IC(Integrated Circuits) Integrated Circuits (ICs)

we are good at hard to find ,and military IC, and specialize in many brands
Part Number Description Category Manufacture
NCP502SN30T1GIC REG LDO 180MA 3.0V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
S-80142BLMC-JE3T2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 100MS SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
SY89429VJZ TRIC SYNTHESIZER FREQ PROGR 28PLCCIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
TS27L2BCDTIC OP AMP DUAL PREC 10UA 8-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
SC2443MLTRTIC DUAL SYNC STP-DN CTRLR 24MLPQIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Semtech
MT45W8MW16BGX-708 WT TRIC PSRAM 128MBIT 70NS 54VFBGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micron Technology Inc (VA)
IS42S32160A-75B-TRIC SDRAM 512MBIT 133MHZ 90BGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
M95080-RMB6TGIC EEPROM 8KBIT 5MHZ 8UFDFPNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
IS42S81600D-6TL-TRIC SDRAM 128MBIT 166MHZ 54TSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
M95010-RMN6PIC EEPROM 1KBIT 5MHZ 8SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
S-80843CNNB-B84T2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 4.3V SC-82ABIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
TDA7465$IC PROCESSOR AUDIO DGTL 42-SDIPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
LD39150DT25-RIC REG ULDO 1.5A 2.5V DPAKIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
MIC2225-4KYMT TRIC REG SYNC BUCK 1.2/2.6V 10TMLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
PCA9538PW,118IC I/O EXPANDER I2C 8B 16TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors (VA)
CAT25020LI-GIC EEPROM 2KBIT 10MHZ 8DIPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
VN920SO13TRIC SSR HIGHSIDE 1CH 16-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
MIC2211-GOYML TRIC REG LDO DUAL 3X3 10-MLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc (VA)
MIC5255-2.6YM5 TRIC REG LDO 150MA 2.6V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc (VA)
M27C512-90C1TRIC OTP 512KBIT 90NS 32PLCCIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
S-1121B50MC-N3JTFGIC REG LDO 150MA 5.0V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
CS2300P-CZZIC CLK MULT FRACT-N W/LCO 10MSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Cirrus Logic Inc
KA336Z25BUIC SHUNT REG PROGR PREC TO-92Integrated Circuits (ICs)Fairchild Semiconductor
ST62T25CM6/TRIC MCU 8BIT W/ADC 28-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
M28W320FCT70N6EIC FLASH 32MBIT 70NS 48TSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Numonyx/ST Micro
S-1200B33-I6T2GIC REG LDO 150MA 3.3V SNT-6AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
SC16C852LIB,157IC UART DUAL W/FIFO 48-LQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors
ST72F623F2M1TRIC MCU 8BIT 8K FLASH 20-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
SY10E155JZ TRIC MUX-LATCH 6BIT 2:1 28-PLCCIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
VN31IC SSR HIGHSIDE PENTAWATT5 VERTIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
FMS6145MTC14XIC DRIVER VIDEO FLTR 5CH 14TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Fairchild Semiconductor (VA)
S-1701N1815-U5T1GIC DETECT/REG 400MA 1.8V SOT89-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
NCV551SN14T1GIC REG LDO 1.4V CMOS SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
74ACT257MTRIC MULTIPLEXER QUAD 2-CH 16-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics (VA)
S-80944CLMC-G7ET2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 4.4V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-817B15AY-B-GIC REG LDO 20MA 1.5V TO-92Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-8241ACXMC-GCXT2GIC LI-ION BATT PROTECT SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
LM2931AD33RIC REG VLDO 100MA 3.3V SO-8Integrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
TC7WH157FU(TE12L,F)IC MULTIPLEXER DIGITAL SM8Integrated Circuits (ICs)Toshiba (VA)
M29DW323DT70ZE6EIC FLASH 32MBIT 70NS 48TFBGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Numonyx/ST Micro
S-814A30AMC-BCUT2GIC REG LDO 110MA 3.0V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
74AUP1G86GM,115IC 2-IN EXCLUSIVE-OR GATE 6-XSONIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors (VA)
74LVC1G66GM,115IC SWITCH SPST 6XSONIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors
NCV4264ST33T3GIC REG LDO 100MA 3.3V SOT-223Integrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
ETC5057D-X/HIC SERIAL CODEC/FILTER SO-16WIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
S-80813CNPF-B9RTFGIC VOLT DETECTOR 1.3V SNT-4AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
IS62WV5128BLL-55BI-TRIC SRAM 4MBIT 55NS 36MBGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
BD9006F-E2IC REG SW FLEXIBLE STEPDOWN 8SOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Rohm Semiconductor
