Qualcomm Extends Offer for NXP
Speculation growing that Qualcomm may have to sweeten the offer to close the $38 billion deal.
9 Views of Flexible Electronics
GE, Boeing, Jabil, Flex and others showed their latest work in flexible hybrid electronics at a coming out party for Nextflex.
Nvidia CEO in China: Big Push for AI Inference
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang came to Beijing this week to put Nvidia's new AI inference platform --TensorRT3 -- front and center at the company's GPU Technology Conference (GTC).
MIT Spins Second Wireless Charger Start-up
MIT spin-off Pi Inc., promises a wireless recharging station that works over about a foot.
As Sondrel integrates the IMGWorks design team and invests to hire 100 more engineers in Europe, CEO Graham Curren weighs in on China, Brexit, and the benefits of market-driver diversity.
Will Imagination Deals Deliver MIPS to China?
Imagination will sell itself to Canyon Bridge, while simultaneously agreeing to sell MIPS to Tallwood VC. Has Imagination structured both deals in such a way to let Canyon Bridge -China's government-b
iPhone 8 Still Packs Q
A teardown of the iPhone 8 by iFixit shows good news for Qualcomm, NXP, Broadcom, and Skyworks, who maintain or expand sockets in Apple's latest handset.
Power SiC for Everyone
2017-09-22 13:00:13Power SiC for Everyone
NCSU researchers have implemented the cheap-to-license PRESiCE process at TI's X-Fab as an alternative to proprietary silicon carbide processes for power devices.
Globalfoundries Reportedly Asks EU to Probe TSMC
Globalfoundries has asked European regulators to investigate rival chip foundry TSMC, accusing its larger competitor of unfair competition, according to a report by the Reuters news service.
Google Buys HTC
2017-09-22 06:00:31Google Buys HTC's Pixel Team
Search engine giant makes second major foray into smartphones.
7 Views of Globalfoundries in 2017
Globalfoundries announced 12-nm FinFET and RF-SOI processes as part of an annual update on its road map.
MediaTek, Huawei Partner in 5G Development
MediaTek and Huawei, China's largest mobile phone maker, have completed 5G tests in Beijing with the aim of building an industry ecosystem that includes 5G terminals, chipsets, instruments, and networ
AMD Copilots Tesla AI Chip, Says Report
Tesla is collaborating with AMD on a machine-learning ASIC for its self-driving cars that could replace Nvidia GPUs that the car maker uses, said a report.
EDICON: Views from the Exhibits
The second EDICON USA took place in Boston from September 11 to 13. Here is some of what EE Times saw on the exhibit floor.
Nest Targets Home Security Market
Nest unveiled the next phase of its strategy to enable the connected home, rolling out a suite of products for the retail home security market.
DeepScale on Robo-Car: Fuse Raw Data
DeepScale has developed a perception system for ADAS/autonomous vehicles. It offers pre-trained AI algorithms, based on raw data, not object list, coming from multiple sensory data types, and accelera
Toshiba Agrees to Sell Chip Unit to Bain-led Group
Latest twist in months-long saga has Toshiba agreeing to sell for $18 billion to group that includes Apple, Dell and sk Hynix, leaving Western Digital out in the cold.
DDR5 Runs in Rambus
2017-09-20 22:00:50DDR5 Runs in Rambus' Labs
Rambus has working chips in the lab for DDR5, the next-generation DRAM bus while the industry debates the road ahead for memory in servers.
Smartphones: Have NFC Will Travel
Vendors of smartphones - both Android and iPhone - are putting an NFC reader in the hands of consumers, making NFC a globally interoperable platform to connect, commission, and control things with NFC
Fab Tool Spending on Pace to Shatter Record
Combined spending on new and refurbished front end fab tools is expected to grow 37 percent this year and obliterate the previous record set in 2011.
NOR Flash Standard Meets Instant-On Expectations
IoT applications need a richer complement of memory than most MCUs offer, and the bandwidth of serial NOR flash make it a logical solution to the problem.
Too Many Cars, Too Few Resistors
The increasing amount of electronics in vehicles is creating a shortage of resistors, reports EBN.
Synopsys Buys Materials Modeling Tool Firm QuantumWise
Deal enables Synopsys to offer customers seamless flow from materials to transistor by creating models for TCAD process and device simulation.
Synopsys Teams With SMIC, Brite Semi on IoT Platform
Platform based on Synopsys ARC Data Fusion IP subsystem said to simplify design, reduce costs.
Cellular Puts IoT on Speed Dial
Carriers laid out their plans for cellular IoT variants LTE-M and NB-IoT at last week's Mobile World Congress Americas.
