Other Parts Dialight LED

Dialight defines the current state of LED lighting technology with continuous innovations in light output, efficacy and reliability for our complete line of high-specification lighting fixtures specifically designed for industrial, commercial, hazardous location, transportation & public infrastructure applications. These results are directly related to our ongoing commitment to advancing solid-state lighting products that vastly reduce maintenance, improve safety, ease disposal, and are more environmentally friendly - thereby helping to reduce CO2 emissions, the dominant GHG contributor to global warming.
Part Number Description Category Manufacture
051-0112-300LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
607-2212-120F7 MM GREEN LED PMIDialight LEDDialight
553-02203MM BI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
564-2210-123F3MM BACKLIGHTING TRI-LEVELDialight LEDDialight
591-2001-107F3MM SQ. PRISM R 7 REELDialight LEDDialight
019-0531-203LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
561-2301-0905MM STAND-OFF 0.900 YELDialight LEDDialight
585-2423WEDGE BASE,BASED LED, YEL, 14VDialight LEDDialight
558-0201-007FLED SNAP-IN PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
507-3835-0933-600FNEON DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
085-1231-200MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
553-0008-8093MM BI-LEVEL ARRAYDialight LEDDialight
188-14733/4 ROUND YELLOW IPS CAPDialight LEDDialight
567-0122RECTANGULAR BI-LEVELDialight LEDDialight
585-3221BI-PIN ULTRA-RED 6V NON-POL.Dialight LEDDialight
LLN-3WW005LINEAR 3 W WHT W 5 DG OPTICDialight LEDDialight
559-2101-831LED SNAP-IN PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
169-1194-300MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
564-2210-8113MM BACKLIGHTING TRI LEVELDialight LEDDialight
081-1059-01-103MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
081-0112-300MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
137-7236-09-201SUB MIN.PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
568-0102-220F3MM QUAD LEVEL CBI G-G-G-XDialight LEDDialight
591-2201-002FPRISM 3MM G SAMPLE STRIPDialight LEDDialight
507-3903-1432-600INCAND. DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
564-0100-203FCBI 3MM TRI LEVEL G-X-YDialight LEDDialight
552-01215 MM BI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
585-1413MDGT FLNG, BASED LED, YEL,14VDialight LEDDialight
586-4603-105F15MM BAYONET BASED LED AMB 28VDialight LEDDialight
553-0002-8413MM BI-LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
552-0922-802FT 1 3/4 BI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
568-0102-2333MM QUAD LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
188-5262188-1462 W/WHITE OPAQUE SIDESDialight LEDDialight
554-3231-2115543231100 WITH 5650211Dialight LEDDialight
567-0001-801RECTANGULAR BI-LEVEL ARRAYDialight LEDDialight
557-1805-203FMIN. BLUE LED PMI - 24VDialight LEDDialight
568-2231-131F3MM QUAD BKLIT CBI R/R/Y/RDialight LEDDialight
561-1002-050F5MM STAND-OFF 0.500 WC BLUDialight LEDDialight
134-0111-200SUB MIN.PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
561-3001-070F5MM STAND-OFF 0.700 R/GDialight LEDDialight
586-4601-105F15MM BAYONET BASED LED RED 28VDialight LEDDialight
551-0801FCBI 3MM DIN BLUDialight LEDDialight
561-0007-8041X5 MM 7 POS ARRAY, GRYGGGRDialight LEDDialight
553-0002-841F3MM BI-LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
095-0463-09-112MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