M95080-WMN6TPIC EEPROM 8KBIT 10MHZ 8SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
IS61DDB41M36-250M3IC SRAM 36MBIT 250MHZ 165FBGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
S-817A60APF-CVXTFGIC REG LDO 75MA 6V SNT-4AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
TOP260YNIC OFFLINE SWIT PROG OVP TO220Integrated Circuits (ICs)Power Integrations
CAT5113LI-00-GIC POT DIGITL 100K 100TAP 8DIPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
NLX1G98BMX1TCGIC CONFIG MULTIPLE FUNCT 6ULLGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
S-80132ANMC-JCRT2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 50MS SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
ISP1582BSUMIC USB PERIPH CONTROLLER 56HVQFNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ST-Ericsson Inc (VA)
S-1112B43PI-L7CTFGIC REG LDO 150MA 4.3V SNT-6AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
NCV4264-2ST33T3GIC REG LDO 100MA 3.3V SOT-223Integrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
MC10EP142MNGIC SHIFT REGISTER 9BIT ECL 32QFNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
IS61NLP51236-200B3LI-TRIC SRAM 18MBIT 200MHZ 165FBGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
IX4R11S3IC DRVR HALF BRIDGE 4A 16-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)IXYS
S-1000N35-I4T1GIC VOLT DETECT N-CH 35V SNT-4AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
ST26C32ABTRIC LINE RCVR QUAD DIFF 16-TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics (VA)
TDA7464$IC PROCESSOR AUDIO DGTL 44-TQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
NCV7812BTGIC REG POS 1A 12V TO220ABIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
MC74HC589ADTR2GIC SHIFT REGISTER 8BIT 16-TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor (VA)
MIC5308YMT TRIC REG ULDO 150MA ADJ 6-TMLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
IS61WV102416BLL-10MIIC SRAM 16MBIT 10NS 48MBGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
MC74HC1G32DTT1GIC GATE OR SGL 2INPUT SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor (VA)
M50FLW040BNB5TGIC FLASH 4MBIT 33MHZ 32TSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Numonyx/ST Micro
IS42S32800B-6TLIC SDRAM 256MBIT 166MHZ 86TSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
AP7115-29WG-7IC REG LDO 150MA 2.85V SOT-25Integrated Circuits (ICs)Diodes Inc
TL431IDTIC VREF PROGRAMMABLE 8-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics (VA)
S-80916CLNB-G6LT2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 1.6V SC-82ABIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
PBASIC48W/P40IC BS2P40 INTERPRETER CHIP 48SMDIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Parallax Inc
S-80150BNPF-JHBTFGIC VOLT DETECTOR 100MS SNT-4AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
MIC5316-F4CYMT TRIC REG LDO DUAL 300MA 12-TMLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
VN02HIC SSR HIGHSIDE PENTAWATT5 VERT5Integrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
NX3V1T66GM,115IC SWITCH SPST 6XSONIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors
MIC5203-3.3YM5 TRIC REG LDO 80MA 3% 3.3V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc (VA)
74HCT125D,653IC BUFFER DVR TRI-ST QD 14SOICNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors (VA)
LM258ASTIC OP AMP DUAL LOWPWR 8-MINISOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics (VA)
MIC842NYC5 TRIC COMPARATOR W/REFERENCE SC70-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc (VA)
TEA6886HL/V2,518IC CAR RADIO ASP 80-LQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors
S-8358F53MC-MLMT2GIC REG CTRL PWM/PFM 5.3V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-L2980A19MC-TF-GIC REG LDO 150MA 1.9V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
M24C08-RDW6TPIC EEPROM 8KBIT 400KHZ 8TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
SY10H603JZ TRIC TRANSLATOR 9BIT LATCH 28PLCCIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
M28W160ECB70ZB6EIC FLASH 16MBIT 70NS 46TFBGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Numonyx/ST Micro
ST3222ECPRIC DRVR/RCVR RS232 LP ESD 20SSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
NCP1582ADR2GIC BUCK CTLR LV SYNCH 8-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
STW81101ATRIC SYNTHESIZER MULTI RF 28VFQFPNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
SC805IMLTRTIC LI-ION BATT CHARGER 10-MLPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Semtech (VA)
MIC2014-0.8YML TRIC DISTRIBUTION SW 0.8A 6-MLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
TC74LCX08FT(EL,M)IC 2-INP AND GATE QUAD 14-TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Toshiba (VA)
M41ST87WMX6TRIC SUPERVISOR RTC 160X8 28-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics (VA)
MIC29372WU TRIC REG LDO 750MA ADJ TO263-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc (VA)
MIC5314-FCYMT TRIC REG LDO DUAL 300MA 12-TMLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
