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Part Number Description Category Manufacture
LSC616ALARM 6-16VDC PANEL W/LEDcomponentsMallory Sonalert Products Inc
BZY91C33NDIODE TVS 33V 5000W STUD CATHODEcomponentsLittelfuse Inc
M3AWK-2406RIDC CABLE - MSC24K/MC24M/MPL24Kcomponents3M (VA)
CSA309-12.352MABJCRYSTAL 12.352 MHZ 18PF CYLcomponentsCitizen Finetech Miyota
BZW04-10-E3/54TVS 400W 10V 5% UNIDIR DO-204ALcomponentsVishay/General Semiconductor
1743-12-2CORD SPADE LUG PATCH 12" REDcomponentsPomona Electronics
TBSD44210HDHSCR PHASE CTRL 4400V 2115AcomponentsPowerex Inc
BH2330SMHOLDER COIN CELL 23MM SMTcomponentsMPD (Memory Protection Devices)
C1EXS-4036G-NDIDC CABLE - CCE40S/AE40G/XcomponentsCW Industries (VA)
G3TA-OA202SZ DC24MODULE I/O AC OUT QC TERMcomponentsOmron Electronics Inc-IA Div
38904BOX OPEN BIN PLASTEK 18X4X4componentsDesco
HCPL-J456-300EOPTOCOUPLER 1MBD ALGAAS 8-SMD GWcomponentsAvago Technologies US Inc.
MK2P-I DC120RELAY POWER DPDT 10A 120VDCcomponentsOmron Electronics Inc-IA Div
EKI-LM3S8962KIT EVAL IAR W/TOOLS LM3S8962componentsTexas Instruments
HRFC-AT5K-A20A(40)CONN FC ATTENUATOR 20DB 10MWcomponentsHirose Electric Co Ltd
207W213-3-01/86-0BOOT MOLDEDcomponentsTyco Electronics
PVG5A104A01R00TRIM POT 100K OHM 5MM TOP MTcomponentsMurata Electronics North America (VA)
H11AA814A300OPTOCOUPLER AC-IN/T-OUT VDE 4DIPcomponentsFairchild Optoelectronics Group
ATICE40UPGRKIT UPGRADE MEGA8515/8535 TINY13componentsAtmel
TTN2.00SV2" THERMASHIELD TUBE SILVER 100componentsTechflex
H2AAT-10112-Y8-NDJUMPER-H1502TR/A3048Y/H1502TR 12componentsHirose Electric Co Ltd (VA)
EC-9905-SCAB 12.25" PS 14.31X21.06X 15.5"componentsBud Industries
C3DDG-3418M-NDIDC CABLE - CKR34G/AE34M/CKR34GcomponentsCW Industries (VA)
0326015.HXPFUSE 250V SLO-BLO 3AB 15A CARTcomponentsLittelfuse Inc
PW174KB2403F01PS EXT 64.8W 24V @ 2.70A E-STARcomponentsSL Power Electronics Manufacture of Condor/Ault Brands
VP7YPATCHCORD VIDEO STD 7 YELLOWcomponentsSwitchcraft Inc.
PVA2A333A01R00POT 33K OHM 2MM TRIM 1TRN SMDcomponentsMurata Electronics North America (VA)
A3BKA-1606GIDC CABLE - ASS16A/AE16G/APR16AcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
APTM100DSK35T3GMOSFET MOD DUAL BUCK CHOP SP3componentsMicrosemi Power Products Group
MXO45HS-2C-28M3220OSC 28.322 MHZ CMOS/TTL 1/2 SIZEcomponentsCTS-Frequency Controls
91533-1TOOL HAND CERTI-CRIMP 22-26 AWGcomponentsTyco Electronics
M3CPK-1006RIDC CABLE - MKC10K/MC10M/MCJ10Kcomponents3M (VA)
TCFC105EI-XFTG COVER COUPLER T105 IVORYcomponentsPanduit Corp
REC5-0509DRW/H4/A/M/CTRLCONV DC/DC 5W 4.5-9VIN +/-09VOUTcomponentsRecom Power Inc
A14259-04THERMAL GREASE 1GAL TGREASE 2500componentsLaird Thermal Products
4301.5003.01MOD PWR ENTRY 4A QC 2POS PNL MTcomponentsSchurter Inc
SA36AGTVS ZENER UNIDIR 500W 36V AXIALcomponentsON Semiconductor
M3BSK-3406RIDC CABLE - MSR34K/MC34M/MCH34Kcomponents3M (VA)
AE26B-10-NDCABLE 26 COND MULTI 10 RIBBONcomponentsAssmann Electronics Inc (VA)
M3AAK-6020KIDC CABLE - MSC60K/MC60F/MSC60Kcomponents3M (VA)
PNR-2608BOX 7.87" X 5.91" X2.95" LGT GRYcomponentsBud Industries
06ERM1POWER ENTRY FILTERED 6A FASTONcomponentsCurtis Industries
M3TKK-1018RIDC CABLE - MSD10K/MC10M/MPK10Kcomponents3M (VA)
CRT22-2.5BK-50WIRE TFE HV BLACK 22AWG .097 INcomponentsDaburn Electronics
10LPCV2415CONTROLLER LOAD .10-15A 0-10VDCcomponentsCrydom Co.