103-0535-403LARGE OIL TIGHT PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
586-6401-10528V MIN BAY CLUSTER RED POLDialight LEDDialight
558-0001-803F3MM LED ASSEMBLYDialight LEDDialight
552-09315 MM BI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
564-0700-815F3MM TRI LEVEL WHITE HSG.Dialight LEDDialight
585-1225FMIDGET FLG,BASED LED,UL RD,28VDialight LEDDialight
507-5337-0931-670NEON DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
568-0004-8613MM QUAD LEVELDialight LEDDialight
585-1125FMIDGE FLANGE,BASED LED, RD,28VDialight LEDDialight
568-0016-8183MM QUAD X 4 BKLIT G-G-G-G CLDialight LEDDialight
515-1073FLIGHT PIPE 8 ELEMENTDialight LEDDialight
080-6701-05-303LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
556-1337-801YELLOW IND. (EXT. DOOR IND)Dialight LEDDialight
556-3103-304FLARGE RED DOMED PMI 12VDialight LEDDialight
591-3101-01-3HF3MM PRISM Y/G 13 RL HYSOLDialight LEDDialight
184-1800-100INDICATOR CAPDialight LEDDialight
507-3918-1537-600FINCAND. DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
521-0756LAMPDialight LEDDialight
515-1140-100FLIGHT PIPE ACT. 4MM DIA X 10MMDialight LEDDialight
561-5101-100F5MM STAND-OFF 1.000 REDDialight LEDDialight
597-3021-502SMD LED 1208 R SAMPLE STRIPDialight LEDDialight
507-5338-0933-610FNEON DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
568-0004-830F3MM QUAD MULTI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
585-532528V NON-POL. LED BASED LAMPDialight LEDDialight
568-2233-120CBI 3MM QUAD LEVEL Y-R-G-XDialight LEDDialight
507-3918-0971-600FINCAND. DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
553-0012-801FT 1 BI-LEVEL ASSEMBLYDialight LEDDialight
515-1091FLIGHT PIPE 5 ELEMENTDialight LEDDialight
801-1030-0333-504PRESS TO TEST IND.Dialight LEDDialight
507-5338-1535-630NEON DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
568-0301-111F3MM QUAD LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
559-5901-007FLED SNAP-IN PANEL INDDialight LEDDialight
609-1112-1409MM RED LED PMI 24VDialight LEDDialight
550-0002-8195MM MULTI BLOCK CBIDialight LEDDialight
568-0213-3333MM BKLTING QUAD LEVELDialight LEDDialight
560-0105BI PIN LED LAMPDialight LEDDialight
051-3502-0137-203LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
507-3903-1437-600INCAND. DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
551-0001-858FT 1 CUSTOM CBIDialight LEDDialight
037-0235-200MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
553-0121-410F3MM BI-LEVEL DIN REV POLARITYDialight LEDDialight
513-1808-604SWITCH BASEDialight LEDDialight
019-0511-300LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
553-0120F3MM BI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
552-0232-802FT 1 3/4 BI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
559-5801-007FLED SNAP-IN PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
550-2307-100F5MM CBI YELLOWDialight LEDDialight
051-3402-01-303LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
557-1703-203FMIN.YELLOW LED PMI - 12VDialight LEDDialight
586-2702-220FSCRW BASE LED 6-36VDC-GRNDialight LEDDialight
559-2301-819FLED SNAP-IN PANEL INDDialight LEDDialight
597-5004-402FSMD LED 0603 R SAMPLE STRIPDialight LEDDialight
507-3909-0373-600FINCAND. DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
521-9831FDISCRETE LED LAMPDialight LEDDialight
169-1191-300MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
LSP-6G015LUMISPOT 6 GRN W 15 DG OPTICDialight LEDDialight
507-3905-1475-600INCAND. DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
560-0508BI PIN LED LAMPDialight LEDDialight