S-80146CLPF-JI7TFGIC VOLT DETECTOR 200MS SNT-4AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-93C46BR0I-J8T1GIC EEPROM 1KBIT 500KHZ 8SOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-80132BLPF-JERTFGIC VOLT DETECTOR 100MS SNT-4AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-80820CNMC-B8FT2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 2.0V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
AP1702BWL-7IC MPU RESET CIRC 4.38V SC59-3Integrated Circuits (ICs)Diodes Inc
ZXCT1012ET5TAIC CURRENT MONITOR 2.5% TSOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Diodes/Zetex
NCV4276DS33GIC REG LDO 400MA 3.3V 4% D2PAK-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
NCP502SN37T1GIC REG LDO 180MA 3.7V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
ADP4000JCPZ-RL7IC PWR CTRL PMBUS 48-LFCSPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
74HCT373D,653IC LATCH TRANSP OCT D 3ST 20SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors (VA)
CAT25040YI-GT3IC EEPROM 4KBIT 10MHZ 8TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
NLU1GU04MUTCGIC INVERTER SGL UNBUFF 6-UDFNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
IS61LV12816L-10BLI-TRIC SRAM 2MBIT 10NS 48MBGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
LD2981CM50TRIC REG VLDO 100MA 5.0V SOT23-5LIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
74HC08DR2GIC GATE AND QUAD 2INPUT 14-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
S-80821CNY-B-GIC VOLT DETECTOR 2.1V TO-92Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
FSA2257MUXIC SWITCH DUAL SPDT 10MSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Fairchild Semiconductor
74LVC157APW,118IC QUAD 2-IN MUX 16-TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors (VA)
S-812C51BMC-C5FT2GIC REG LDO 75MA 5.1V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
IS24C08A-2ZLIIC EEPROM 8KBIT 1MHZ 8TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
MD2533-D16G-X-PIC MDOC H3 16GB FBGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)SanDisk
MIC2779H-1YM5 TRIC SUPERVISOR ADJ HYSTER SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc (VA)
BU7442SF-E2IC OPAMP 1.7-5.5V GRD SENSE 8SOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Rohm Semiconductor
S-80816CNY-B-GIC VOLT DETECTOR 1.6V TO-92Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
STA015B$DECODER AUDIO MPEG 2.5 8X8LFBGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
SAF-XE167K-48F66L ACIC MCU 16BIT FLASH PG-LQFP-144Integrated Circuits (ICs)Infineon Technologies
LF33CDT-TRIC REGULATOR LDO 3.3V DPAKIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics (VA)
NCP5890MUTXGIC LED DRVR WHITE BCKLGT 16-UQFNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
IRS2530DSPBFIC BALLAST CTRL DIM 600V 8-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)International Rectifier
NCP5080MUTXGIC PHOTOFLASH CAP CHARGE 12LLGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
ST72F561K9TCTRIC MCU 8BIT 60K FLASH 32-LQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
M74HC73TTRIC FLIP FLOP DUAL J-K 14-TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics (VA)
S-1131B22PD-N4HTFGIC REG LDO 300MA 2.2V HSON-6Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-8352A50MC-K3JT2GIC REG SW 100KHZ 5V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
TA7774FG(5,EL)IC STEPPER MOTOR DRVR 2PH 16HSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Toshiba
M95020-WMN6TPIC EEPROM 2KBIT 10MHZ 8SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
S-8340C25AFT-T2-GIC REG SW 300KHZ 2.5V 8-TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
VNQ830M13TRIC DRIVER HISIDE QUAD 28-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
NLU1G08MUTCGIC GATE AND SGL 2INP 6-UDFNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
74LVC125ATTRIC BUS BUFF TRI-ST QD LV 14TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics (VA)
DG448DV-T1-E3IC SWITCH DUAL SPST 6TSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Vishay/Siliconix
MIC5321-LLYML TRIC REG ULDO 150MA DUAL 6-MLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
LPC2478FBD208,551IC ARM7 MCU 512K LCD 208-LQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors
ST72F521M9T6IC MCU 8BIT 60K FLASH 80-TQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
NCV7001DWIC SENSOR VAR RELUCT QUAD 24SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
PC28F128P33T85BIC FLASH 128MBIT 85NS 64EZBGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Numonyx/Intel
S-817A42ANB-CVFT2GIC REG LDO 65MA 4.2V SC-82ABIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
SY88309BLMGIC AMP PECL LIMITING POST 16-MLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
S-8211AAB-M5T1GIC LI-ION BATT PROTECT SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
74AVC1T45GM,132IC TRANSCVR TRI-ST DL SPLY 6XSONIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors
SY89823LHY TRIC BUFFER/XLATOR HSTL FAN 64TQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