C3CCT-3406G-NDIDC CABLE - CKC34T/AE34G/CKC34TcomponentsCW Industries (VA)
A6MMS-2618GIDC CABLE - ADM26S/AE26G/ADM26ScomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
H3AAT-10112-S4-NDJUMPER-H1506TR/A2015S/H1506TR12"componentsHirose Electric Co Ltd (VA)
67F100THERMOSTAT 100 DEG NO TO-220componentsSensata Technologies/Airpax
LC-R061R3PBATT SEALED LEAD ACID 6V 1.3AHcomponentsPanasonic - BSG
M2MXT-2020KIDC CABLE - MDM20T/MC20F/Xcomponents3M (VA)
415-0001-012CABLE SMB-RA/SMB-RA 12" RG-178componentsEmerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions
115101-20-300CABLE BNC ST PLUG-PLUG RG59 300"componentsAmphenol Connex
RAC15-15DA-E-STCONV AC/DC 2A 6.5-18VIN 3.0-5.5VcomponentsRecom Power Inc
QEB363ZRLED IR EMITTING 940NM 2MM ZB T/RcomponentsFairchild Optoelectronics Group
539960-1EXTRACTION TOOL FOR AP-963711-1componentsTE Connectivity
A2MXS-1436MADM14S/AE14M/XcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
A3KKA-3418MIDC CABLE- APK34A/ AE34M / APK34componentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
TPSMP30A-E3/84ATVS UNIDIR 400W 30V 5% DO220AAcomponentsVishay/General Semiconductor
G6A-234P-ST10-US DC24RELAY PC MNT DPDTcomponentsOmron Electronics Inc-ECB Div
VERSAFIT-1-1/4-4-SPHEAT SHRINK TUBINGcomponentsTyco Electronics
19285-0016TOOL CRIMP SNAP PLUG 14-16AWGcomponentsMolex Connector Corporation
HZ1206D102R-10FERRITE CHIP SIGNAL 1000 OHM SMDcomponentsLaird-Signal Integrity Products (VA)
A1AXA-3036MIDC CABLE- ASN30A/ AE34M / XcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
HMSP-TM-12-01HEX MINI SUPT THREAD MALE 3/4"componentsRichco Plastic Co
TIL111SR2MOPTOCOUPLER TRANS-OUT 6-SMD T/RcomponentsFairchild Optoelectronics Group
A9CAA-2203EFLEX CABLE - AFK22A/AE22/AFH22TcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
A9BAA-0402EFLEX CABLE - AFJ04A/AE04/AFH04TcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
MJN2CK-DC12RELAY POWER DPDT 10A 12VDCcomponentsOmron Electronics Inc-IA Div
ASFLM1-32.000MHZ-C-TOSC MEMS 32.000 MHZ 3.0V SMDcomponentsAbracon Corporation
1922 BK005CORDAGE NEO 8AWG 3COND BK 100componentsAlpha Wire Company
M5329AFEMODULE MCF532X FIRE ENGINEcomponentsFreescale Semiconductor
VC060326A580RPTVS CERAMIC 26V 0603 SMDcomponentsAVX Corporation
FXO-HC536R-168.96OSC 168.96 MHZ 3.3V HCMOS SMDcomponentsFox Electronics
EYG-A091207MPGS SHEET 90X115MM W/TAPEcomponentsPanasonic - ECG
PHT-702035SOLDER TIP CONICEL-FINE .5MMcomponentsOKI/Metcal
EM6018-44BC10&33-GMIC OMNI DIRECT 6.0X1.8MM -44DBcomponentsHorn Industrial Co LTD
CWX823-001.8432MOSC 1.8432MHZ 3.3V +-50PPM SMDcomponentsConnor-Winfield (VA)
M33424-760PWR SUPP WALLMNT 24V 1.42AcomponentsICC/Elpac Power Syst
2950365RELAY MODULE PLUG-IN BASE DPDTcomponentsPhoenix Contact
P3602ACMCSIDAC MC 2CH 170/340V 500A TO220componentsLittelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product
M7PPG-1506RD-SUB CABLE MMM15G/MC16M/MMM15Gcomponents3M (VA)
M8MMT-1018RIDC CABLE - MDM10T/MC10M/MDM10Tcomponents3M (VA)
MW6IC2240GNBR1IC PWR AMP RF 4.5W TO272-16GWcomponentsFreescale Semiconductor
ECS-2100A-640OSC 64.000 MHZ 5.0V 1/2 SZcomponentsECS Inc
M3BBA-3440KIDC CABLE - MSR34A/MC34F/MSR34Acomponents3M (VA)
N-1700SCRF7BATT PACK 8.4V 1700MAH NICADcomponentsSanyo Energy (VA)
02819REPL HOUSING SET W/LABELS 1910EcomponentsSteinel America
TM2PWH25-CTIE MNT WING PUSH MNTcomponentsPanduit Corp
4810STANDOFF M/F HEX 4-40 NYL 1.50"LcomponentsKeystone Electronics
34751HEAT BLOWER HB1750 B 200-300DEGcomponentsSteinel America
B39192B3511U810FILTER SAW 1.865/1.895GHZ SMDcomponentsEPCOS Inc
253C203C45NAPOT JOYSTICK 20K OHMcomponentsCTS Electrocomponents
AVR-M1608C180MT6ABVARISTOR 18V 30A 600PF 0603 SMDcomponentsTDK Corporation (VA)
P6KE62A-TPTVS 600W 62V UNI DO-15componentsMicro Commercial Co (VA)
106-M2-P30-2.5ACIRCUIT BREAKER PANEL MNT 2.5AMPcomponentsE-T-A
M6MMT-6060KIDC CABLE - MDM60T/MC60F/MDM60Tcomponents3M (VA)
PC3H712NIP0FPHOTOCOUPLER TRAN OUT 4-SMDcomponentsSharp Microelectronics (VA)
612NMFAN TUBEAXIAL 60X25MM 12VDCcomponentsEBM-Papst Industries Inc
4710KL-05W-B30-E00FAN DC AXIAL 24V 119X25 2200 RPMcomponentsNMB Technologies Corporation
PC942J00000FPHOTOCOUPLER OPIC 8-DIPcomponentsSharp Microelectronics
WM053,ALWALLMNT ENCLOSURE 5.62X3.25X2.10componentsSerpac
TTN1.00SV1001" THERMASHIELD TUBE SILVER 100componentsTechflex
207373-1CONN FLEXIBLE .5" CONDUIT STRGHTcomponentsTyco Electronics
TF-779 PL/UNPDBOX ALUMINUM: 5"X4"X3"componentsLMB Heeger Inc.
