSC2335YTUTRANSISTOR NPN 400V 7A TO-220MOSFET SemiconductorFairchild Semiconductor
IXFK21N100QMOSFET N-CH 1000V 21A TO-264Discrete SemiconductorIXYS
1N5402RLDIODE STD REC 3A 200V DO201ADDiscrete SemiON Semiconductor (VA)
BDX53CTRANS DARL NPN 100V 8A TO-220ABDiscrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
BBY 51 E6327DIODE TUNING 7V 20MA SOT-23MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies
MMSZ5225BT1DIODE ZENER 3V 500MW SOD-123Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
MBR840RLDIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 8A DO201ADDiscrete MOSFETON Semiconductor
43CTQ100DIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 20A TO-220ABDiscrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
HSMS-2852-TR1DIODE SCHOTTKY DETECT 2V SOT-23Discrete SemiAvago Technologies US Inc.
PDTA115ET,215TRANS PNP W/RES 50V SOT-23Discrete SemiconductorNXP Semiconductors (VA)
STPS30L30CG-TRDIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 15A D2PAKDiscrete MOSFETSTMicroelectronics (VA)
MMBT2907AWT1GTRANS GP SS PNP 60V SOT323Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
TDZTR10BDIODE ZENER 10V 500MW TUMD2MOSFET SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
70HAR60DIODE AVALANCHE 600V 70A DO-5Dis SemiconductorVishay/Semiconductors
SIS414DN-T1-GE3MOSFET N-CH 30V 1212-8 PPAKZENER SemiconductorVishay/Siliconix
BAT54T1GDIODE SCHOTTKY DET/SW 30V SOD123Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor (VA)
STL75NH3LLMOSFET N-CH 30V 20A POWERFLAT6X5Discrete SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
ZHCS1006TADIODE SCHOTTKY 60V 1.0A SOT23-3Discrete SemiZetex Inc (VA)
C380MX500THYRISTOR DSC 600V 310A TO200ABDiscrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
2N3904ZL1GTRANS SS NPN GP 40V 200MA TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
81CNQ040DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 40A D61-8Discrete MOSFETVishay/Semiconductors
UDZSTE-1724BDIODE ZENER 24V 200MW SOD-323Low-power SemiconductorRohm Semiconductor
1N4055RECTIFIER STUD 900V 275A DO-9Discrete SemiconductorPowerex Inc
MAC97A6RL1THYRISTOR TRIAC .6A 400V TO-92Discrete SemiconductorON Semiconductor
MMSZ4717T1GDIODE ZENER 43V 500MW SOD-123Low-power SemiconductorON Semiconductor
2SA1987-O(Q)TRANSISTOR PNP 230V 15A TO-3MOSFET SemiconductorToshiba
300UR20AMADIODE STD REC 200V 300A DO-9Discrete SemiVishay/Semiconductors
2SK34260TLJFET N-CH 20V 2MA SSSMINI-3Discrete SemiconductorPanasonic - SSG (VA)
BBY 53-02V E6327DIODE TUNING 6V 20MA SC-79MOSFET SemiconductorInfineon Technologies