S-8358B30MC-NQPT2GIC REG CTRL PWM/PFM 3.0V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-1122B31MC-L8QTFGIC REG LDO 150MA 3.1V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-80137ANPF-JCWTFGIC VOLT DETECTOR 50MS SNT-4AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
SY88403BLEY TRIC POST AMP CML TTL LOS 10-MSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
NLX2G07BMX1TCGIC BUFFER DL N-INV OP/DR 6ULLGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
IS61LV632A-6TQIIC SRAM 1MBIT 6NS 100TQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
S-80148BLMC-JE9T2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 100MS SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
BD9703FP-E2IC REG SW W/MOSFET 1CH TO252-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Rohm Semiconductor
SY88212LMGIC LASER DRVR 2.5GBPS 3.6V 24MLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
VND3NV04MOSFET POWER OMNIFET II DPAKIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
ISD5108EYRIC VOICE REC/PLAY 4-8MN 28-TSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Nuvoton Technology Corporation of America
S-80132BNMC-JGRT2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 100MS SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
NCP5218MNR2GIC DDR PWR CTLR 2IN2 NTBK 22-DFNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
NC7S32M5XIC GATE OR 2-INPUT SINGLE SOT-23Integrated Circuits (ICs)Fairchild Semiconductor (VA)
ST72F321R9TCIC MCU 8BIT 60K FLASH 64-TQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
MIC5247-1.85YM5 TRIC REG LDO 150MA 1.85V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc (VA)
SY55856UHG TRIC DELAY LINE CML 2-CHAN 32-TQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
S-1132B37-M5T1GIC REG LDO 300MA 3.7V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
CAT5113LI-10-GIC POT DIGITL 10K 100TAP 8DIPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
PCF8570T/F5,518IC SRAM 2KBIT 100KHZ 8SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors (VA)
S-8520D35MC-BVUT2GIC REG CTRLR PWM 60KHZ SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-80133ALMC-JAST2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 50MS SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
74V1T07STRIC BUFF NON-INV O/DRAIN SOT235Integrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics (VA)
S-1170B20PD-OTFTFGIC REG LDO 800MA 2.0V HSON-6AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
MC-7847-KC-AZIC AMPLIFIER DBL 870MHZ H02Integrated Circuits (ICs)NEC
AP2008SL-13IC CTLR PWM BUCK 200MA 8-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Diodes Inc
MC78L05F-TPIC REG LDO 5V 100MA SOT-89Integrated Circuits (ICs)Micro Commercial Co (VA)
ST72F264G2H6IC MCU 8BIT 8K FLASH LFBGA 6X6Integrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
L6920DCTRIC CONV SYNC RECT STEP UP 8-MSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
NCV8560SN150T1GIC REG LDO 150MA 1.5V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
IS61LPS12836A-200TQIIC SRAM 4MBIT 200MHZ 100TQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
S-1131B51UC-N5KTFGIC REG LDO 300MA 5.1V SOT89-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
DG611AEY-T1-E3IC SWITCH QUAD SPST 16SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Vishay/Siliconix
S-1112B15PI-L6ATFGIC REG LDO 150MA 1.5V SNT-6AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-1701B1815-U5T1GIC DETECT/REG 400MA 1.8V SOT89-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
74LVX32MTRIC GATE OR QUAD 2-INPUT 14-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics (VA)
S-1701T5015-M5T1GIC DETECT/REG 400MA 5.0V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
L6392DTRIC DRIVER HV HI/LOW SIDE SOIC-14Integrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
SY100S360JZIC PARITY GEN/CHKER 8BIT 28PLCCIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
IS66WV51216BLL-55TLIIC SRAM 8MBIT 55NS 44TSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
TDA7563PDTRIC AMP AUDIO PWR 72W POWERSO36Integrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
NLU1GT86MUTCGIC GATE EXCL SGL 2-INPUT 6-UDFNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
MAX708SESA-TGIC MPU SUPERVISORY 2.93V 8SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor (VA)
S-80155BNPF-JHGTFGIC VOLT DETECTOR 100MS SNT-4AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-817B58AUA-CXVT2GIC REG LDO 75MA 5.8V SOT89-3Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-80936CNMC-G86T2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 3.6V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-8253AAA-T8T1GZIC LI-ION BATT PROTECT 8-TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
M74HC123RM13TRIC MULTIVIBRATR DUAL MONO 16SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics (VA)
IS61LV25616AL-10TIIC SRAM 4MBIT 10NS 44TSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
S-818A44AUC-BGYT2GIC REG LDO 250MA 4.4V SOT89-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
MIC5371-MGYMT TRIC REG 150MA DUAL 6-TMLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