A3DDA-1636GIDC CABLE - AKP16A/AE16G/AKP16AcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
84870401CONTROL LIQUID LVL PLUGIN 24VACcomponentsCrouzet USA
QL332GCLED SS GREEN CLEAR SHORT 5MMcomponentsFairchild Optoelectronics Group
FODM452R2OPTOCOUPLER TRANS HI SPEED 5MFPcomponentsFairchild Optoelectronics Group
H2ABG-10110-N8-NDJUMPER-H1503TR/A3048N/H1501TR10"componentsHirose Electric Co Ltd (VA)
AA101-80LFATTENUATOR DGTL GAAS 5BIT 16SSOPcomponentsSkyworks Solutions Inc
C10710_CUTE-3-O-PLUS-SLENS CLR GOLDEN DRAGON+ 11.2DEGcomponentsLedil
SMA5J33CAHE3/61TVS BIDIR 500W 33V 5% SMAcomponentsVishay/General Semiconductor
AK-Y1302CABLE SCSI-3 ADAPTER 50CONDUCTORcomponentsAssmann Electronics Inc
1838359-3CONN FMALE M12 4POS STR 5M CABLEcomponentsTyco Electronics
050R08-102BCABLE FLAT FLEX 8POS 0.5MM 4"componentsParlex Corp
APTGF50H120TGIGBT MODULE NPT FULL BRIDGE SP4componentsMicrosemi Power Products Group
T60100-2CFUSEBLK 300V 2POS CLASS T UL CSAcomponentsCooper/Bussmann
FSC-S15-24UCONVERTER AC/DC 24V OUT 15.6WcomponentsCUI Inc
AT-S-26-6/6/B-7/R-RMOD CORD REVERSED 6-6 BLACK 7componentsAssmann Electronics Inc
SDCFJ-1024-388-03COMPACT FLASH 1GBcomponentsSanDisk
REC3-1209SRW/H4/A/M/CTRLCONV DC/DC 3W 9-18VIN 09VOUTcomponentsRecom Power Inc
SL1002A090SMGAS TUBE GDT 90V 5A/5KA SMTcomponentsLittelfuse Inc
RWSF-103WIRE SADDLE ROUND FASTENER .417"componentsRichco Plastic Co
NP1500SBT3GIC THY SURGE PROTECTOR 150V SMBcomponentsON Semiconductor
39113STORAG CONT 18-3/8X12-3/8X12-3/4componentsDesco
BU-41A-2CLIP PLIER-TYPE STEEL 200A REDcomponentsMueller Electric Co
ECS-3963-120-BN-TROSC 12.00 MHZ 3.0V SMDcomponentsECS Inc. (VA)
0ZRB0160FF2EPTC RESETTABLE 30V 1.60A RADIALcomponentsBel Fuse Inc
OFFM-6-1OPT FIBER MANIFOLD W/6-1M TUBEcomponentsRichco Plastic Co
ECS-143-20-7S-TRCRYSTAL 14.31818MHZ 20PF SMDcomponentsECS Inc. (VA)
FFD-25-IDEP-28672-DSSD 2.5" IDEP 28GBcomponentsSanDisk
REC5-2409DRW/H6/A/SMD/CTRLCONV DC/DC 5W 18-36VIN +/-09VOUTcomponentsRecom Power Inc
H3BBS-1006GIDC CABLE - HSR10S/AE10G/HSR10ScomponentsAssmann Electronics Inc (VA)
06730LABEL ATTN RS471 REUSE 2X2"500PCcomponentsDesco
GEE62F-C0EDGING GROMMET .131X.16" 100componentsPanduit Corp
2038-30-SM-RPLFGAS DISCHARGE TUBE GDT 300V SMcomponentsBourns Inc.