550-2207-802FT 1 3/4 CBIDialight LEDDialight
551-0001-855T 1 CUSTOM CBIDialight LEDDialight
569-0212-3003MM BI-LEVELDialight LEDDialight
551-0001-8783MM CUSTOM CBIDialight LEDDialight
070-0410-11-306MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
550-0207-100F5MM CBI GREENDialight LEDDialight
184-18711/2 SQUARE RED IPS CAPDialight LEDDialight
507-5338-0937-630NEON DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
515-1140-130FLGHT PIPE ACT 4MM DIA X 13MMDialight LEDDialight
550-0001-877F5MM CBI WHITEDialight LEDDialight
031-3101-01-102LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
111-0114-200SUB MIN.PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
564-0240-230F3MM SUAD LEVEL G/Y/XDialight LEDDialight
551-11013MM CBI RIGHT ANGLEDialight LEDDialight
551-1107-807F3MM QUAD CBIDialight LEDDialight
561-5601-0705MM STAND-OFF 0.700 GRN WCDialight LEDDialight
556-3805-304FONE INCH DOME BLU LED PMI 125VDialight LEDDialight
554-1221-3115541221100 WITH 5650311Dialight LEDDialight
607-1112-120F7 MM RED LED PMIDialight LEDDialight
HLMP1301108CBI 3MM ARRAY 1X8 REDDialight LEDDialight
515-1140-120FLIGHT PIPE ACT 4MM DIA. X 12MMDialight LEDDialight
550-58045 MM CBIDialight LEDDialight
556-1806-304F1 FLAT BLUE LED PMI 72 VDCDialight LEDDialight
553-0711-8033MM BI-LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
559-5401-007FLED SNAP-IN PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
556-1503-304FONE INCH FLAT RED LED PMI 12VDialight LEDDialight
568-0201-003F3MM QUAD LEVEL CBI R-X-X-YDialight LEDDialight
557-1003-803MIN WHT LED PMI 12V W/CONN.Dialight LEDDialight
249-7866-1437-514NEON DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
560-0203FBI PIN LED LAMPDialight LEDDialight
561-0901-0705MM STAND-OFF 0.700 ORGDialight LEDDialight
553-0123-801FT 1 BI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
568-0103-030F3MM QUAD LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
551-0307-1003MM CBI RIGHT ANGLEDialight LEDDialight
507-3951-1431-600INCAND. DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
553-0002-8153MM BI LEVEL CUSTOMDialight LEDDialight
019-0533-400LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
598-8240-102FLEDDialight LEDDialight
551-41073MM RT ANGLE CBI WHITEDialight LEDDialight
513-0101-600BASE ASSEMBLYDialight LEDDialight
568-0103-000CBI 3MM QUAD-LEVEL Y-X-X-XDialight LEDDialight
564-0700-822F3MM TRI-LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
019-3101-05-300PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
553-0121-4103MM BI-LEVEL DIN REV POLARITYDialight LEDDialight
558-0501-007FLED SNAP-IN PANEL INDDialight LEDDialight
550-3505F5 MM CBIDialight LEDDialight
564-0100-717FCBI 3MM TRI-LEVEL O-R-ODialight LEDDialight
585-1423MIDGET FLG,BASED LED,YEL, 14VDialight LEDDialight
570-0100-032FCBI 2MM TRI LEVEL X-Y-GDialight LEDDialight
554-3131M/F BASIC SWITCH 5543131100Dialight LEDDialight
550-0704F5 MM CBIDialight LEDDialight
564-0340-132F3MM TRI LEVEL CBI R-Y-GDialight LEDDialight
170-82AT-80124V AMBER BLK FLGDialight LEDDialight
554-1231-2115541231100 WITH 5650211Dialight LEDDialight
160-0113-203SUB MIN.PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
559-1101-803LED SNAP-IN PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
564-0240-102F3MM TRI LEVEL CBI R-X-GDialight LEDDialight
561-1002-080F5MM STAND-OFF 0.800 WC BLUDialight LEDDialight
597-7752-307FSMD LED PLCC-4 R/G 7 REELDialight LEDDialight
507-3905-1571-600INCAND. DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
552-2212-100F5MM BACKLIGHTING BI-LEVELDialight LEDDialight