S-1170B50UC-OUJTFGIC REG LDO 800MA 5V SOT89-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-80125BNPF-JGKTFGIC VOLT DETECTOR 100MS SNT-4AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-1701A2521-M5T1GIC DETECT/REG 400MA 2.5V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
ST72F262G1M6TRIC MCU 8BIT 4K FLASH SOIC-28Integrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
74AUP1G386GM,115IC EX-OR GATE 3-IN 6-XSONIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors (VA)
S-1170B48PD-OUHTFGIC REG LDO 800MA 4.8V HSON-6AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-80924CLPF-G6UTFGIC VOLT DETECTOR 2.4V SNT-4AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
MIC5235-3.0YM5 TRIC REG LDO 150MA 3.0V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc (VA)
S-80152CLMC-JJDT2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 200MS SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
M25P32-VME6GIC FLASH 32MBIT 75MHZ 8VDFPNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Numonyx/ST Micro
FT2232HQ-TRAYIC USB UART/FIFO DUAL HS 64-QFNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)FTDI, Future Technology Devices International Ltd
NCP700MN330R2GIC REG LDO 200MA 3.3V 6-DFNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
20-101-0526COMPUTER SNGLBD LP3510 FOX7.4MHZIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Rabbit Semiconductor
MC74HCT14ADGIC INVERT HEX SCHM TRIG 14-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
MIC2018YM6TXIC DISTRIBUTION SW ADJ SOT23-6Integrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
M41T83ZMY6EIC RTC SERIAL W/BATT SW SOX18Integrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
S-1131B38UC-N4XTFGIC REG LDO 300MA 3.8V SOT89-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
MIC4422AZTIC DRIVER MOSFET 9A LS TO220-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
MT48LC16M16A2TG-75 IT:D TRIC SDRAM 256MBIT 133MHZ 54TSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micron Technology Inc (VA)
S-80133BNMC-JGST2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 100MS SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
SY100S307JZ TRIC GATE XOR/NOR QUINT 28-PLCCIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
74HCT366PW,112IC INVERTER HEX 1-INPUT 16TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors
ST72F521AR9T6IC MCU 8BIT 60K FLASH 64-TQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
APX824-23W5G-7IC SUPERVISOR LO/HI 2.25V SOT-25Integrated Circuits (ICs)Diodes Inc
SA51IC DRVR/AMP H-BR 80V 5A TO3-8 CEIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Cirrus Logic Inc
TSH103IDIC VIDEO 3CH BUFFER/FILTER 8SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
MIC37138-2.5YSIC REG LDO 1.0A 2.5V SOT-223Integrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
PQ1U351M2ZPHIC REG LDO 3.5V 150MA SOT-23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Sharp Microelectronics (VA)
S-80836CLMC-B6VT2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 3.6V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-80915CNNB-G8KT2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 1.5V SC-82ABIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
IS61NLF51236-7.5TQLI-TRIC SRAM 18MBIT 117MHZ 100TQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
ISP1104WTSIC USB TRANSCEIVER 16-HBCCIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ST-Ericsson Inc (VA)
M24512-WMN6TPIC EEPROM 512KBIT 400KHZ 8SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
IS61LV12816L-10TL-TRIC SRAM 2MBIT 10NS 44TSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
MC10EP105MNGIC GATE AND/NAND QUAD 2INP 32QFNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
SY100S371JZ TRIC MUX TRIPLE 4-INPUT 28-PLCCIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
TS3431CILTIC SHUNT VREF PROGR 1.24V SOT23Integrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics (VA)
S-80851CLNB-B7CT2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 5.1V SC-82ABIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
FAN1585ADXIC REG LDO 5A ADJ DPAKIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Fairchild Semiconductor
TSV912IDTIC OPAMP DUAL R-R I/O 8MHZ SO-8Integrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
FS6X1220RJXIC SWIT PWM CM OVP UVLO HV D2PAKIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Fairchild Semiconductor (VA)
S-L2980A47PN-TF-GIC REG LDO 150MA 4.7V 5-SONIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
VNS3NV04D13TRMOSFET 2N-CH 40V 3.5A 8-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics (VA)
S-8340D00AFT-T2-GIC REG SW 300KHZ VAR 8-TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
NX3L1G53GT,115IC SWITCH SPDT 8XSONIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors
MIC4830YML TRIC EL DRIVER 180VPP LN 8-MLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
ST72F321J7TAIC MCU 8BIT 48KB FLASH 44-TQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
MC74VHC1G32DFT1GIC GATE OR SGL 2INPUT SOT-353Integrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor (VA)