1591DSBKBOX PLAS 5.91X3.15X1.97" BLACKcomponentsHammond Manufacturing
8610900000POS 24/24 VDC 5AcomponentsWeidmuller
5VT 2FUSE 2A 250V SLOW 5X20MM 5VTcomponentsBel Fuse Inc
TCBS-4-19CBS SCREW-MOUNT FR NYLON 1/4"componentsRichco Plastic Co
H2AAT-10103-B8-NDJUMPER-H1502TR/A3048B/H1502TR 3"componentsHirose Electric Co Ltd (VA)
44-415404SOLDER TIP 1/16" CHISELcomponentsGC Electronics
R10-E1X8-V350RELAY GP 8PDT 5A 24VDCcomponentsTyco Electronics
M3KKK-1018RIDC CABLE - MPK10K/MC10M/MPK10Kcomponents3M (VA)
EFO-PS4194E5CER RESONATOR 4.19MHZ SMDcomponentsPanasonic - ECG (VA)
M3TSK-3440KIDC CABLE - MSD34K/MC34F/MCH34Kcomponents3M (VA)
C4RXS-1606G-NDDIP CABLE - CDR16S/AE16G/XcomponentsCW Industries (VA)
HR22-12-B1BATT SEALED LEAD ACID 12V 88WcomponentsB B Battery
170M4240FUSE 250A 1250V 1KN/110 AR CUcomponentsCooper/Bussmann
CNY172TVMOPTOCOUPLER T-OUT VDE WIDE 6-DIPcomponentsFairchild Optoelectronics Group
PVLL19010BK2PANEL LOUVERED 10.5" X 19" BLACKcomponentsHammond Manufacturing
4N33WOPTOCOUPLER DARL-OUT WIDE 6-DIPcomponentsFairchild Optoelectronics Group
023001.5MRT1SSPFUSE 1.5A 250V 2AG SLOBLO AXIALcomponentsLittelfuse Inc
RP15-243.3SAW-HCCONV DC/DC 15W 9-36VIN 3.3VOUTcomponentsRecom Power Inc
PTN78020AAZTREG SW POS-NEG ADJ 25W HORZ SMDcomponentsTexas Instruments
CB3-3C-8M0000OSC 8.0000 MHZ 5.0V SMDcomponentsCTS-Frequency Controls (VA)
A9AAT-0408FFLEX CABLE - AFE04T/AF04/AFE04TcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
LF2GNPATCHCORD 1/4" GREEN 2FTcomponentsSwitchcraft Inc.
A1CXB-5036GIDC CABLE- AKC50B/AE50G/XcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
F1399BB02FILTER POWER LINE EMI 2A WIREcomponentsCurtis Industries
A3BBB-5036MIDC CABLE- ASR50B/AE50M/ASR50BcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
6283-C-48PLUG DBL BANA W/SAFE SHROUD 48"componentsPomona Electronics
4516-3/8"X36YDTAPE VINYL FOAM 3/8" X 36YDcomponents3M
M3TEK-5018RIDC CABLE - MSD50K/MC50M/MCE50Kcomponents3M (VA)
1590WVFLBOX ALUM 4.72X4.72X3.70" UNPTDcomponentsHammond Manufacturing
BRSS 8-2BRASS SPACER FOR #8 SCREW 1/4"componentsRichco Plastic Co
V150LA10APX1347RADIAL VARISTOR 14MMcomponentsLittelfuse Inc
HE12-1A83-02RELAY REED SPST-NO 12V 3A 50WcomponentsMEDER electronic
18056TTTITANIUM TWEEZER STYLE 3CcomponentsAven Tools
EFP454A66FMOD EFP 3UX4.55 FOR 4.5X6.5 PCBcomponentsVector Electronics
H2ABG-10105-L8-NDJUMPER-H1503TR/A3048L/H1501TR 5"componentsHirose Electric Co Ltd (VA)
4712KL-05W-B39-P00FAN DC AXIAL 24V 119X32 LOCK RTRcomponentsNMB Technologies Corporation
PC817XNNIP0FPHOTOCOUPLER TRAN OUT 4-SMD GWcomponentsSharp Microelectronics
A3DDG-1006GIDC CABLE-AKR10G/ AE10G / AKR10GcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
1620-3-25ACIRCUIT BREAKR SP MANUAL 25A 24VcomponentsE-T-A
CE3390-133.000OSC 133.0 MHZ 3.3V +/-100PPM SMDcomponentsCrystek Corporation
13656INSULATED HEX L-KEY 6MM X 140MMcomponentsWiha
M7VXG-3706RD-SUB CABLE MMU37G/MC37M/Xcomponents3M (VA)
G9EA-1 DC48RELAY DC IND SPST 48VDCcomponentsOmron Electronics Inc-ECB Div
A9CAG-1804FFLEX CABLE - AFG18G/AF18/AFE18TcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
DTS060200SUDC-Z6PTRANSF 6VDC 2000MA P6 POS CcomponentsCUI Inc
A3CCH-6406MIDC CABLE - AKC64H/AE64M/AKC64HcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
CVFSV7OSC 622.08MHZ LVDS +-30PPM SMDcomponentsCardinal Components Inc.