551-3107F3MM SINGLEDialight LEDDialight
570-0100-130CBI 3MM TRI LEVEL DIN X-R-YDialight LEDDialight
249-4164-3334-504LED PANEL IND BLUE 5VDC CYLDialight LEDDialight
031-0132-300LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
556-0001-804EXT. WHT INCND DR STAT IND SUSDialight LEDDialight
558-0301-007FLED SNAP-IN PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
250-1631-500HOLDERDialight LEDDialight
085-1213-203MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
585-2121WEDGE BASE RED 6V NON-POL.Dialight LEDDialight
553-0714-300F3MM CBI BI-LEVEL R/G-YGDialight LEDDialight
561-0104-090F5MM STAND-OFF 0.900 RED 5VDialight LEDDialight
507-3913-1437-600INCAND. DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
125-1310-11-203MIN. OIL TIGHT PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
051-1333-303LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
250-1435-500HOLDERDialight LEDDialight
553-0008-8103MM BI-LEVEL ARRAYDialight LEDDialight
609-1222-1409MM PMI GREEN 24V BLK HSGDialight LEDDialight
134-0351-200SUB MIN.PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
564-0100-300F3MM TRI LEVEL CBI Y-X-XDialight LEDDialight
609-1122-130F9MM PMI RED 12V BLK HSGDialight LEDDialight
553-0103-803F3MM BI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
553-0222-8083MM BI-LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
553-0002-8623MM BI-LEVEL CBI Y-GDialight LEDDialight
552-2212-8045MM BACKLIGHTING BI-LEVELDialight LEDDialight
031-3101-05-101LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
553-2223-100F3MM BACKLIGHTING BI-LEVELDialight LEDDialight
081-0434-300MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
551-0407-1003MM CBI RIGHT ANGLEDialight LEDDialight
800-0334-500PRESS TO TEST IND.Dialight LEDDialight
550-31045MM BICOLOR CBI, Y/GDialight LEDDialight
HLMP1301103FCBI 3MM ARRAY 1X3 REDDialight LEDDialight
586-2205-202FWEDGE BASED T3 1/4, BLU, 12VDialight LEDDialight
560-0106BI PIN LED LAMPDialight LEDDialight
026-1133-303MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
568-0016-811F4X4 CBI BLOCK ARRAY 15 LEDSDialight LEDDialight
591-2404-102F3MM PRISM Y LC 2MA SQLDialight LEDDialight
559-3501-802FLED SNAP-IN PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
507-5338-1533-630FNEON DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
556-3337-802FLARGE YELLOW PMI, 37VDialight LEDDialight
553-0313-400FCBI 3MM DIN BI-LEVEL 5V R-YDialight LEDDialight
551-0307-004F3MM QUAD CBIDialight LEDDialight
800-0331-500PRESS TO TEST IND.Dialight LEDDialight
564-2200-8013MM TRI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
562-0002-801FCUSTOM-3MM VERTICAL DUAL BLOCKDialight LEDDialight
550-1107-004F5MM QUAD CBIDialight LEDDialight
080-1211-303LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
597-3211-502FSMD LED 1208 O SAMPLE STRIPDialight LEDDialight
568-0303-2323MM QUAD LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
585-2225WEDGE BASE,BASED LED,UL RD,28VDialight LEDDialight
550-3007-010F5MM BI-COLOR CBI R/GDialight LEDDialight
586-1106-103T1 3/4 MIDGET FLANGE WHT 14V PDialight LEDDialight
561-0004-8112X4 MM QUAD ARRAY, GYGYDialight LEDDialight
550-2307-0025 MM MULTI BLOCK CBIDialight LEDDialight
507-5337-0935-670FNEON DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
597-2401-213SUSPENDED 9/30/08Dialight LEDDialight
559-6301-007FLED SNAP-IN PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
571-0123-803F2 MM CBI CUSTOMDialight LEDDialight
568-0016-803F4X4 CBI BLOCK ARRAY RIGHT HANDDialight LEDDialight
567-0111FRECTANGULAR BI-LEVELDialight LEDDialight