NCP551SN32T1GIC REG LDO 150MA 3.2V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
S-817B45AUA-CXIT2GIC REG LDO 65MA 4.5V SOT89-3Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-1170B53UC-OUMTFGIC REG LDO 800MA 5.3V SOT89-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
M93C86-MN6IC EEPROM 16KBIT 2MHZ 8SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
74LVC1G08GW/DG,125IC 2-INPUT AND GATE UMT5Integrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors
DG4052AEQ-T1-E3IC MULTIPLEXER DUAL 4X1 16TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Vishay/Siliconix
NCP585HSN18T1GIC REG LDO 300MA 1.8V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor (VA)
TSV994IDIC OP AMP QUAD 20MHZ GBP SO-14Integrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
MIC5319-1.5YD5 TRIC REG LDO 500MA 1.5V TSOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
74HCT640D,653IC TRANSCEIVER 3ST 8BIT 20SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors (VA)
SDINB1-4096IC INAND FLASH 4GB 56-FBGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)SanDisk
74AUP1G34GW,125IC BUFFER LOW PWR N-INV 5TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors (VA)
PCA9665D,118IC CNTRLR PARALLEL/I2C 20-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors (VA)
STM32F103V8T6MCU ARM 64KB FLASH MEM 100-LQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
M24C02-WMN6PIC EEPROM 2KBIT 400KHZ 8SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
IS45S16400F-6TLA1-TRIC SDRAM 64MBIT 166MHZ 54TSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
74AUP1T58GF,132IC LP CONFIG GATE V-XLATR 6XSONIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors
IS62WV51216ALL-70BIIC SRAM 8MBIT 70NS 48MBGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
NCV8560SN500T1GIC REG LDO 150MA 5.0V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
S-80835CLY-B-GIC VOLT DETECTOR 3.5V TO-92Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
NLX2G16BMX1TCGIC BUFFER DUAL NON-INV 6ULLGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
S-1701W3025-U5T1GIC DETECT/REG 400MA 3.0V SOT89-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
74AHC139PW,118IC DUAL 2:4 DECOD/DEMUX 16-TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors (VA)
BD9533EKN-E2IC REG SW VAR SOFT START 20-HQFNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Rohm Semiconductor
IS61NVP51236-200TQLI-TRIC SRAM 18MBIT 200MHZ 100TQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
IS61LV12824-8TQ-TRIC SRAM 3MBIT 8NS 100TQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
IS61WV6416BLL-12BLI-TRIC SRAM 1MBIT 12NS 48MBGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
74LCX32MXIC GATE OR QUAD 2INPUT LV 14SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Fairchild Semiconductor (VA)
S-1000N38-M5T1GIC VOLT DETECT N-CH 38V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
M74HC592B1RIC REGISTER COUNTER 8BIT 16-DIPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
BP5845WIC LED DRVR HIG PWR AC IN 16-SIPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Rohm Semiconductor
74LVC1G125GM,115IC BUFF DVR TRI-ST N-INV 6XSONIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors (VA)
S-80156BLMC-JFHT2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 100MS SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
CAT5116VI-GT3IC POT DIG LOG 32K 100TAP 8SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
IS45S16100C1-7BLA1IC SDRAM 16MBIT 143MHZ 60BGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
S-1131B38PD-N4XTFGIC REG LDO 300MA 3.8V HSON-6Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
STV6618DIC VIDEO SWIT DUAL SCART 44TQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
IS43R32800B-6B-TRIC DDR SDRAM 256MBIT 144BGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
TS971IDTIC OP AMP R-R LN 8-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
MIC5255-3.3YML TRIC REG LDO 150MA 3.3V 6-MLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc (VA)
IS42S16160B-6B-TRIC SDRAM 256MBIT 166MHZ 54BGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
74LV139BQ,115IC DUAL 2-4 DECOD/DEMUX 16DHVQFNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors
S-80854CNUA-B9FT2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 5.4V SOT89-3Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-80135BLMC-JEUT2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 100MS SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
74LCX157TTRIC MUX QUAD 2CH CMOS 16-TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics (VA)
NL17SZ14DFT2GIC INVERTER SGL SCHMITT SOT353Integrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor (VA)
NCV4269PDR2GIC REG LDO 5V 8SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
TB6539NGIC MOTOR CTRL DC MOTOR 24SDIPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Toshiba
SY58035UMG TRIC BUFFER 2:6 FAN LVPECL 32-MLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