SSL-LX4064GDLED T-4MM 565NM GREEN DIFFcomponentsLumex Opto/Components Inc
OP268FCDIODE IR PLSTC GAAIAS FLAT SIDEcomponentsTT Electronics/Optek Technology
GLC75-15GPOWER SUPPLY SWITCHER 75W 15VcomponentsSL Power Electronics Manufacture of Condor/Ault Brands
1550WJBOX WATERTIGHT 10.83X6.89X2.46"componentsHammond Manufacturing
1590BBFLBOX ALUM 4.71X3.70X1.34" UNPTDcomponentsHammond Manufacturing
T73YE503KT20POT 50K OHM 1/4" SQ CERM STcomponentsVishay/Sfernice
14B26-SZLB-A00-0LCCABLE ASSY MDR 26POS M-M 10Mcomponents3M
M3BSK-3460KIDC CABLE - MSR34K/MC34F/MCH34Kcomponents3M (VA)
30-2304-GTRACK CABINET 69.87 X24.06X30.75"componentsBud Industries
H2AAG-10105-B8-NDJUMPER-H1503TR/A3048B/H1503TR 5"componentsHirose Electric Co Ltd (VA)
SA33CA-TPTVS 500W 33V BIDIR DO-15componentsMicro Commercial Co (VA)
AD5235EVAL25BOARD EVAL 25 FOR AD5235componentsAnalog Devices Inc
RKW-8-8-BKKWIK STRAP BLACK 1/2 X 8"componentsRichco Plastic Co
TR2/6125FA250MAFUSE BRICK 250MA 125V FST 6125FAcomponentsCooper/Bussmann (VA)
ISO7231MDWG4ISOLAT DGTL 3KVRMS 3CH 16-SOICcomponentsTexas Instruments
FOD3150TSR2OPTOCOUPLER GATE DRV 1A 8-SMDIPcomponentsFairchild Optoelectronics Group
H2AXT-10104-A4-NDJUMPER-H1502TR/A2015A/X 4"componentsHirose Electric Co Ltd (VA)
REC3-4812DRW/H6/C/MCONV DC/DC 3W 36-72VIN +/-12VOUTcomponentsRecom Power Inc
74279242FERRITE BEAD 150 OHM .20A 1806componentsWurth Electronics Inc
T93XA203KT20POT 20K OHM TRIM 21TRN SIDE ADJcomponentsVishay/Sfernice
H7VWH-0906MCABLE D-SUB-HMU09H/AE09M/HFU09HcomponentsAssmann Electronics Inc (VA)
LD5BL6-ARACEWAY 1CHAN MD AD BLU 6componentsPanduit Corp
TNSP6-32-832-I/SSTURDIPOST INS/STUD 2X3/8"componentsRichco Plastic Co
LSOYBBOX COVER UNIT 125V 15A 4" SQcomponentsLittelfuse Inc
CWX815-24.576MOSC 24.5760MHZ 5.0V +-25PPM SMDcomponentsConnor-Winfield (VA)
0031.1694FUSE HOLDER FEU 5X20 & 6.3X32MMcomponentsSchurter Inc
G4B-112T1-FD-C-USRP AC120RELAY POWER SPDT 120VAC QCcomponentsOmron Electronics Inc-ECB Div
SG-615PH 64.512MC0OSCILLATOR 64.512MHZ SMDcomponentsEpson Toyocom Corporation
NB4L339MNGEVBBOARD EVAL FOR NB4L339MNGcomponentsON Semiconductor
TW06THERMAL WASHER 10P SIP 10/PKcomponentsCirrus Logic Inc
C-2 60.0020KC-P:PBFREECRYSTAL 60.0020KHZ 11PF CYLcomponentsEpson Toyocom Corporation
PAA132RELAY OPTOMOS 600MA DP-NO 8-DIPcomponentsClare
MC44S802AEVKKIT EVAL MC44S802A SI TUNERcomponentsFreescale Semiconductor
8240P-5"X6"TAPE PACKING LIST PAD 5" X 6"components3M
HM-508254-5-8ALABEL ID PRODUCTcomponentsTyco Electronics
1812L150ZRPTC 1.50A 6VDC RESETTABLE 1812LcomponentsLittelfuse Inc (VA)
5252TEST CLIP 16PIN SOICcomponentsPomona Electronics
H3ABG-10103-B4-NDJUMPER-H1507TR/A2015B/H1505TR 3"componentsHirose Electric Co Ltd (VA)
MAX2361ETM+TIC TRANSMITTER QUAD 48TQFN-EPcomponentsMaxim Integrated Products
CNX39USDOPTOCOUPLER TRANS-OUT 6-SMDcomponentsFairchild Optoelectronics Group
1426MBOX LOW PROFILE VENT 8X6X4"componentsHammond Manufacturing
PVI1050NPBFIC ISOLATOR PHOTOVO 8-DIPcomponentsInternational Rectifier
N-700AACLL2X5BATT PACK 12.0V 700MAH NICADcomponentsSanyo Energy (VA)
F2M03ALA-S01MOD BLUETOOTH V2.0+EDR SPP W/ANTcomponentsFree2Move
SN-375SPACER NUTS CLEAR POLY 3/8"componentsRichco Plastic Co
TTC-4015TRANSF ADSL 100:100 OHM 5MHcomponentsTamura
M1CXK-6036JIDC CABLE - MKC60K/MC60G/Xcomponents3M (VA)
SD6NB-352G-000000SSD ULTRA320 SCSI 352GBcomponentsSanDisk
3925-4CLIP MINIGRABBER D-I-Y 10PC YELcomponentsPomona Electronics
LZ27FAN GUARD 150MM METALcomponentsEBM-Papst Industries Inc
VERSAFIT-3/8-KT2-REFILLHEATSHRINK 3/8"X6" 14 PCScomponentsTyco Electronics