551-1502-8103MM CBI GREENDialight LEDDialight
609-2212-130F9 MM GREEN LED PMIDialight LEDDialight
041-3101-01-101LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
513-0601-604SWITCH BASEDialight LEDDialight
5932-423-2001-3FTRI-LEV PRISM Y,G,RDialight LEDDialight
081-0374-300MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
553-0232-803CBI 3MM BI-LEVEL LC Y-GDialight LEDDialight
564-2210-813SUSP. USE 564-2210-813FDialight LEDDialight
595-2301-01-3SF2MM PRISM G 13 SILIC LENSDialight LEDDialight
080-3506-05-301LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
585-1321MIDG. FLNG. GREEN 6V NON-POL.Dialight LEDDialight
553-2220-100F3MM BI-LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
586-4602-103F15MM BAYONET BASED LED GRN 14VDialight LEDDialight
564-2200-8043MM TRI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
085-0842-203MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
597-3003-402FSMD LED 0805 R SAMPLE STRIPDialight LEDDialight
550-5407-1005MM CBI AMBERDialight LEDDialight
550-5104F5 MM CBIDialight LEDDialight
586-6402-206F120AC MIN BAY CLUSTER GRNDialight LEDDialight
551-0201-0103MM CBI RIGHT ANGLEDialight LEDDialight
513-0408-604SWITCH BASEDialight LEDDialight
558-0101-003FLED SNAP-IN PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
061-0233-300LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
550-2206-821FCBI 5MM GRNDialight LEDDialight
507-3914-1571-600INCAND. DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
249-8070-3333-504LED PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
LSP-1B520LUMISPOT 1 BLU W 5X20 OVAL OPTDialight LEDDialight
550-5207-0025 MM MULTI BLOCK CBIDialight LEDDialight
184-18721/2 SQ GREEN IPS CAPDialight LEDDialight
569-0101-237FCBI 3MM DUAL BI-LEVEL R-G-Y-ODialight LEDDialight
553-0223-3003MM BI-LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
552-01335 MM BI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
551-3002F3MM BACKLIGHTING SINGLEDialight LEDDialight
507-5838-1431-610NEON DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
270-1930-0272-702EDGE LIGHT PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
507-3917-0333-600FINCAND. DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
135-1475MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
597-5312-407FSMD LED 0603 G 7 REELDialight LEDDialight
019-6602-05-300PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
550-1307-1005MM CBI GREEN, LCDialight LEDDialight
553-0111-2003MM BI-LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
597-6301-602FSMD 1206 REV MT GRN SMPL STRIPDialight LEDDialight
091-1308-09-340PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
080-1332-300LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
553-0004-8053MM BI LEVEL ASSEMBLYDialight LEDDialight
210-0112-203LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
564-0340-322F3MM QUAD LEVEL CBI Y-G-GDialight LEDDialight
568-0734-410CBI 3MM QUAD BKLIT Y/G-R/G-XDialight LEDDialight
081-0431-100MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
597-5111-407FSMD LED 0805 R 7 REELDialight LEDDialight
564-2210-332F3MM BACKLIGHT TRI-LEVEL, Y-Y-GDialight LEDDialight
521-9208DISCRETE LED LAMPDialight LEDDialight
081-0131-300MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
553-0744-400F3MM BI-LEVEL DINDialight LEDDialight
515-1061FLIGHT PIPE 3MM BI-LEVELDialight LEDDialight
515-1051FLIGHT PIPE 2 ELEMENTDialight LEDDialight
556-1203-304LARGE GREEN LED PMI, 12VDialight LEDDialight
550-2207-802T 1 3/4 CBIDialight LEDDialight
568-0122-223CBI 3MM QUAD LEVEL LC G-G-G-YDialight LEDDialight