MC74VHC4316DGIC MUX/DEMUX QUAD 1X1 16SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
MIC5319-2.85YML TRIC REG LDO 500MA 2.85V 6-MLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
PCA9545ABS,118IC I2C SWITCH 4CH 20-HVQFNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors (VA)
M74HC294RM13TRIC DIVIDER/TIMER PROGR 16-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
S-80943CLPF-G7DTFGIC VOLT DETECTOR 4.3V SNT-4AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
TC7SA32FUTE85LFIC GATE OR 2INPUT LV HS SSOP5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Toshiba
MT48LC4M32B2B5-7 IT:G TRIC SDRAM 128MBIT 143MHZ 90VFBGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micron Technology Inc (VA)
74HC540DTR2GIC INVERTER 8-INPUT 20TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
S-812C47AMC-C3BT2GIC REG LDO 65MA 4.7V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
IS61LPS12836A-200TQLIIC SRAM 4MBIT 200MHZ 100TQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
TB62206FG(O,EL)IC STEPPER MOTOR DRIVER 20HSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Toshiba
74AHC14PW,118IC HEX INV SCHMITT TRIG 14-TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors (VA)
IS61LPS25618A-200B2IIC SRAM 4MBIT 200MHZ 119BGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
NB3N3001DTGIC CLK GEN LVPECL DIFF 8-TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
MIC69303YME TRIC REG LDO 3A ADJ 8-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc (VA)
TDA746913TRIC PROCESSOR AUD HDPHN 24-SSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
ST72F63BK2B1IC MCU 8BIT 8K FLASH 32-SDIPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
M45PE40-VMN6TPIC FLASH 4MBIT 75MHZ 8SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Numonyx/ST Micro (VA)
IS42S32400E-7BLIIC SDRAM 128MBIT 143MHZ 90FBGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
FAN2500S25XIC REG LDO CMOS 2.5V SOT-23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Fairchild Semiconductor (VA)
ST72F32AJ2B6IC MCU 8BIT 8K FLASH 42-SDIPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
MC74ACT14DR2GIC SCHMITT TRIG HEX INV 14-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
S-8521B26MC-ATLT2GIC REG PWM/PFM 180KHZ SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
MIC7111YM5 TRIC OPAMP R-R I/O 1.8V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc (VA)
74HC1G125GW,125IC BUS BUFF DVR TRI-ST 5TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors (VA)
VNQ5050KTR-EIC DRIVER HISIDE QUAD POWERSSO24Integrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
NCV33269DT-5.0GIC REG LDO 800MA 5V DPAK-4Integrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
S-812C29AY-B-GIC REG LDO 30MA 2.9V TO-92Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-80141CNMC-JK2T2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 200MS SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
74HC4094D,653IC REGISTER BUS 8STAGE 16SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors (VA)
CGD944CIC AMP POWER DBLR SOT-115JIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors
74AUP1G11GM,132IC 3-INPUT AND GATE LP 6-XSONIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors
LM2596TVADJGIC REG SW STP-DWN 3A TO220-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
S-812C28AY-B-GIC REG LDO 30MA 2.8V TO-92Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
TE28F128P30B85AIC FLASH 128MBIT 85NS 56TSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Numonyx/Intel
M74HC533RM13TRIC DTYPE LATCH 3-ST OCTAL 20SOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
S-80833CNMC-B8ST2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 3.3V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
M95160-MN6TIC EEPROM 16KBIT 10MHZ 8SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
TC7SH32FUT5LJFTIC GATE OR 2INPUT CMOS SSOP5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Toshiba
BTS462TIC SWITCH PWR HISIDE TO252-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Infineon Technologies (VA)
M74HCT273TTRIC FLIP FLOP OCTAL D 20-TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
MN13821SSPIC VOLT DETECT 4.2V N-CH OD SMDIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Panasonic - SSG (VA)
S-80131ANMC-JCQT2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 50MS SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
NCP605MN15T2GIC REG LDO 500MA 1.5V 6-DFNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
KSZ8001SITXRX 10/100 LINKMD 3.3V 48-SSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
NB3N508SDTGIC CLK GEN VCXO M-LVDS 16-TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
RX-4581NB:B:ROHSIC REAL TIME CLOCK 22PIN-SONIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Epson Toyocom Corporation
S-1000C20-I4T1GIC VOLT DETECTOR 20V SNT-4AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
IS42S32800D-7TL-TRIC SDRAM 256MBIT 143MHZ 86TSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
PQ1K333M2ZPHIC REG LDO 3.3V 300MA SOT-23LIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Sharp Microelectronics (VA)