Authentication Flash: Closing the Security Gap Left by Conventional NOR Flash ICs
Security weaknesses in the companion Flash memory to an MCU or SoC expose OEMs to the commercially damaging risk of product theft due to the cloning of reverse engineered PCB designs. Read this articl
DARPA Heeds Moore
2017-09-16 08:00:17DARPA Heeds Moore's Wisdom
DARPA added six programs to its Electronics Resurgence Initiative to address the problems that Gordon Moore 50 years ago predicted would loom at the end of today's silicon roadmap.
17 Views of Mobile World Congress
Carriers and their suppliers showed efforts in Gbit 5G and Kbit IoT networks and the handsets, smartwatches and nodes that ride them at Mobile World Congress Americas.
AI Reshaping Fab Operations
2017-09-16 03:00:28AI Reshaping Fab Operations
Chipmakers are adopting artificial intelligence to boost fab operations, and the effort is starting to pay off, according to Micron Technology.
AI Starts Reshaping Fab Operations
Chipmakers are adopting artificial intelligence to boost fab operations, and the effort is starting to pay off, according to Micron Technology.
Women in Tech Survey
2017-09-16 00:00:27Women in Tech Survey
Take EE Times' Women in Tech Survey and help us find and recognize brilliant women in engineering.SurveyMonkey ...
Agricultural Goes High Tech
2017-09-15 13:00:22Agricultural Goes High Tech
At Germany's Geisenheim University, an agricultural institute situated in a wine region, vineyards are a test bed for the effects of rising CO2 levels on plant growth.
Sea-to-Air Drone Goes Stealth
With a stealth-inspired delta wing to maximize buoyant lift, Johns Hopkins APL's Flying Fish drone transitions directly from underwater propulsion to flight.
MicroLED Pits Big Apple vs. Tiny LED Chips
The emergence of new display technology such as microLED will change not only the face of mobile devices but also the Who's Who of the display industry. The race is involving big guns like Google, App
Chip Consolidation Nearly Over, Analyst Says
After about three years and hundreds of billions of dollars in mergers and acquisitions, the consolidation of the global semiconductor industry is pretty much finished, according to Bill Wiseman, a se
Trump Blocks Takeover of Lattice Semi
As expected, president blocks acquisition of programmable logic vendor by venture fund with ties to China's central government.
IBM Simulates Complex Chemistry with Quantum Computing
A new approach to simulate molecules on a quantum computer successfully used six qubits on a purpose-built seven-qubit quantum processor
TSMC Updates its Silicon Menu
TSMC added process and packaging variants to its broad foundry portfolio, but one analyst said some updated results were below projections it made six months ago.
Cellular Calls Home Appliances
Sears will ship home appliances with Cat-M LTE modules in about a year, said an exec from the company at a gathering of cellular IoT customers and carriers.
Toshiba Hopes to Finalize Chip Unit Sale to Bain-led Group
Toshiba said it signed a memorandum of understanding to move forward with a proposal by a consortium led by Bain Capital to finalize a deal for its chip business by the end of this month.
iPhone X Use Which Sensors For Face ID?
A host of sensors inside iPhone X are responsible for 3D sensing necessary for Face ID -- including infrared camera, flood illuminator, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, front camera and dot pro
IBM Goes All Out for AI
2017-09-13 13:00:39IBM Goes All Out for AI
IBM and MIT will spend $240 million over 10 years to boost artificial intelligence, focusing on Watson's health care and cybersecurity capabilities.
iPhone X Use Whicn Sensors For Face ID?
A host of sensors inside iPhone X are responsible for 3D sensing necessary for Face ID -- including infrared camera, flood illuminator, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, front camera and dot pro
iPhone X Packs Upgrades-at a Price
Apple's new flagship smartphone offers facial recognition authentication, wireless charging, optimizations for augmented reality and more... but costs $999 and up.
MCUs Get Expanded Benchmark
2017-09-13 02:00:39MCUs Get Expanded Benchmark
EEMBC expanded its benchmark suite for microcontrollers to include peripheral tests.
AI Chip Rides Novel Networks
2017-09-13 02:00:37AI Chip Rides Novel Networks
BrainChip released what it claims is the first hardware accelerator for spiking neural networks and is working on an ASIC that could be available within two years.
NXP Tackles V2X, Unveils
NXP tackles V2X debate, unveils partnership with Hella Aglaia, and discusses its next-generation vision processor roadmap, all the while there is an elephant in the room - Qualcomm.
Fab Tool Sales Again Set Quarterly Record
Semiconductor equipment billings came in at an all-time high for the second consecutive quarter as the fab tool industry remains on track to post record sales.
Samsung Says EUV on Schedule for 2018
Confirms it expects to use next-generation lithography technology with 7nm process next year; adds 11nm low power plus process to foundry offerings.
Robo-car Early-Birds Flock Together
Those who came to a small automated vehicle event ranged from a former Microsoft executive to a simulation expert and a startup in Silicon Valley, illustrating the changing balance of power and new co