K36C/CPIN INBOARD .025" HOLE 100/PKGcomponentsVector Electronics
M3UYK-4040KIDC CABLE - MKS40K/MC40F/MPD40Kcomponents3M (VA)
PGFP-A110KYTT2CORD GFCI 120VAC 2 YEL TRITAPcomponentsSensata Technologies/Airpax
MOC3022TVMOPTOCOUPLER TRIAC-OUT VDE 6-DIPcomponentsFairchild Optoelectronics Group
Y92B-P100HEAT SINK 1.01C/W 450G FOR G3PBcomponentsOmron Electronics Inc-IA Div
H1028NLTXFRMR MODULE 2PORT 1:1 10/100componentsPulse
LHMS-S10-DLIGHTENING HOLE MOUNcomponentsPanduit Corp
JJM2W-12VRELAY AUTO 12A 12VDC PCBcomponentsPanasonic Electric Works
USBBF6200CONN USB B PLUG W/2M CORD-USB AcomponentsAmphenol PCD
17540DESOLDERING WICK 1.5MM 11GcomponentsAven Tools
DPS050280U-P6/RPTRANSF 5VDC 2800MA P6 RA POScomponentsCUI Inc
H5BBT-10106-N0-NDJUMPER-H2730TR/C2040N/H2730TR 6"componentsHirose Electric Co Ltd (VA)
1591TF2SGYBOX PLAS 4.72X3.16X2.37" GREYcomponentsHammond Manufacturing
XPEWHT-L1-0000-00B50LED COOL WHITE 700MA SMDcomponentsCree Inc
1499826-3CBL ASSY MOD PLUG-CAT6 XG SYSTEMcomponentsTyco Electronics
5424.6253.151MOD PWR INLET STD FILTER 6A PNLcomponentsSchurter Inc
M1WXK-3636RIDC CABLE - MPL36K/MC37M/Xcomponents3M (VA)
SFSCE10M7WF03-R0FILTER 10.7 MHZ 500 KHZ BAND SMDcomponentsMurata Electronics North America (VA)
ISO7231CDWRG4ISOLAT DGTL 3KVRMS 3CH 16-SOICcomponentsTexas Instruments
LCE15-E3/73TVS UNIDIR 1.5KW 15V 10% 1.5KEcomponentsVishay/General Semiconductor
P-22AAAL4X2BATTERY PK 9.6V 220 MAH NICADcomponentsPanasonic - BSG (VA)
A3BBA-1436GIDC CABLE-ASS14A/ AE14G / ASS14AcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
C3756/20 100CABLE 20 COND .025" FLAT GRAYcomponents3M
TA20101803DHSCR PHASE CTRL 1000V 1800AcomponentsPowerex Inc
MOC207R2VMOPTOCOUPLER TRANS-OUT 8-SOICcomponentsFairchild Optoelectronics Group
N201-010-BKCABLE PATCH CAT6 BLACK 10componentsTripp Lite
DPR050030-P12PTRANSF 5VDC 300MA P12 POS CcomponentsCUI Inc
392C350KPOT 50K OHM .5W CONDUCT PLASTICcomponentsHoneywell Sensing and Control/Clarostat
H5BBT-10108-Y2-NDJUMPER-H2730TR/C2016Y/H2730TR 8"componentsHirose Electric Co Ltd (VA)
2EB3FILTER LINE RFI WIRE TERM 2AcomponentsTyco Electronics
OSP1G10WW2031C1000-4Q9X-3133LIGHTING TILE WARM WHITE 3.4VcomponentsOSRAM Opto Semiconductors Inc
FXO-PC735R-125OSC 125 MHZ 3.3V PECL SMDcomponentsFox Electronics
1004KL-04W-B39-B00FAN DC AXIAL 12V 25X10 LOCK RTRcomponentsNMB Technologies Corporation
969839-3CONN TUBING CONNECT "Y" BLACKcomponentsTyco Electronics
4715KL-05W-B29-P50FAN DC AXIAL 24V 119X38 TACcomponentsNMB Technologies Corporation
RAC04-15SA/277CONV AC/DC 2A 6.5-18VIN 3.0-5.5VcomponentsRecom Power Inc
REC3-243.3DRWZ/H/B/SMD-RCONV DC/DC 3W 9-36VIN +/-3.3VOUTcomponentsRecom Power Inc
H11N3SOPTOCOUPLER SCHMITT TRIG OUT SMDcomponentsFairchild Optoelectronics Group
A7MFB-2506MCABLE D-SUB-AMP25B/AE25M/AFP25BcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
24LT180UPTC RESETTABLE 24V 1.80A STRAPcomponentsLittelfuse Inc
1770019-2CABLE HDMI-HDMI 3McomponentsTyco Electronics
SMA6J26CA-TRTRANSIL 600W 26V BIDIRECT SMAcomponentsSTMicroelectronics (VA)
LTST-C170YKTLED YELLOW CLEAR 0805 SMDcomponentsLite-On Inc (VA)
C0PPS-4036M-NDDIP CABLE - CDP40S/AE40M/CDP40ScomponentsCW Industries (VA)
9008940000TOOL HEX DRIVER 10MMcomponentsWeidmuller
PT7769NREG SW 5VIN 40A PROG VERTcomponentsTexas Instruments
FSC-S15-12UCONVERTER AC/DC 12V OUT 15.6WcomponentsCUI Inc
PGFI-1445NCABLE 40A 120VAC 6componentsSensata Technologies/Airpax
8428STDOFF HEX M/F 8-32 .625"L ALUMcomponentsKeystone Electronics
IL516ETR13IC DGTL ISOL 4CH 2MBPS 16-SOICcomponentsNVE Corp/Isolation Products
FXO-PC536-1000OSC 1000 MHZ 3.3V PECL SMDcomponentsFox Electronics