STM6315RAW13FIC MCU RESET OPEN DRAIN SOT143-4Integrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
APX824-31W5G-7IC SUPERVISOR LO/HI 3.08V SOT-25Integrated Circuits (ICs)Diodes Inc
M93C46-MN6PIC EEPROM 1KBIT 2MHZ 8SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
S-1167B23-I6T2GIC REG LDO 150MA 2.3V SNT-6AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
SY69952ZH TRIC TXRX CLOCK RECOVERY 28-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
TB7101F(T5L1.8,F)IC CONV DC-DC BUCK 1.8V 1A SON8Integrated Circuits (ICs)Toshiba
STM706TDS6EIC SUPERVISOR 5V 4.38V 8-TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
APX825A-44W6G-7IC SUPERVISOR LO/HI 4.38V SOT-26Integrated Circuits (ICs)Diodes Inc
S-80160CNMC-JLLT2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 200MS SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-814A25AUC-BCPT2GIC REG LDO 100MA 2.5V SOT89-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
TS431IZTIC VREF ADJUSTABLE SHUNT TO-92Integrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics (VA)
TA78L15F(TE12L,F)IC REG LDO 15V 0.15A HSOP3Integrated Circuits (ICs)Toshiba
S-1112B28PI-L6NTFGIC REG LDO 150MA 2.8V SNT-6AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
MIC5233-5.0YM5 TRIC REG LDO 100MA 5.0V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc (VA)
S-1131B31UC-N4QTFGIC REG LDO 300MA 3.1V SOT89-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
NB4N121KMNR2GIC FANOUT CLK DRVR HCSL 52-QFNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
MIC2774H-26YM5 TRIC SUPERVISOR DUAL LV SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
M74HC40103RM13TRIC DOWN COUNTER 8ST SYNC 16-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
S-1170B45PD-OUETFGIC REG LDO 800MA 4.5V HSON-6AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
NB3N5573DTGIC CLOCK GEN XTAL - HCSL 16TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
S-8335A200FT-TB-GIC REG SW 3CH STEP UP 24-TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
MT48LC8M16A2P-75:G TRIC SDRAM 128MBIT 133MHZ 54TSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micron Technology Inc (VA)
S-T111B16MC-OGBTFGIC REG LDO 150MA 1.6V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
SY89827LHY TRIC BUFFER/XLATOR HSTL 64-TQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
S-1132B48-I6T2GIC REG LDO 300MA 4.8V SNT-6AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
SI9122ADQ-T1-E3IC ISOLATED SYNC ADJ 20TSSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Vishay/Siliconix
S-8355Q15BD-OWA-TFGIC REG CTRL PWM 1.5V 6-SNBIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
MIC94084YFT TRIC LOAD SWITCH HI SIDE 2A 4-TMLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
E-L9935013TRIC STEPPER MOTOR DVR 2PH 20PWRSOIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
IS42S81600E-6TL-TRIC SDRAM 128MBIT 166MHZ 54TSOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc
LNK362DG-TLIC OFFLINE SWIT HV 8SOPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Power Integrations
SY10E452JYIC REGISTER 5BIT DIFF 28-PLCCIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
S-1200B19-I6T2GIC REG LDO 150MA 1.9V SNT-6AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
APX809-44SAG-7IC MPU RESET CIRC 4.38V SOT23-3Integrated Circuits (ICs)Diodes Inc
MIC5333-PNYMT TRIC REG ULDO 300MA 3.0/2.8510TMLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
74LVC86AMTRIC EXCLUSIVE/GATE LV QUAD 14SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics (VA)
SC4509WLTRTIC LED DRVR WT/OLED BCKLT MLPD-8Integrated Circuits (ICs)Semtech
NCV8664D50GIC REG LDO 150MA 5.0V 8-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
S-80148CNPF-JK9TFGIC VOLT DETECTOR 200MS SNT-4AIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
A3953SLBTR-TIC MOTOR DRIVER PWM FULL 16-SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Allegro Microsystems Inc (VA)
MIC5377YMT TRIC REG LDO 150MA ADJ VOLT 8-MLFIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Micrel Inc
L6204D013TRIC DRVR FULL BRIDGE DUAL SOIC-28Integrated Circuits (ICs)STMicroelectronics
S-1200B26-M5T1GIC REG LDO 150MA 2.6V SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
NB7L72MMNGIC CROSSPOINT SWITCH 2X2 16QFNIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
GTLP2T152MXIC TRNSCVR 2BIT LVTTL/GTLP 8SOICIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Fairchild Semiconductor
NCV2575D2T-5GIC REG SW STP-DWN 1A 5V D2PAK-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
S-8521A32MC-AXRT2GIC REG PWM/PFM 180KHZ SOT23-5Integrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
S-80931CLNB-G61T2GIC VOLT DETECTOR 3.1V SC-82ABIntegrated Circuits (ICs)Seiko Instruments
74AUP1G00GF,132IC 2-IN NAND GATE LP 6-XSONIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors
NLU1G86BMX1TCGIC GATE EXCL OR SGL 2INPUT 6LLGAIntegrated Circuits (ICs)ON Semiconductor
PCF8534AH/1,518IC LCD DVR UNVRSL LOW-MUX 80LQFPIntegrated Circuits (ICs)NXP Semiconductors