564-0100-8043MM TRI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
567-0132-004FRECTANGULAR BI-LEVEL ARRAYDialight LEDDialight
553-0112-002F3MM BI-LEVEL X 2 CBI R-GDialight LEDDialight
568-2213-2323MM BACKLIGHT QUAD LEVELDialight LEDDialight
507-3917-0973-600INCAND. DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
556-3172-811FLARGE RED DOMED PMI 72V DCDialight LEDDialight
553-0132-802T 1 BI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
125-1195-403MIN. OIL TIGHT PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
553-0711-010F3MM BI-LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
812-0971PRESS TO TEST IND.Dialight LEDDialight
080-0534-300LARGE PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
550-1207F5 MM CBIDialight LEDDialight
564-2210-010CBI 3MM TRI LEVEL BKLT X-R-XDialight LEDDialight
103-4001-05-103LARGE OIL TIGHT PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
125-1363-11-133MIN. OIL TIGHT PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
553-0006-810F3MM BI-LEVEL ASSEMBLYDialight LEDDialight
553-0002-875FCBI 3MM BI-LEVEL X-RDialight LEDDialight
507-3918-7775-600FINCAND. DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
550-3107-010F5MM BICOLOR CBI, Y/GDialight LEDDialight
507-4861-3332-500FLED DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
571-0112-1002MM BI-LEVEL CBI RED-GRNDialight LEDDialight
561-5501-0505MM STAND-OFF 0.500 RED WCDialight LEDDialight
550-5407F5 MM CBIDialight LEDDialight
103-3502-05-103LARGE OIL TIGHT PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
204-0111-203MIN. DIMMER PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
561-2501-0805MM STAND-OFF 0.800 GRN WCDialight LEDDialight
551-0707-004F3MM QUAD CBIDialight LEDDialight
095-1310-09-101MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
552-0122F5 MM BI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
515-1141-220F2MM DIA RT ANGLE 22 MM LGDialight LEDDialight
552-0410FCBI 5MM BI-LEVEL 12V RED-XXXDialight LEDDialight
568-0122-222F2X4MM QUAD LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
568-0102-333FCBI 3MM QUAD LEVEL G-Y-Y-YDialight LEDDialight
184-75721841872 HOT STAMPEDDialight LEDDialight
551-25033MM CBI RIGHT ANGLEDialight LEDDialight
521-9974F5 MM FLAT TOP WHITE WCDialight LEDDialight
123-1231-203MIN. OIL TIGHT PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
554-1221-4115541221100 WITH 5650411Dialight LEDDialight
125-1137-403MIN. OIL TIGHT PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
507-3917-0375-600FINCAND. DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
564-2210-3033MM BACKLIGHTING TRI LEVELDialight LEDDialight
026-5863-11-363MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
553-0002-857F3MM BI-LEVEL CBI GREEN LCDialight LEDDialight
095-0428-09-200PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
568-0016-821F3MM QUAD X4 BK LIT R/G,G,G,Y/GDialight LEDDialight
070-1310-11-105MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
568-0102-2223MM QUAD LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
550-55055 MM CBIDialight LEDDialight
095-3175MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
HLMP1301106FCBI 3MM ARRAY 1X6 REDDialight LEDDialight
507-3918-1531-500INCAND. DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
552-6010-200F4MM BI-LEVEL FLAT TOP R-XDialight LEDDialight
597-6901-607FSMD 1206 REV MNT WHITE 7RLDialight LEDDialight
559-5201-809FGRN LED SNAP-IN IND 24 LEADSDialight LEDDialight
585-2125WEDGE BASE,BASED LED, RED, 28VDialight LEDDialight
570-0100-011F2MM TRI LEVEL CBI X-R-RDialight LEDDialight