SI8450BA-A-IS1RIC ISOLATOR DGTL 5CH 16SOICcomponentsSilicon Laboratories Inc
T30200-3CFUSEBLOCK 3P 200A BOX LUG 300VcomponentsCooper/Bussmann
HR-5/4AAAUL4X2BATT PACK 9.6V 5/4AAA NIMHcomponentsFDK America Inc (VA)
RD25S-4/209718BLWR DUAL CENT 404X378MM 230VACcomponentsEBM-Papst Industries Inc
A9BBA-1602FFLEX CABLE - AFF16A/AF16/AFF16AcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
0454005.MRFUSE 5A 125V SLO SMD SILVER T/RcomponentsLittelfuse Inc (VA)
37200ESD HANDLER 5-7/8X6-1/4X3-5/8componentsDesco
10178DDIE FOR WIRE FERRULES 12-22 AWGcomponentsAven Tools
PT6323AREGULATOR 3.3V 3A HORZcomponentsTexas Instruments
DTS050400UDC-P12NTRANSF 5VDC 4000MA P12 NEG CcomponentsCUI Inc
FN3359HV-400-99FILTER 3-PHASE HI CURRENT 400AcomponentsSchaffner EMC Inc
AK500/Y-U-2Y-PWR CORDS 1 PLUG - 2 IEC CONNcomponentsAssmann Electronics Inc
HR12-SC-TPEXTRACTION TOOL - FEMALE SOCKETScomponentsHirose Electric Co Ltd
P3300AA61LSIDAC 1CHP 300V 150A 61TYP TO220componentsLittelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product
ADP1864-EVALBOARD EVAL FOR ADP1864componentsAnalog Devices Inc
H2AAT-10102-L8-NDJUMPER-H1502TR/A3048L/H1502TR 2"componentsHirose Electric Co Ltd (VA)
1644042-1PATCH PANEL 24PORT CAT6 AMPTRACcomponentsTyco Electronics
OPV314YFLED VCSEL FC W/MONITOR TO-46componentsTT Electronics/Optek Technology
HLMP-CE27-WZ000LED 5MM INGAN 505NM CYAN 23DEGcomponentsAvago Technologies US Inc.
A3AAT-4018MIDC CABLE- ASC40T/ AE40M / ASC40componentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
021702.5H-FUSE 2.5A/250V 5X20MM FAST ACTcomponentsLittelfuse Inc
ECS-35-18-10CRYSTAL 3.579545 MHZ 18PF CYLcomponentsECS Inc
M3AMK-1036RIDC CABLE - MSC10K/MC10M/MCG10Kcomponents3M (VA)
SL22 2R508CURRENT LIMITER INRSH 2.5 OHM 8AcomponentsAmetherm
REC3.5-4805DRW/R8/A/X1CONV DC/DC 3.5W 36-75VIN +/-05VOcomponentsRecom Power Inc
ABM3B-25.000MHZ-10-1-U-TCRYSTAL 25.0000MHZ 10PF SMDcomponentsAbracon Corporation (VA)
PH8GR1GPROG HEAD FOR MP8011A 28-SOICcomponentsSofTec Microsystems SRL
C3DS1970PCG1PLEXIGLASS DOORcomponentsHammond Manufacturing
CP-478175-5-XLABEL ID PRODUCTcomponentsTyco Electronics
XS3W-M421-401-RCONN CABLE 4CONDUCTORS 1McomponentsOmron Electronics Inc-ECB Div
M3AGK-6040KIDC CABLE - MSC60K/MC60F/MCS60Kcomponents3M (VA)
THS4021EVMEVAL MOD FOR THS4021componentsTexas Instruments
M3CEK-3460KIDC CABLE - MKC34K/MC34F/MCE34Kcomponents3M (VA)
89761-6820CBL R/A MMCX/SMA JACK 6" RG316componentsMolex Connector Corporation
M3TMK-1618JIDC CABLE - MSD16K/MC16G/MCG16Kcomponents3M (VA)
DD12.6121.111POWER ENTRY MOD W/FILTER 6A 2PLcomponentsSchurter Inc
HHR-210AAC4BL2X3BATTERY PACK NIMH 7.2V 2000MAHcomponentsPanasonic - BSG (VA)
DLCBS3-8-01CBS DUAL LOCKING NYLON 1/2"componentsRichco Plastic Co
MY4ZN-D2 DC12 (S)RELAY PWR 4PDT 3A 12VDCcomponentsOmron Electronics Inc-IA Div
69656-2STR ACT DAHT COAXICONcomponentsTyco Electronics
GF0668SPEAKER 8 OHM 3W 66MM SQUAREcomponentsCUI Inc
RSS12-0509/H-RCONV DC/DC 1W 05VIN 09VOUTcomponentsRecom Power Inc
G5LE-1-ASI-CF DC5RELAY PWR SPDT 5VDC PCBcomponentsOmron Electronics Inc-ECB Div
M3CPK-4036JIDC CABLE - MKC40K/MC40G/MCJ40Kcomponents3M (VA)
3601 065010001SWITCH TEMP 65C SPST 1A 28V TO-5componentsHoneywell Sensing and Control
A3BKA-3018GIDC CABLE-ASS30A/ AE34G / APR30AcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
PTMA403033A2ASTCONV DC-DC 48VIN 3A 3.3V SMDcomponentsTexas Instruments
WP1205-760PWR SUPP DOMESTIC WALLMT 5V 12WcomponentsICC/Elpac Power Syst
M3TKK-5036RIDC CABLE - MSD50K/MC50M/MPK50Kcomponents3M (VA)
LF1GYPATCHCORD 1/4" GRAY 1FTcomponentsSwitchcraft Inc.
ADS7891EVMEVALUATION MODULE FOR ADS7891componentsTexas Instruments
OJ-SS-109DM,000RELAY 1POLE 9VDC VENTED PCBcomponentsTyco Electronics
TVB120RSC-LSURGE PROTECTOR 120V SMB 100AcomponentsTyco Electronics
D-500-L455-3-612-120MICROCOUPLER 3 STUB SHIELD CABLEcomponentsTE Connectivity
MHVIC915NR2IC RF POWER AMP 960MHZ 16-PFPcomponentsFreescale Semiconductor
P6SMB24CAHE3/5BTVS 600W 24V 5% BIDIR SMBcomponentsVishay/General Semiconductor
1591MM100HARDWARE - SCREWScomponentsHammond Manufacturing
100000F00000GTHERMAL GREASEcomponentsAavid Thermalloy
RN214-4-02CHOKE COMPENSATED 1.5MH 4A VERTcomponentsSchaffner EMC Inc
43647TOOL CRIMP NON&INSULATE 10-22AWGcomponentsWiha
313-7487-048SPACER HEX M/F 1.50" THREAD ALUMcomponentsEmerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions
LT5515EUF#PBFIC DEMODULATOR QUADRATURE 16-QFNcomponentsLinear Technology
1-1499684-4AMPTRAC I/O 2MM - 6POS RJ11 14FTcomponentsTyco Electronics
ECF10IG-XEND CAP LD/LDP/CD10 LT GARYcomponentsPanduit Corp
SMA5J16A-E3/61TVS UNIDIR 500W 16V 5% SMAcomponentsVishay/General Semiconductor
D-500-L455-3-613-120MICROSOUPLER 3 STUB DBL SHIELDcomponentsTyco Electronics
CUF-41-70030RELAY TIME DELAY DPDT 10A 120VACcomponentsTyco Electronics
N-1250SCRLL3X2BATT PACK 7.2V 1200MAH NICADcomponentsSanyo Energy (VA)
H5BXT-10105-Y0-NDJUMPER-H2730TR/C2040Y/X 5"componentsHirose Electric Co Ltd (VA)
H4BXT-10104-G6-NDJUMPER-H9992TR/A3049G/X 4"componentsHirose Electric Co Ltd (VA)
2463C SL005CABLE 22AWG 4PR FOIL SHIELD100FTcomponentsAlpha Wire Company
OKY-T/3-D12N-CCONV DC/DC 15W 12VIN 3AOUTcomponentsMurata Power Solutions Inc
M3SSK-2640KIDC CABLE - MCH26K/MC26F/MCH26Kcomponents3M (VA)
C5760.41.011C/18 RG6/U FOIL SHIELD 1000componentsGeneral Cable/Carol Brand
R-611.8DCONV DC/DC 1A 9-32VIN 1.8VcomponentsRecom Power Inc
5TT 600-RFUSE 600MA 250V SLOW UL 5X20MMcomponentsBel Fuse Inc
4303.5012MOD PWR ENTRY 1POS HLDR 2A PNLcomponentsSchurter Inc
3300-EXT-LFCARD EXTENDER PCMCIA 2LAYER PCBcomponentsTwin Industries
E20-CLCABLE CLAMP CLEAR 1 1/4" DIAcomponentsRichco Plastic Co
SMCJ8.5CADIODE TVS 8.5V 1500W BI 5% SMCcomponentsLittelfuse Inc (VA)
BQ2060EVM-002EVAL MODULE FOR NIMH BQ2060componentsTexas Instruments
H3BXT-10105-R4-NDJUMPER-H1504TR/A2015R/X 5"componentsHirose Electric Co Ltd (VA)
GPC80-15GPOWER SUPPLY SWITCHER 80W 15VcomponentsSL Power Electronics Manufacture of Condor/Ault Brands
CR6261-500-20TRANSDCR AC 4-20MADC OUT 3PHASEcomponentsCR Magnetics Inc
C1670A.18.102P/22AWG STC OA SHIELD 500componentsGeneral Cable/Carol Brand
ATS-52300G-C2-R0HEAT SINK 30MM X 30MM X 12.5MMcomponentsAdvanced Thermal Solutions Inc
ASD3-25.000MHZ-ECTOSCILLATOR 25.000 MHZ 1.8V SMDcomponentsAbracon Corporation (VA)
M3APK-6006RIDC CABLE - MSC60K/MC60M/MCJ60Kcomponents3M (VA)
A3CKB-1018MIDC CABLE - AKC10B/AE10M/APK10BcomponentsTyco Electronics Amp (VA)
SDSDQ-8192MICRO SD 8GB W/ADAPTERcomponentsSanDisk
C8051F226DK-JDEV KIT F220/221/226/230/231/236componentsSilicon Laboratories Inc
0217.063H-FUSE .063A/250V 5X20MM FAST ACTcomponentsLittelfuse Inc
AC165213ICEPIC DAUGHTR FOR PIC16C642,662componentsMicrochip Technology
ECS-1.00-12.5-13CRYSTAL 100.0 KHZ 12.5PF CYLcomponentsECS Inc
AC163003BOARD DEMO DELTA SIGMA ADC MSC1componentsMicrochip Technology
1565240000ENCLOSURE SAFETY GND SCREW ALUMcomponentsWeidmuller