556-1204-304FLARGE GREEN LED PMI, 24VDialight LEDDialight
591-3001-812F3MM SQ. PRISM R/G 13 REELDialight LEDDialight
568-0101-732F3MM QUAD LEVEL CBI R,O,Y,GDialight LEDDialight
569-0112-100FCBI 3MM BI-LEVEL G-RDialight LEDDialight
554-1131-4115541131100 WITH 5650411Dialight LEDDialight
507-4537-1435-640NEON DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
095-9363-09-363MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
124-0133-403MIN. OIL TIGHT PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
554-3231M/F BASIC SWITCH 5543231100Dialight LEDDialight
556-1305-304LARGE YELLOW LED PMI 125VDialight LEDDialight
564-0700-100FCBI 3MM TRI LEVEL R/G-X-XDialight LEDDialight
551-02013MM CBI RIGHT ANGLEDialight LEDDialight
553-0002-832FCBI 5MM BI-LEVEL LC R-GDialight LEDDialight
550-0205-805F5MM CBIDialight LEDDialight
125-1135-403MIN. OIL TIGHT PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
553-0127-3003MM BI LEVEL CBI O-ODialight LEDDialight
597-6401-602FSMD 1206 REV MT YEL SMPL STRIPDialight LEDDialight
553-2299-100F3MM BI-LEVEL BKLIT W,WDialight LEDDialight
553-0002-8513MM BI-LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
095-0933MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
521-9724-801LED 5MM YEL/GRN T&RDialight LEDDialight
597-3904-307FSMD CBI PLCC WDialight LEDDialight
553-0112-010FCBI 3MM BI-LEVEL R-GDialight LEDDialight
551-0404-8033 MM CBI R CUSTOMDialight LEDDialight
507-3951-1436-600INCAND. DATALITEDialight LEDDialight
550-0002-815FT 1 3/4 MULTI BLOCK CBIDialight LEDDialight
561-3101-0705MM STAND-OFF 0.700 Y/GDialight LEDDialight
008-0112-203SING. TERM. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
081-1308-01-341REPLACED BY 081-1308-01-343Dialight LEDDialight
550-5512F5MM CBIDialight LEDDialight
556-0001-804FEXT. WHT INCND DR STAT IND SUSDialight LEDDialight
553-0132-306F3MM BI-LEVEL X 6 CBIDialight LEDDialight
553-0704F3MM BI-LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
561-5601-070F5MM STAND-OFF 0.700 GRN WCDialight LEDDialight
561-0056-808FHALL LANTERN-REDDialight LEDDialight
552-0323F5 MM BI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
569-0117-700F3MM BI-LEVELDialight LEDDialight
026-1112-300MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
564-0200-311FCBI 3MM TRI LEVEL LC Y-R-RDialight LEDDialight
249-7967-3332-504LED PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
561-1101-0805MM STAND-OFF 0.800 RED LCDialight LEDDialight
552-0133F5 MM BI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
552-0221-803FT 1 3/4 BI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
181-0933-003SUB MIN.PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
564-0300-122CBI 3MM TRI LEVEL 5V R-G-GDialight LEDDialight
095-1308-09-240PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
569-0101-232F3MM HI-D BI-LEVEL CBI HEDialight LEDDialight
561-6002-060F5MM STAND-OFF 0.600 WC WHTDialight LEDDialight
521-9450DISCRETE LED LAMPDialight LEDDialight
250-3331-500HOLDERDialight LEDDialight
091-0410-09-301MIN. PANEL IND.Dialight LEDDialight
556-1504-304ONE INCH FLAT RED LED PMI 24VDialight LEDDialight
551-0507-0043MM QUAD CBIDialight LEDDialight
556-1704-304ONE INCH FLAT YEL LED PMI 24VDialight LEDDialight
552-09105 MM BI LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
568-0343-3333CBI 3MM QUAD X 3 BKLIT Y-Y-Y-YDialight LEDDialight
598-8510-207FLEDDialight LEDDialight
553-0744-2103MM BI-LEVEL CBIDialight LEDDialight
561-2401-0805MM STAND-OFF 0.800 RED WCDialight LEDDialight
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